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can I use this for user front end profile uploading and limit actions to cropping?

since the last update was december 2014… wondering if you still supported this item

can you blur a particular part of an image with this??

I’m looking for a way of directly editing or cropping images within the “edit post” page at the backend of my wp site.

The same place where text is entered and media (Images) can placed in….(I’m not sure what they call that page.

Anyway, can your plugin crop any part of an image I wish – some plugins when you want to crop just the bottom end up moving other parts of the cropping square?

Why have you not responded to a prospective and willing buyer??? 6 Months ago.

How to add custom sizes to this plugin?

Do you still support this plugin? and does it work with wp 4.5 ?

I just purchased the plugin. I see two issues I’m hoping you can help me with.

1: The Edit in SwiftThumbs button under the feature image box is not appearing. Only when I click on the featured image which opens a modal to select a new image do I see the button.

2: When I do click on Edit in Swift thumbs, the preview image never appears. So I’m completely unable to do any kind of cropping.

Any ideas?

That’s odd. I’m fairly damn sure I had far more content in my comment/question when I posted it. “Someone” had edited it.

Essentially, what I said before, the plugin fails to do what It advertises! At the very minimum, it does not work will with the latest version of wordpress. I’m on 4.6.

And the author, does not appear to support this anymore.


I’m interested in your very interesting plugin.

This is my scenario – I use RSS feed extractors for my website and I get posts from feeds going into draft.

I then go each draft post and text and images. Unfortunately I’ve NOT been able to find a plugin to edit images from within draft.

I’m particular about cropping – some cropping plugins or sites are not very flexible and don’t allow me to crop off the exact part of an image I want to crop off.

Am I only restricted to featured image as with the examples in your video because I want to know if images within a post or page can be edited from with WP Editor?

Thank you.


Hey! I noticed I have already asked questions in the past and you never bothered replying to mine and some others here, hope all’s well?

Why have you not responded to a prospective and willing buyer???

No Support from the Author, Srcset ist not supported. Apart from that, which is elementary for responsive design, it`s a well designed PlugIn.

is it work with woocommerce and gallary image? or only feature image wp?