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If we are charging users for use, do we need an extended licence for this? I do not see one.


We just enabled extended license option

Hi, looks great but I have 2 pre-sale questions: 1. Is it possible to have this filter: “I am X ( > dropdown with custom variables) and I am looking for (dropdown with portfolio/post categories)” 2. Is it possible to have the results opened in new page?

Thanks! Matt


1.) Yes, you can set connected filters

2.) The plugin filters the generated content, it’s couldn’t load it with ajax. If you would like this function too then check the following plugin: http://swift-vc-addons.swte.ch/custom-grid/

Hi, will this plugin work for: Single Product Template Layout for example i have this link:

http://www.islainspired.co.uk/product/newborn and would like a filter on this page so only shows the categories related to newborn and then when they select say: “Vests” it then shows the Vests.

Thanks Aaron


Yes you can filter the items on the page, however I think what you really need is an AJAX filtered custom grid: http://swift-vc-addons.swte.ch/custom-grid/

With this you can set a filter for categories, and it will load the content via AJAX so you can use pagination as well.

Hi, will the filter work with the go portfolio plugin? I want to replace the built in filters with check boxes.


We didn’t tested it with Go Portfolio, however Swift Filter will filter the generated HTML content (it won’t load the content via AJAX), so it doesn’t really matter what generates the content.

If you would like to use AJAX search instead on-site filter you can use our other plugin: http://swift-vc-addons.swte.ch/custom-grid/

Can the plugin completely hide filtered out entries or only make them less visible as in the demo?


Of course it can hide them completely.

Perfect. Will purchase shortly then.

Perfect. Will purchase shortly then.

Hello. Will the plugin work with Listify theme?

Yes, of course it is compatible with any theme.

can you have multiple filter lists on one page? For instance I want to do Location: (Country) and Genre: (folk, rap, metal) and have it so that the posts that dont match disappear?


Of course yes. You can connect multiple filters with an AND relation.

I am using toolset types to create custom post types. I am collecting information on hockey players as fields in the custom post types. I need to be able to display SOME information from the players custom post types but not all. I also track the author and depending on the player I display I will need to display the author information in the same info too is that possible? Woocommerce purchases by the author?


With Swift filter you can filter the content in the browser, so you need to show all the data on the page load and the visitor can filter in that.

Unfortunately it can’t filter the data before the page load.

Please, check your email inbox. I have sent you a request several days now but haven’t received your reply yet. Request #1639.

Please check your email inbox again. It’s urgent request.

I purchased this plugin but the documentation is very poor.

I wrote to the support email but I didn’t receive any answer.

Examples are made in pure html and not with Visual Composer so I can’t grab any information from the code.

I am looking to have an excel spreasheet with about 6 different fields (a member list with name, email, city, etc.). I want a search feature on my WordPress sites on the Member page where someone can choose from these fields for a member and the results would pull the excel spreadhseet. Is this possible with this plugin?

The plugin can search on the website, it can’t search in external files.

I wanna use it to filter multible vc content objects, like team pictures (not dynamic content) with radio dots on the left side (own layout style). Is it possible? Or is it just only to filter dynamic content like posts or products?

And if it’s possible, can I combine more then one click options (more then one active radio buttons to get results)?



Sorry for delay.

Yes, you can filter the rendered content with Swift Filter. You can also connect filters, in that case there will be an AND relation

Is this plugin an addon to “Swift Filter – jQuery Content Filter” so I need to purchase both plugins? Or does it work on it’s own?


No they are 2 separate plugins, so you don’t need to buy the jQuery version

Hi, I just purchased the product and really liked it. However, after filtering, can you make it rearrange items ? I have hundreds of products in post, after fiterting, it dislpay some products in a long post…


Can you send a sample URL to support@swte.ch please?

Hi, I sent an email with example URL to support email adress – Your request (1953) ...

Hi, from your demo it doesn’t look like the elements move to the top of the page to replace the position of the filtered out items.

I have alot of content in different types, raw html, images etc. and I want to the filtered items to move up to the top of the screen when selected.

is this possible?


It depends on your CSS. If the elements are float it will works as you would like.

BAD!!!! Working with Visual Composor is great to easily plug and play with. But this Swift Filter is not a plug and play addon plugin for it. Maybe instructions / documentation is understood by developers but not by an amature+ like me. I think it should not be sold as a VC product and thus not wordt $19. Awefull.

Dear Sir, I want to ask either this plugin can settle the problem I have : I need a advance filter can use in post grid by visual composer.

https://mpstaging.us/tott/classes_tott/ – this is my page – refer to the top filter – I need to have drop box type as your plugin can do it?


Yes, it can do it, however it can’t load posts via AJAX it can filter only in the generated HTML

With this plugin is possible to filter VC Text Blocks? Thanks


Sorry for delay. Yes, you can filter any element on the page


I sent you a support email last week. Any chance you could take a look at it for me please?