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No support, author does not answer questions or support this article I do not recommend buying this item Even on tikets no response. Stop taking your head with the plugin

Unresolved bug, it will tell us yes We are still working on version 2.0, MDR already 3 months ago.

Anyway we removed the plugin 4 months ago, because we found a real security plugin and especially the support, the author answers in less than 24h Very good team.

The default URLs are 404 I’m talking about url “wp-admin” and “wp-login” and “logout” For example, “cp.php”, “login.php” and “disconnect.php”

We answered to your questions, even after your support period was ended, as I remember we wrote a small unique plugin for you as well. However if you found a better plugin I am the happiest, please use it and don’t flood the comments section.

Thank you ;)

please what is the better plugin cos when i check the demo site they used their plugin some detector still found out it uses WordPress but their own test site does not detect their wp so am wondering whats happening eg http://www.isitwp.com/ said they used WordPress with joy and other detectors too last update was 2016 hmmmm


It seems it is a ‘false positive’ detection, because the site is exatly the same as http://swiftsecurity.swte.ch and it doesn’t detect WordPress for http://swiftsecurity.swte.ch

Hi can you please email please? I got issued with error_log many days, did not sloved yet.

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} !sq_ea87231d6aebdd53f16046e8d4d61fb1
RewriteCond %{HTTP_COOKIE} !sq_ea87231d6aebdd53f16046e8d4d61fb1=([0-9abcdef]+) [NC]

I found them in .htaccess, they repead > 10x time withi change wp-content, themes…etc… Can i remove all of them, keep the only 1 copy instead of 10x copy in .htaccess?


We just answered to your ticket.

Regarding the RewriteCond you should leave them as they are (if you modify it Swift will revert it to the original btw), these lines are not the same, and you will need all of them.

Can I ask why is it an issue for you?

i checked hide my wp, there cleaner code. and after active ur plugin, so far my web easy issue with borrow error too many rediret or cookie issue. and load perform compare your plugin is heavier speed and code mb


where is version 2 for me to test it on a server dev

Why not add the list of features here For extra security

One-click “Secure Site” WordPress security check Ban bad users Block specific IP addresses and user agents from accessing the site 404 Detection Hide Login & Admin URL Change WordPress salts & keys Away Mode Database Backups File Change Detection Remove Windows Live Write header information Remove RSD header info Remove update notifications from specific user roles Remove login error messages Rename ‘admin’ account Change ID on user with ID 1 Change WordPress database table prefix Change wp-content path Force SSL for any post, page, or admin page Turn off file editing in WordPress admin Reduce Comment Spam Local brute force protection Network brute force protection XML-RPC brute force protection Security logs Email Notifications & Digest Emails Customizable lockout messages Strong Password Enforcement File Permission Check Sync Integration Malware Scan Dashboard Widget Google reCAPTCHA Integration Two-Factor Authentication Settings Import & Export WordPress Core Online File Comparison Scheduled Malware Scanning User Action Logging Temporary Privilege Escalation WP-CLI Integration Password Expiration Private Ticketed Support WordPress User Security Check Like all url by default, wordpress Will be in 404

using a .htaccess Do you have the code for rewrite: 404 erros Block wp-login.php – Block access to the file wp-login.php Block wp-admin – Block access to the wp-admin folder Block wp-activate.php – Block access to the file wp-activate.php Block wp-cron .php – Block access to wp-cron.php file Block wp-signup.php – Block the default wp-signup.php file

Thank you

Bought the plugin 5 days ago, it messed my website so much I had to delete it. I asked for support NO ANSWER, they will let you down. I want a refund!


we already answered, please check your mail.

where is version 2 for me to test it on a server dev

Hi dear Plugin developer I’m going to start a new website that i’m trying to use this plugin with https://themeforest.net/item/adforest-classified-wordpress-theme/19481695 this theme

when i enable the Swift Security – Hide WordPress button site not showing well After activated the Hide wordpress https://snag.gy/pGTBfX.jpg Before activate the Hide wordpress https://snag.gy/UCvSuO.jpg

How can i solve this issue


Did you open a support request?

Thank you!

Hello, the plugin does not scan ?


How do you mean?

I installed the module but it does not work i give to scan code and performs no action ? Thanks


Did you open a support ticket?


www.website.com/admin still working not secure that i can login my site using the link

Yes it’s Work but another problem happening when i activate the plugin

if i create any new user account can not redirect to profile page and not login also when i logout the page redirect to wordpress backend

turned off the Hide WordPress settings everythings are working well

you can test my user account

you can login markatdesk.com click the login button user name : test@gmail.com Password : 123456

i can give you the admin username and password for you if you want to check

Hi Dear developer is there any updates for my question


Did you get the answer to your ticket?


I have also always problems with this plugin – now also not used anymore – i am 100% annoyed, that i have bought it or not CXL the purchase, directly after the first problems – i lost here my money … especially it was not low priced

With frequent manual fixes of support, you get it working for a limited time, which takes always very long to answer, the plugin is not usable …. regrettably – the idea of the plugin is great, but it is 100% not technically mature, to buggy

you can delete the message. thanks

Good evening,

I bought your plugin some time ago, but I’m currently having a problem configuring it. It always gives the following error: “Error! There is some misconfiguration in the settings. Please check the settings and try again. If the problem persists, please contact us: support@swte.ch Error code: 503”

Can you please help us solve it?

Thank you very much.


swte Author


When you save the settings the plugin will try to load your homepage in the background to check it and prevent unexpected 500 errors. I think there is a maintenance plugin which returns HTTP code 503.

You can turn off safe activation in general settings, or may it is better if you set the maintenance plugin to return 200 instead 503


zick123 Purchased

Hello, why not more updates?