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hello,, I really would like to buy your plugin,, but I have question please ,, if the user download the file ( for example demo.rar ) and the download happen with internet download manager,, so the user can take the link from option of the programe internet download manager and then share it with another people,,, please can you make the code work with coded when someone take the link and try to download it ,, ask him/her to login or tell them like can’t download the file ? if you can do that I will buy your plugin now thank you so much for this great plugin

This is what I love ,, support and someone can help and make a GREAT plugin ,, like you ,,

let me try it and then I will tell you about a good options in the future ,, please what is your email ,, or how can I contact you ?


You can contact us at support@swte.ch

Can I use your plugin also WITHOUT the Visual Composer??


Of course you can.

You can use shortcode:
[download_locker href="wp-content/uploads/test.zip" expiry="+5 minutes"]Download[/download_locker]
See all attributes here: http://download-locker.swte.ch/documentation/#Customization

If you have any question about our plugins don’t hesitate to contact us at support@swte.ch

just advise ,, add the document in the plugin file ,, it will be easy for the purchase user to use it :)

good luck with this great plugin

Thank you :)

I sent you email,, please check it and answer me

I am going to check it now

GOD BLESS YOU JAMES,,, James help me within 3 days until now to fix too many things in my server,, his plugin work perfect with tooooo large file by wordpress ,, I found too many problems with plugins for download,, and the authors didnot find any solution to fix it ,, James fix it with a great job,, I really advise to buy this plugin trust it is amazing and protect your files from another people to share it

Thank you :)

really GREAT plugin,, what is the best in this plugin is : 1- you can upload file and make some users or Role download it , 2- the download can not copy from users and share it in any other social network or another sites if you don’t want that ,, it is better price more than another plugin what is not work Perfect,, 4- it is easy to use with visual composer 5- GREAT SUPPORT ONLINE 24 HOURS :) ,,

Thank you :)

I completely agree with a user abonasser. James is a great guy. Unfortunately, no one else on Envato provides the same customer service as James does. I am really grateful to James for everything he has done for my project. Thank you James!

Thank you :)

Hello James,, please tell me is there any new update for the plugin? with new options :)


Unfortunately not yet, but I will inform you when we updated it :)

thank you so much,,, I’m waiting our update :). God Bless You

Hello James ,, tell me please when you will make new update for the plugin??

Hi, Just a pre-sales question. Couldn’t really tell from your demo but does the link expiry work only by page load with a timeout? We would like to be able to send users links that expire in 24 hours (no matter when or how many times they visit the page).

Also if we email the link through a gravity forms notification email, will we be able to serve the same functionality as mentioned above; the viewer clicking on the email link can do so for 24 hours before it expires.



The expiry can be defined as an exact date, or as a timeout. If you specify it as a timeout it will starts when the link generated. If you insert the shortcode to page it will start when the user visits the page, but if you put the shortcode in the e-mail it will start when you send the mail.

The link will work the same, it doesn’t matter where is it (in a mail or on a page)

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Hello James,, please answer my email ,, I need your help please

James please need the help ,, I have problem with the speed of download,, it is too slow ,, when I download the file directly from my site it is give me 1mb/sec but when I use the plugin to download the file it is give me just 20kb/sec,, please help


Please check your mail

Hello James,, please tell me when you will make update for the plugin? as I ask you to make the blank page after download show some ads,, and if you can make resume to the download when using internet download manager ,, and if you can make chart or static to show us how many users click on the link and download it !!! please james can you update this soon? thank you

Hi James,, please I’m waiting the new update for the plugin,, to make it work with resume download when using internet download manager or another software,, please James when you will update it ?

James please tell me how can I make link expired show like this in your page demo ,, ( I mean show the countdown as you make in your demo page) This link expires within 60 seconds (after page opened) Link expired


Actually it is a small javascript the plugin doesn’t include this functionality by default.

Example: This link will expire within <span class="countdown">60</span> seconds <script> function countdown(){ var count = jQuery('.countdown').text()*1; if (count > 0){ jQuery('.countdown').text(count-1); setTimeout(countdown, 1000); } else{ jQuery('.countdown').parent().text('Link expired'); } } countdown(); </script>

hello James,, thank you so much and so sorry to late thank you :) because I was travel ,,, tell me please James is there a new update with option for resume download when using internet download manager or any other programes ? please

and about this code ,, how can I use it , and how can I add the swift lock inside it?

Hello James,, please James ,, I’m using this site to earn some money ( it is for short url) http://adfoc.us/ ,,, is there any way to connect the plugin with it ,, for example when someone click on the short url , he directrly go to download the link ? because I try to upload the link for download in the short url,, but when click on the short url it is don’t give me the link for download ,, please can you help ? thanks

James please I sent email to you ,, please answer


I just answered, please check your mail.


Hello James,, please I send you again email I’m waiting your reply ,,

James for the god my brother please please just help us with the short url ,, I sent you too many emails but you didn’t answer ,, I don’t know why you don’t take any care about this plugin!!! before you help us quickly and fast and support us,, why now don’t help !!! there is no new update and there is no new features and I need just how to make the plugin work with short urls to earn money from my short url ,,, thank you


Sorry for delay, I just send an answer

I sent you email today James,, please help with the short url please

Hello,, Please is there any new update about the statics of download ? can you advice about good plugin use it with this swift lock plugin to calculate the statics or how many downloads clicks from users ?

hello ,, please when you will update the plugin ? and when you will make the download make resume if I make stop ? with internet download manager

Hello James !! ,, 5 days with no answer ,, when you will update the plugin please?


Sorry for delay, but as I mentioned before I can’t promise an exact date for the update, but we will do our best.

Thank you for your patience.

hello James,, please brother what I need just make the plugin work with resume download,, you have a GREAT plugin,, please some care about this plugin to be best ,, like resume download, statics for every link download ,, it is good features

James ,, I have question please,, why if I add link inside the download locker ,, it is don’t open a page for the link and download the page ,, how can fix this problem? please answer my questions


Regarding that is a download locker it created to protect download links not anchors.

Ok,, please can you update the plugin or fix it to work with links and download files like option to choose of them ,, please ,,, and really would like to update the plugin to work with internet download manager to make resume download