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well, i already seen the live demo, im still dont get it what/how the plugin works….please tell us.

You specify what CSS tag your next and previous buttons are and when you swipe the target (default is the body tag), the next or previous page is displayed depending on which direction was swiped.

Would be great if the preview showed this functionality

It does, but it works best on a mobile device.

I like the plugin and it is very easy to integrate. I just have one huge problem that is almost going to have me take the plugin off altogether though.

My website displays luminate in image ads and this plugin is blocking one from using the x function to hide the ad that is on the image on mobile phones. I contacted them and they are unable to help me over this.

Do you have any suggestions? the website is

^ Okay thank you!

well, I just uninstalled it as people not being able to exit out of an image ad won’t work for me.

When I looked at your site, I couldn’t seem to find anything conflicting. I’m not sure what the issue could have been. I’d be willing to investigate further if you’d like.

Seem like a very promising plugin for older themes, in which one of mines is. But I just couldn’t get it to work. No biggie.

I’m updating it for the latest version of WP. Please msg me any issues you have.


Just bought this…how do you install to WP? I’m used to having access to a zip to upload,


got it, just uploaded the entire zip file,

Hey, plugins good, but does not exactly worth the way one would expect. As it stands now it triggers on mouse events as well which completely unnecessary as its a swiping plugin and mise generally do not work and are mostly not connected to touch devices either.

I have made the required updates to the plugin to make it a true swipeable plugin and immune to mouse events. Drop me an email or send me your address or something so I can send it to you, for obvious reasons I am not going to post it here.

Hi! Great script but something is interfering with my menu (kodda menu – the responsive dropdown button doesn’t work)

Would it be possible to have a non minified version so i can debug it?

Hi, I hope I’m wrong but I believe the Live Demo is not functioning :/

Awesome plugin from what I understand.

Can you please help

Ok never mind I see it working now :) Thanks man

Can you provide a video as an example please? I’d like to see how fast it is please.

Hi – I’ve had feedback and seen it on iPad – the swipe motion detection on iPad / iPhone seems very sensitive. A few people have commented that when casually scrolling down it sometimes swipes to another post. Is it possible to look at that or offer a way to change the sensitivity on apple OS mobile devices?

I’ve updated the php code which seems to set the threshold variable for the jQuery. It’s now less sensitive. I’ll have to tweak it to get the best swipe distance threshold from device to device.

Your live demo domain expired

Having a lot of trouble trying to set this up on my site: I’ve installed it and enabled it but it isn’t working.