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hello sir i can’t change or modified the ball in android studio

hello , this item does not support android studio ,

hi, i imported project android studio. It works great. But there is a problem admob. Banner and Interstitial does not work. It works eclipse ?

i am waiting your email

hello , please check your massage sir thanks

Can you send me the updated file, please?


hello , this game hasnt update yet , what update you want sir. thanks

I thought there is an update for the android studio project!

please email me i will send you android studio project


OpiTo Purchased

please send me anroid studio project for this gmy6200@gmail.com

is there a way to send me the android studio project? orengica@gmail.com

hello sir , can you please email me from profile page .. thanks

hello sir , i have reply your email , pleae check it … thanks

Hello, i want to purchase source code of


This game?? Where nd how to get this..