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Hi doc link http://madtriangle.com/documentation/swipeit is not working Where can i get it ?

I want to communicate with you on e-mail for support


Nice game, if I purchase the game; will you help me in generating apk as Im new to android studio and setting up.

Would love to purchase it immediately.

Thank you!

is it android studio project?

Are you guys still supporting this game? I really would like to buy it, but as previously mentioned, the documentation online isn’t working. This makes me think you guys aren’t supporting this anymore.

Waiting for your reply.


i cant get it work, because the Android Studio say Error:Could not find com.android.tools.build:gradle:2.3.0-beta1.

Can you please help me?

http://madtriangle.com/documentation/swipeit/ not working pls provide proper documentation

madtriangle.com/documentation/swipeit this website is not working i want to know how to set up my admob and how to publish thanks!

Hello can add more box from 33 to like 66 can you updated code? to latest version android