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1) - I tried “Hide My WP” using…

- http://wpthemedetector.com

- http://wpthemedetector.co.uk

- https://wappalyzer.com/

- http://builtwith.com/

And found it does NOT work. So I am anxious to see how YOUR plugn does.

2) - Were your 2 plugins originally bundled and then later separated ?

3) - I only want to purchase ONE of your plugins to start.

Which of your 2 NON-bundled plugins is the best one to start with, and why ?

Or I guess another way of asking, is which one is more similar to “Hide My WP” ?

4) - Does this come with the code scanner ?

5) - Do you have to have the “Swift Security Plugin” first in order to use this one ? Or is this Firewall a stand-alone ?

Thanks for the reply.

6) - What exactly does the “Code Scanner” scan ? Does it scan changes to plugins, or more?

Is the “Code Scanner” a feature that “Hide My WP” does not have ?


Code scanner scans all your files under your WP installation and checks for malicious code snippets (for example known shells, eval(), or exec() or a bit more complex callback functions, etc…) and report them. If you need any help to analyze the results of course we can help.

You can set scheduled scans as well, and the module can put a file to quarantine if it is suspicious, so an attacker can’t load them.

Yes, Hide My WP doesn’t have code scanner.

Might have to look into this one for my next two projects


My client uses the bundle version and its the best one! He also has “hide my wp” but this one is way better, no slows down (made it faster), no issues!

Thanks dude! For somereason I cant find the bundle version on here.

I am sorry, but I don’t understand :)

How can we help you?

Hello swete

can you develop a standalone php version of this wordpress plugin? There is a big need for this.

Currently there are two php scripts for this in codecanyon, one of them is writen by a newbie php learner and the other, popular one, is a complete scam. He is selling only hopes with a malfunctioning unstable script for more than one year.

Can you do this?

Thank you


Not yet, but itt will be ready within 1-3 days. Sorry for delay, but last week was very busy.

Sorry for the delay, but create an Envato level PHP version of the Firewall is more complicated as I thought, so we need a bit more time.

However if you send an email to envato@swte.ch I can set a basic htaccess firewall for you.

Thank you for your understanding.


thank you for your help.

I can understand you are busy with your current items and you need time for adding one more item.

Ok, I will contact you for the sample htacces firewall.


1) – Will this block “site wide” ? or “server wide” ?

2) – How would I test this plugin AS IF I were in a different country ?

3) – Does this affect search engines ?

4) – Does this help deflect Bruteforce or DDOS attacks ?

1. Site wide 2. What would you like to test? 3. No it doesn’t. 4. Yes, of course. This is the best firewall on the marketplace.

After enabling and increasing some security with the plugin I cannot access my dashboard.

The requested URL /wproot/index.php was not found on this server.

How can I revert this or fix it? (Removing the folder did not fix it)


If you removed the plugin’s folder manualy please remove Swift Security related lines from htaccess as well.

If you need more help please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Cool that worked, now what would I change the .htaccess so it knows I moved my core files into a subdirectory? (I did what was described in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFfvBJVtzqA)


Unfortunately the plugin supports only original WordPress installs at the moment.

However I think it won’t improve your site’s security if you move the core files. It can be block some automated hacking attempts, but if an attacker find a local file inclusion vulnerability he/she can exploit it even if you move the core files.

I have already purchased swift hide wordpress plugin. Will it be ok if I purchase this plugin separately to achieve the capability of full security bundle including scanning?

Hi, yes it will work.

Hi! Do this plugin receive the same firewall updates that “Swift Security Bundle”? The changelog indicates an older version..


Yes, it does. There were some other changes in Bundle version (not in the Firewall), that cause the difference in version numbering