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hello sir i can’t change or modified the ball in eclipce projet ??/ you can help me ??

yes , i can sir :D


maavs Purchased

Will you be adding google play leaderboards?

yes just contact me sir :D i will add for you


maavs Purchased

how can i contact u?

If i buy this game, can you add google play leaderboards for highscore and games played and change “chartboost interstitial” with “adcolony intertitial”?

hello sir , i can help you add leaderboard and change the interstitial to chartboost . but i think i can’t replace with adcolony

Hi, Taufeeq can you please tell me the sequence of the ball animation images, they are scattered all over. I can figure out where exactly to put my new images.

let’s talk on facebook sir

Thanks for your help you are by one off the best codecanyon has will definitely do business again.

your welcome sir :D ….. thanks

hi a question i exporte to android and trying to create apt file and and getting an error Unable to execute dex: method ID not in [0, 0xffff]: 65536 do u have any idea ? might help me out thanks

hello , have you installed JDK 7 + API 23 from SDK Manager , you should use ADT the link in descriptions .

also if you already have all , try to extract new one , then open ADT import the project , don’t forget uncheck Lint error .

hi thanks ill try that was trying all day :) getting this error 1 question when i export to APK it will add the upsight and gives error on that i check ur android apk i did not see the upsight

lets talk on facebook sir , add me pls http://www.facebook.com/ufieklz :D

Can you add leaderboards please :)

hello please contact me on facebook or email sir , i will add it for you :D

Hi Muhammad Lang File ?

I would like to turn the language into Turkish.Where Can I Do? Sorry English is Bad Only Translate :))))

oh , change the button text to turkish :D , contact me tomrrow sir ok because here isr 3:29AM , and add my facebook http://www.facebook.com/ufieklz

add u facebook Mehmet Ali Duman

Can I use it with 2.1.0 ?

Should we adjust the audio files?

no sir :3

When I published my game on play store, I had received a message about security “Your app is using a version of libpng containing a security vulnerability.”. How can I fix it ?

thats not problem sir , you not need to fix it … all of developer who use Buildbox software have this problem also for other engine ….

official forum tell that it’s not problem for now , there are 2 points we should know

1) If you do nothing, Google will not remove your games 2) After Sept 17th you will need to use this (NEW) updated version of Buildbox to release games or updates on Google Play.

Hi , are you better? I am waiting for the return email to do business


hello sir , i’ve reply your email :D

Skype: games.sanmamed


OpiTo Purchased

why google play don’t accept to upload game :( After review, ###, $$$.422.444, has been suspended and removed from Google Play as a policy strike because it violates the impersonation policy.

Im sorry sir … i dont know about that … i just sell the game made by buildbox … and there is no problem before ….

Hey, it’s possible to upload this game to google play store or it violates the impersonation policy???

i think you should reskin this app sir

it’s possible to use them songs or no?


hi, i have problem “libpng warning google play”

ok thanks

hello sir , ive update the file , just wait 2 – 5 days review thanks


hi thats the new update just got and email what did u add on it ? thx

hello sir , Libpng Problem fix sir :D

i can open it in BB 2.2 and its been fix inside the BB or in code ?coz i have my bb aps how i can fix that if u dont mind me asking that

i fix on BB and Eclipse Code sir , cause this item use BB 1 and use 1.3.7 verison which have fix that Error , also on BB 2 you need 2.2.4 version or newest sir ….. :D , i just reupload for replace eclipse project

always have problem “libpng warning google play

Hello .. ive update this item sir … and libpng should fixed

Hello .. ive update this item sir … and libpng should fixed

Hello .. ive update this item sir … and libpng should fixed

Hello Mr. why i cant change sdk version code ? I tryed many time but everytime same error! can you show mw how i can change it!

hello sir , im sorry i didnt reply your comment , i was sick and recently well .

you can watch on my youtube channel about that , but if still error i ll build it for you thanks :)

I hope you’ll get better soon Sir. i will look but i know will giving error again. Help me :)

if still error please email me from profile page ok , i ll build it for you