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Love this! Any chance of Chartboost integration? Also how to make the Fullscreen adverts shorter or more skippable? Or how would I make it so you can die more times before a fullscreen advert?

HI ! thank you . you can integrate any ad company with the buildbox doc . install bb 1.3.6 and you can change whatever you want/need to change easily


very good job ! ;)

Thanks buddy , i appreciate that ^^

No video preview? I don’t have android and I am not going to buy without seeing it.

i see . take care buddy

I would think you would want to please your customers instead of copping an attitude. Your app must suck.

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Hi again,

Struggling to integrate Pushwoosh. keep getting the error:

Assigning to ‘NSObject<PushNotificationDelegate> *’ from incompatible type ‘AppController *‘

Any idea if anything is clashing?


Hi , first of all sorry for my late reply . well , i recommend using these companies ; ChartBoost / RevMob / AppLovin / LeadBolt / FaceBook / PlayHaven / Vungle / MoPub / AdMob / HeyZap . they seems to work just fine .


miukun Purchased

Hello, Author.

Your product is beautiful design.

I’m favorite it.

but, It is include big issue.

Please check it.


How to fix it?

Best regard.

Hi ! i think i found what causes the issue . http://prntscr.com/bemt7q ... please try to remove it from the assets, because everytime you come across one of these the game start to glitch . good luck buddy


miukun Purchased

Thanks for your reply.

Can I download your switch sides game from appstore?

I want to test it on my real device.

And, Please teach how to remove asset.

Support me.


HI miukun ! unfortunately the game is not available on the appstore … all you need to do is ( recources>data>atlases . open the png file using photoshop and simply replace or delete/remove any image you want )