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I gave it a second try, but this is by far no plug and play, this is a timeconsuming try and error plugin. At the end, even the same as the first time, cannot login and procedure to setup reverse code did fail… I can´t follow fevr why using this…


Sorry but I don’t know what was your original problem. Do you have a support ticket id?

Fevr uses Swift Security because this is the only Hide WordPress plugin on the market which really works. It is just an optional plugin in Fevr, so you can just leave it uninstalled if you don’t want to use it.

THX – 1. You are telling about plug and play, push 1 button to run software install. By far not true. 2. You are telling this is the only working wp hide software, all others do telling the same. 3. I did try without cache, and nothing works, I cannot login anymore and the code you are providing to revoke old system to recover working wordpress does not work at all. So even with 2. try to get your hide wp running there is only a way for coders to work with this piece of software. So I had to reinstall complete installation to get it working again without swift. 4. You are telling your customer, if it does not run, leave it uninstalled? I mean I bought a package where this is included, do not run on a fresh installation? To follow you documentation to the complicated server parameters are for admins only – that´s why you say plug and play, which is not.


1.) Usually it is just a click, but sometimes depends on your environment it needs some tweak. If you need help please send a wp-admin and an FTP access to support@swte.ch and we will check it.

2.) The others are lying. It is so simple. Check them with our themedetector: http://wpthemedetector.co.uk/

3.) If you give the wp-admin and FTP access I can check it

4.) Of course not. I just said if you would like to use Fevr without Swift you can do it

Hello there, i’m trying to use the plugin on a multisite install and i only need to change admin url feature nothing else, would you please help me about that?

Any instructions or advice will be given?


Sorry for delay. For support requests please use support@swte.ch, comments section is for presales questions.

You can change any slugs/paths in Hide WordPress settings, you can rename everything else back and rename the admin URL only, however it isn’t recommended

Fully compatible with version 4.7 I guess?

Yes, we don’t have any known issue with 4.7

Hi, I noticed a lot of comments with issues about breaking the site, slowing down the site and preventing access to admin area I have just experienced the same… May you please try to address those issues as they seem to happen for many users


So what happened with your site? Are the CSS/images broken, or is your site slow, or you can’t access the admin area?

The first 2 usually caused by cache, many users doesn’t clear the cache after activation, so WordPress tries to load the CSS/JS and image files from the old path which are obviously won’t work. In that case you just need to clear the cache in order to work.

If you can’t access the admin area can I ask what is the exact issue? Please note that wp-login.php and wp-admin will be hidden (404) if you activated the plugin. New paths are /users.php and /administrator by default.

All three of them happened… I just cleared cache before replying here

if the problem still persists please send your site URL to support@swte.ch

Does hide login page still work ? For regular people it does but I think hackers have a way of breaking it. Let me tell you the situation. I had already changed my wp-login.php page into a new url. Using a security plugin, I could see the live view of who are trying to access my site. There were multiple accesses from different foreign countries (I am based in U.S.). First they would try to access my wp-login.php page and the second time after a few seconds they are already accessing the new url for my login. They only tried my old wp-login page once and they already know the new login url. I think this is very critical and could make your plugin obsolete. Can you explain why this is happening please ? Thanks

None of those you mentioned apply. I opened a support ticket but it’s been a couple of days already and you have not responded yet. This is critical you know. Please respond asap. Thanks


Did you get a respond already? If not can you please send your ticket id?

Oh boy, it took you 10 days to reply ? Please check the ticket I sent today and resolve the issue.

Is this better or the same as Hide My WP – Amazing Security Plugin for WordPress?


Sorry for delay. Yes, you can hide totally WordPress with Swift Security (you can’t with Hide My WP), and you also can hide WooCommerce, bbPress, etc.

You can test any site with our theme detector which uses Hide My WP, eg: http://wpthemedetector.co.uk/?site-url=http%3A%2F%2Fhide-my-wp.wpwave.com%2F

Hello! Did you get my message? Thanks for giving me a little help!