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looks nice! Can you add a light design style in addition to the already dark one? Would also love to see more screenshots specially of the backend.

Thanks! ;)

Hi keyhanjun,

First of all thanks, and sure I can add a white style. Secondly, I’m unsure if this item is for you, maybe I wasn’t clear enough, its intended for theme authors so the backend is essentially the wordpress editor where you can past in the code snippets to show your users how your theme would look like with different settings. It’s quite easily customized that way. And lastly I’m curious about what kind of firefox version you have since this is how it looks for me in firefox:

Might be some kind of plugin that makes them look like that? I’m thinking of changing the selects to something more stylish and flat so it looks the same regardless.

Anyhow cheers and thanks for commenting! /John Deveraux

Thanks for pointing out that this item is more intended for theme authors but nonetheless it will help me in recurring scenarios. ;)

In regards to the Firefox problem I am using v23.0 on a Mac, the most recent version with no activated Add-ons.

When testing the demo on Windows with the same browser & version all is fine here, too.

Added some more themes: and new dropdowns. :)

Great looking functional plugin. Well done.

What I would intend to use this for is the end client to go through different layout scenarios that I will do in CSS. But I would like the plugin only visible to a certain role when the client logs in. Is this possible?

This way the client see’s different styling options as a recipe, then they email me the screenshot of the setting they like. I simply enable that on the site and be done with it.

Thank you


Hi Ciaran, thanks.

Not what I intended with this plugin, but that’s a great idea! So I implemented it and I’ll upload a new version this evening, in six-seven hours or so, version 1.03, with some more features.

Cheers, /D

Wow… that was fast. Interested to see what you have done in the update. Maybe a future update you might think about a groovy feature of saving a styling combination “recipe” way for commits. Then a send button that sends the favourite style combination to someone. Maybe an email field that auto populates a message… “Hi, here is my style recipe that I really like on the site"

Hmm, my imagination gets adventurous on these things. Actually this is quite unique what you have done, but I think it now opens up so many possibilities.

Yes that could certainly be an idea for the future. Or maybe just an export/import settings to make it easier to fix what the client wants.

New settings page:

I’ve uploaded the new version. Should hopefully be updated by codecanyon soon.

Does this just change settings like the background, widths, colors, etc that I set or can I have it completely switch themes? I’m looking for a front end theme switcher where I can create a couple themes for a client and just have them switch between those child themes. thanks.

No you can’t change child themes with switcher (that would require admin access), but you can accomplish something similar if you just intend to modify the stylessheets in the child theme by having Switcher enabling and disabling different stylesheets to show your client how it would look like.

But if you do programming related changes in your child theme, well then you’re out of luck. Maybe I could create a plugin for that someday.


Hello Dev, Very Nice Plugin thank you

Thank you!


Anyway to submit those changes and save them from frontend for admin users?

For example : i logged in as an admin on my theme and make changes and if i like those changes, i will just save those changes to the theme from frontend and everyone in the site will see the new changed theme in the site after saving.



No, sorry, that’s not possible.

Hi! I am interesting in buying this plugin. I am building a site which will have some options for low-visibility people. Therefore I would like to know if I can use this plugin to change also the main content background color as it is more easy for them to read in a dark background.

Thanks, waiting for you reply! Regards, Penelope


Does this plugin work with WP multisite network installations? I want to create demo websites at several sites within a network, but the theme switcher only displays on the parent site.

Displays here (Network “home”):

Does NOT display here (Network site):

If not, I may just have to install separate, normal WP sites, instead of using a multisite network.

Thanks. Andrew

im also interested in “andrewborstein”’s request :)


The live demo is broken. Please, fix it.


I’m interested in “andrewborstein” request as well. And live demo is still down.

I wanted to buy this but your demo site is down. :(

Live demo is down (April 25th!), Still down from few months? Something wrong? NO demo NO selling!

Hey -

Awesome job! I just have a question that Im sure has an easy answer, I just cant figure it out.

I am trying to set your plugin to change my themes background. In this code, what do I change to tell your plugin what class to touch in my theme to change the body background:

$( ”.switch-pattern” ).switcher({ “method”: “pattern”, “selector”: ”.switch-pattern”, “options”: { “style”: “repeat” } });

Im testing at

Hi, the demo is not working. Would like to have a look on it.

As scrobbleme stated OVER ONE TWO YEARS AGO…the demo is not working…in fact their entire site is down. Envato Support, do you even audit these things? Should not be up for people to buy.