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There is a major bug because when the copter goes through the swinging hammers the score doesn’t go up, for me the score stops at one, even though I have been through multiple swinging hammers!

Please update with iPad

:D Wait. You can buy code and wait on update

Sorry, I don’t make game without ipad,I lose a lot of money that way

Hello, your game works fine! But there is one thing i am missing – the in app purchase. will you update the game with in-app purchase?


Will you make an in app purchase with the update please! That would be very helpful!

Can you please update it ASAP, because there is a major bug because when I pass the swinging hammers the score stays the same! Also could you please update the game because the little person is changing direction so fast!!! I want him to go higher and also at a slower rate, the original version is very smooth gameplay, and this one Is great :) but I would like it to be a smoother gameplay!

Thanks :) P.S this game is great btw I’m addicted ;)

Sorry for my question but i dont know how to change it and where can i find it?


change if you wan’t.


one last question how to disable status bar on ipad version.

Thanyou for your app – it is a great app too. Sorry for this dumb question. How do I remove the test ads? I can’t figure it out.

Only show test on Simulater, on device will show real ads

Hi! Thanks for great product. Can you show me where i can change the sharing text on twitter, facebook, email. It’s blank now! Thanks.

on – (void)performTouches:(NSSet *)touches

change NSString *caption = @””;

Thanks @TigerIOS. I got it! One thing more is how can i remove the expand ad when the game is over? It’s so bad for user. Thanks.

When I click on the game center button, the admob banner is still there so how do I get rid of it? Ive been looking everywhere but I cant find any solution! the reason why it is a problem is because the ad covers up the back button to go back to the game, and the only way for me to fix this situation is to exit the app and clear it by clearing the app memory. Please Help

de que forma debe subirse el juego para que sea aceptado sin ningún problema

You must change graphic for gameplay and character before upload to store.


How can i do to move the background?

Hello. How do I disable all the ads and gameplay?

it not reason

What do you mean of it not reason. How do I disable the ads and game center ? could you help me?

- disable admob>

open AppDelegate.m and MyScene.m comment

BackgroundThread = [[NSThread alloc]initWithTarget:self selector:@selector(selectThread) object:nil];

- disable Chartboost

open MyScene.m comment

- GC open MyScene.m comment ( 2 positions )

1. [self performSelectorOnMainThread:@selector(authenticateLocalPlayer) withObject:nil waitUntilDone:NO];

2. [self performSelectorOnMainThread:@selector(GameCenterScore) withObject:nil waitUntilDone:NO];

pre-purchase questions : 1. iOS 8 support? 2. iphone 6 / 6+ support? 3. xcode 6 ?

if not now, are you planning to add them?

Hello, I have upload this game but the speed of copter is higher. How can i change the speed ? Is there any parameter to make it slow?

Thanks. Belayet.


This game can run on iOS 8 ?

Important! Do you know if you can add to the app the opt-in video ads…. so when you lose you can see a video ad and continue from your place and you dont need to begin from the start.

If that possible so you can increase your revenue from opt-in video ads??