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Nicely done!!

Thanks Avoli :)

Your site is down :(

Hi jf, I didnt see any down time so it may have been a short hitcup, if you still have issues just let me know.

Hi, does this support a kinect slide motion so you can skim multiple pages at once?

Hi Rebecca,

There is no built in support for this so achieve the effect would require modifying the swipe gesture to include the duration as part of the event data, then you could use the duration and distance covered to decide if it should have enough momentum to skim multiple pages.

- ShadowShade

hi… I found:

SwinxySwipe – jQuery Touch & Mouse Pagination

I have a web site that dynamically displays Flickr.com photos…

I want to add pagination to it, so if for example I have 30 photos, I can make 3 pages with 10 photos each… how can your script help me?


Rotem Bor rotemmon@gmail.com