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Does all info local (text, images) or it has a server back end? Design looks pretty good.

Load website

Looks good….but, what does it do? Your description sucks.


What is the purpose of the app then?

Show external websites

On the first sight this looks pretty cool but before buying I’d like to get a better understanding of the app. It looks pretty flexible but is it easy to configure without knowing to code? Do you provide any kind of tutorial?

Would love to hear from you and get a better understanding! :-)

Customize web url

So I am able to add more buttons to the bottom bar and then change their icons and change their web urls? What is appearing when I do not have an internet connection?

If there is no Internet connection, an error is displayed.

Hello I like the interface, I will be making a school app for this and need one more table to put directory.

There is the Buttons, and Table at the bottom. How would I add a replica of second Table. So at the bottom it would be Buttons, Table 1, Table 2. Because there is only one Table. (Table 1)-Directory, (Table 2)-Teachers List

Can you add Second Table and upload it put the link of the upload here for anyone else that needs it.

Thank you, Appreciate it.

Hello, its been a week, can you tell me how or can you do it for me or not. Please reply soon.

Thank you. Appreciated.

Hi it don’t works on iOS 7.0 ?

Nice job, very useful!