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any videos to show how to play the game? it’s not clear from the screenshots

Hi, today I’m updated this code. Can you please download the latest code.

Thank You

i just downloaded the latest code – still no level selection. i’m disappointed…

Words are take automatically and go for next level.

Is there any inapp purchase to buy hints ? or only to remove ads ?

Hi, see the screenshot. You can buy the hints.

Is easy add other language for word?

Thank you

Now english only

I bought this program. If you have a way to add other languages differ known. For example, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

ok tokyolifes

Your e-mail has not arrived yet.It will give time to teach?

Hi tokyolifes, right now this app suppor only english.


Hey, are the words generated randomly per level or are they fixed?

words are fixed and come one by one.

Can I change words? where are the words being stored?

Yeah, you can change the word for GameEngine.m file and find the words[] string array.

Two archive errors I need help with. 1) The info.plist in the package must contain the CFBundleShortVersionString key 2) The package does not contain an info.plist

Any help would be appreciated.

Can you please send me screenshot of your info.plist file?

what email can I send it to?

welcome …

Do you support the Arabic …

Only for english

Hi, this is a warnings and don’t worry about that.

but i want submit App Store and this issue will be reject ?

No worries, it will be approved. I am here and tell me any problem.

Looks like a good game and purchased. Sent an email with just a few minor issues I am experiencing with this.

App will not run. Xcode highlights abort(); in CCGLProgram.m and says Thread 1: Signal SIGABRT.

yeah, i will update you soon.

is the app work with iOS 9 and later?

(1) If I buy you app will you help me to publish it on apple store because I don’t have idea on how to do it? (2) How does in-app purchase work?

This code is crash

hi, i would like to buy this. would you do the re-skining and upload to play store? And would you integrate an ad serving SDK of my choice?