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Hi, does this come with a backend? how do the bookings work?

Good day, Currently this is only template, without backend. We are now developing wordpress theme for this ios app.

Template currently contains only dictionaries with data which can be filled from existing service.


This fails to build in Xcode??

Please provide more details regarding this issue, for example error type code.

So I just purchased the app, and it fails to build with 37 errors.

I don’t even know where to start as there are errors in pretty much all of the files.

I don’t know if I should ask for support or my money back.

Sorry for late reply. Please provide at least any error details you encounter during build process.

Just wanted to mark this issue as being solved in case other buyers read it. The Developer provided full support and updated the project which now works great.


Thank you for feedback

Can you please post what is new and what has changed in the updated version that was just added?

There were some build issues with latest Xcode version. It was a bug fix and nothing related to an app design or functionality itself.

Interested but can you expand on your earlier comment that it can dictionary and data can be filled by existing service? Using a standard data format like JSON or would the entire project need to be hand coded to use existing backend?

Hi, Actually the project has defined Dictionaries, at the moment there is no back-end, so they are pre-filled from code. In your case if you want get them from server there are standard functions to parse json into dictionary and it will be pre-filled from server.

By using this app can i able to create a own app from the scratch will it work ? can i implement my JSONs etc will it work properly without any error by doing just copy paste work ? ?

Good day, Yes you can copy paste code and serialise data to your own server backend response and match the exact data model