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some video demo? Thanks

there’s a link to the screencast in the item’s description!

hi, the gallery is limited? how many images i can display? i played with titanium and imageView don’t have a good performance

hi! the gallery is not limited. you can display as many images as you want, it is only dependent upon the hardware that’s running it. i have tested this boilerplate with over 100 images on my iPhone 3gs running iOS 3.13 and it runs smoothly.

Any chance of adding sharing to this, like email photo to a friend, share on twitter that kind of thing? Thanks! James.

hey james, no plans on adding that functionality to this, as this is a template to build upon. with that said, if you are wanting to add customized functionality, i’m available for freelance projects.

feel free to get contact me to discuss this further! email : http://eternaltomorrow.com/contact/ twitter : @eternaltomorrow OR @dannowatts

thank you!

Any idea why the full image view is still thumbnail size? After I click the image in the gallery and the scrollable view opens I see a very small image on a red background. I can scroll left and right. Everything seems to be fine other than that. And that’s just importing the project after I downloaded it – I haven’t edited any of the code yet.

EDIT : I’m testing with Titanium SDK 1 .4.2 and iPhone SDK 4 .2, just FYI

have you tried using the updated mobile SDK version of 1.5.1 and seeing if the problem persists?

2 questions-

1. Does this support rescaling the images to fit the screen, regardless of their aspect ratio?

2. Does it support landscape? (And specifically, rescaling the images when changing orientations, as above.)

this is a boilerplate template to build on top of, so that functionality is not included in this app.

with that said, if you are wanting to add customized functionality, i’m available for freelance commissions.

feel free to get contact me to discuss this further! email : http://eternaltomorrow.com/contact/ twitter : @eternaltomorrow OR @dannowatts


Does this work under Android?

So do we get the Titanium (javascript) source so we can add functionality, or is this a module?

it doesn’t work seamlessly with android, some modifications have to be made to the code that are specific to ios platform. yes, you get the javascript to implement your own enhancements.


ps : i just replied to your email as well with the same answer

this is an app? this is a file that i must upload to my server? this is an iphone app that i must to upload to itunes shop?

can you explane me?

is not for me is for a client. And the will need more features.Good for you. ty.

Sorry for the question: -I need a mac? and developper account to itunes for users will can download my app?


yes, you need a mac and a developer account to use these files on the app store.

Hey Danno,

this is almost what I want, but not quite. Would you consider doing up a tabbarcontroller project with three empty tabs that I can enter my own pages into, then have one tab that leads straight into the photo gallery as a full screen swipe – so no contents page and no thumbnails? And if possible I want to be able to just open up the source files in Xcode, modify the main.xib / tabbarcontroller and put in my pages and go.

Also, would this work on iPad okay, so long as I upload the photos as the correct size?

Be happy to discuss remuneration for this, but perhaps you could pull it out of this current project and put up a new one?



feel free to email me and we can discuss custom project requirements. thanks!

I need this if images are being loaded remotely and stored in an XML or RSS feed reader… so does it work this way or should I manually add the images and thumbnails ?

you can load the images remotely as well, but that would take custom modifications. if you’d like to have me code the modifications, feel free to email me and we can discuss this.


Hi Dannowatts,

how large is your final application size in kbs pls? And if regular license permits me to use it in my future application for app store sale or free download.

final application size will vary depending on how many photos you include with your application. the more images you have, the bigger the file size.

if you are wanting to include this in an item for sale on the app store, you’ll need to purchase the extended license as detailed here : http://codecanyon.net/wiki/support/legal-terms/licensing-terms/


Does it mean that i can use regular license if final application will be available for free download from app store? description says (commercial, personal, client) so i just need to clear that for a client. thx.

correct, if it’s a free download, the regular license applies.

hi there, i want to use this remotely can you help me / us to do this? i have mailed you too, thanks

it can be done, how are you wanting to load them? will they be dynamically loaded from a list populated on your server or will they be statically created from within the app itself but retrieved remotely?

They can be loaded from a list populated on my server, i am using various photo galleries but your gallery seems good, and if i can make this with a file in my server this will be perfect.

if you can help me about this i will be grateful.


Dannowatts hello, Did you do something? I am waiting for your help… I have mailed you too , I know you are very busy because I am a twitter follower of you, just waiting Thanks

Work this now on android?

before to buy it, i would konw if i can use a thumb or different code for category name. tks!


i have a couple of questions… 1 does it run on android or black berries 2 does it have a back en to upload pictures? please let me know asap i need to add a gallery to a clients website.

and we like this one.

thank you