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I sent in a support ticket a few days ago, did you get it?

Having issues using this plugin with managewp.com.. please advise? Thanks!

No authors support this plugin now? So sad. Tsk tsk.

May can we help you?

Been reading some comments here and I saw that some people are starting to complain and I see that you last updated your plugin since august 10 2016.

We provide support through our Zendesk, may some comments won’t be answered here.

Update wasn’t necessary, the plugin is compatible with WordPress 4.8.x

Worst plugin in codecanyon made my website unstable don’t know how claim a refund if they don’t refund also please don’t download or buy this plugin


Thank you for the feedback. Did you contact the support?


Baribo Purchased

Not work.. my theme with not compatible (bimber theme )


There isn’t any known issue with Bimber theme. If you have problems with it please contact us here: https://swteplugins.com/support/

Hi I have an important presales question about multisite on Nginx/apache using Cloudways hosting:

As a response to the following message, you said Nginx rules would need to be modified. I am wondering if you could help with the modifications or have written a set of instructions on how to complete these rules.

MY GOAL: To hide WP /wp-admin + /wp-login etc in subdirectories…mywebsite.com/SITEB/dashboard (dashboard replaces wp-admin)

Here is the original inquiry from another user:

“Hi, I have a multisite setup hosted at Cloudways, who uses an Apache server with Varnish and NGINX. You mentioned that as long as it was an Apache server and NGINX was just a reverse proxy server, your plugin would work in that environment. Cloudways describes their setup as follows:

“That is the reason why we use a comprehensive strategy using both Nginx and Apache while keeping Varnish between them.

In this strategy, Nginx quickly delivers static content that is stored in Varnish. This means Nginx does not have to deal with the PHP application and can respond at even faster speeds. On the other hand, Varnish can serve content in no time, thanks to its strong caching mechanism. It requires minimal resources and can serve more audience while lowering the load on your server.

In case of a dynamic PHP request, it is sent to Apache which knows how to deliver it efficiently. This means that we can have the performance of Nginx and flexibility of Apache together while lowering their drawbacks to maximum.”

Given that explanation, is it possible for you to tell me if this plugin would work on multisite on Cloudways? Do you have any other experience with that host?”

Thanks for any feedback!

What do the cron events SwiftSecurity->CheckCache() and SwiftSecurity->CheckHtaccess() do every five minutes?


CheckCache checks the cached bypassed files and clear/regenerate them if necessary.

CheckHtaccess checks the .htaccess, and if it is necessary it regenerates the rules.

Hi, does the plugin support Wordpress 4.9.x?

Yes, it does

Still not working for me – Wordpress Plugin-Content missing..Only accessable with login.. Last try one year ago, totally messed up page…still same same.