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Hi, I’m really interested in what your plugin does, but before buying I have a couple of questions, to be sure it can fit in my project. 1. Is it fully compatible with WPML? The “compatible with” box says so but I need to be sure, because the website I want to use the plugin with is heavily based on WPML multilanguage features 2. Does the plugin works only with posts or with custom types as well? 3. And with custom taxonomies?

Thank you in advance for your answers!

1- il plugin prende contenuti dalle fonti che tu dai. Quindi WPML dovrebbe agire a monte. Se noti problemi comunque basta aprire un ticket e do un’occhiata ;)

2- assolutamente si: unica richiesta è che al post type sia associata una tassonomia (quindi è si anche per il punto 3)

Hi, I just bought your plugin and I am trying to setup a Twitter slider. I noticed that the Twitter box just asks for “Profile ID (without “")", but nothing I enter into this box works. I have tried Twitter username without , username with @, URL of twitter profile, and Twitter ID from Nothing seems to activate the slider and all of the previews are blank. I also noticed that I the plugin doesn’t seem to use the Twitter API and tokens like other Twitter Wordpress plugins do. Does your plugin actually work with Twitter?

please open a ticket or (facing validation issues) contact me through Profile Page’s form.

I’ll need a link to your implementation. thanks

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I am just wondering how I make a tweet slider since there isnt an API access created and hardly any instructions, screenshots or videos about it (I searched the install docs, google, these FAQs, other forums, etc).

The instructions only mention twitter as seen below (and my widget is blank using that method while the other box inputs like rss work).

“The Use the profile ID without ”@” For example, to fetch tweets from the Envato’s profile use: envato”

I was hoping this plugin would be easy to use…now Im wondering if I should have just bought a dedicated tweet slider to use instead :(

Instructions in Twitter case are really simple, but I need to know which profile are you fetching from and check your implementation.

Because of this is better to speak in private ;)

Hi there.

We are really interested on Swift Box as news WP plugin for a client but we need to know, before the buying, if this plugin is able to show a place within the website where the users can see/read all the news categorized or at least the list of all of them, not only one to one.

Thanks in advance and regards.

Antonio @ Dandelium.

Hola Antonio,
Swift Box is a contents slider, split in boxes. Then you can show one/more elements per time, but not a full list.

Ok, thanks, LCw! I hope the client accept this fact because I’d like going ahead with SB.



Hope that so ;)

Hello, can I with Swift Box achieve something like this here: ? and if yes how please? :-)

Media Grid can surely print that grid and you can use “inline text” items to insert whatever you want (also setting background colors).

But (unless you create custom CSS), you have to find a way to print those icons to achieve that exact layout

This means, I can make the box and the text but not the icons? What about the Swift Box? Can I use 2 Siwft Boxes for each raw a SB? Can SB prints icons?

You can surely have two instances (3 per row), but how to achieve that layout?

Hi. It would be fantastic if I had a preloader of all posts, ie, go down and load more post. If a category has many videos, it would be very annoying to have to give next.

sorry I’ve not understood the feature you are suggesting. Is it related to expanded view?

Please elaborate a bit :)

Please see what I did: (See the bottom of the image).

You could display the infinite entries up to a quantity, 10 post for example, and then display the “Load more”, to display 10 more.

Uhm.. isn’t the way Swift Box is meant to be used though.

Is a contents slider. Then has to slide horizontally/vertically.

Hello I do not understand. Yesterday I installed your plugin and everything worked and today it no longer appears except when clicking on the thumbnails. You can see it on this page: in the section “en direct de facebook”. Thank you for your help.

please open a ticket or (facing validation issues) contact me through Profile Page’s form.

Hi, very nice plugin!

I’m having a problem. I’m using a rss feed and sometimes I get title and thumbnail displaying and sometimes title and excerpt. I guess that is set to be random because I can see that just by refreshing the page. I want to display just the title and thumbnail but I don’t know where I’m getting wrong.

there’s no cached element. Swift Box is a jQuery plugin, then everything (except WP-sources) is fetched in real-time.

Could you give me a link to see the box and know which is the RSS feed?

You can see at the bottom of the page:

Please refresh the page a few times and you’ll see. Right now when the page first loaded the plugin displayed like this:

And after a simple refresh it start to display like this:

I don’t know if I was clear but I didn’t change anything on the settings.

You have a lot of javascript error in the page. They might block swift box execution or its texts management.

Please disable the code minification (otherwise I’m not able to check the page source) and open a ticket. Is more complex than expected

Hi… Before purchasing van you let me know if you can display events added via The Events Calendar by Tribe… Thanks.

you should ask TheEventCalendar developers if events are: a public post type associated to a public taxonomy.

Or simply if events are fetchable through an RSS feed

Are there any issues with Soundcloud? I have several boxes using soundcloud URLs that are working on the soundcloud site, but suddenly pulling no data whatsoever thru the Swift box.

as you can see in my demo, soundcloud implementation works.

I’d suggest to check the box setup. If issue persists, open a ticket.

Hi, i see the Swift Box – Playground, but i have a question…

Can i have more than 5 news to show and show them in more than 1 row?

I want to use it like the blog list, because i want a different view that the typical view.


you can have more than 5 elements, but on one row. There’s not a multi-row layout at the moment


miam00 Purchased

Hi there, nice work. Am I correct in thinking I can display my blog posts alongside Facebook posts in one row? Would the row stay the same size height if blog images are different size than FB images?

Also have a you a demo showing facebook posts?

You’re most welcome ;)


miam00 Purchased

Hello there, is it possible at all to have PDFs displayed as a source? WE have several client guides in pdf format, would be great to have these in SwiftBox ;)

nope I’m sorry isn’t an option

How do i put the short code or showing the plugin within category ?

what do you mean with “within category”?

open this demo link

and see the category title, i want to put ur shortcode within specific category

Almost surely that is a category template from your theme. Isn’t possible to place contents in there.

Maybe try asking to theme’s dev and ask for shortcode integration in there (through do_shortcode() function).

A presale question. We’re looking for a option to show live updating news on a advertising screen. Is it possible for the puglin to load new content without reloading the page?

Hello, nope, contents are fetched on page’s opening. They aren’t updated in real time

are the external links “nofollow” or could ad this tag in any way? This is very important for SEO and this is a strong key for the performance of the sites.

which contents are you referring to? Inline ones taken from WP?

Because everything else is handled dynamically by javascript, then isn’t seen “as you see” by google spiders.

Hello, I see that the plugin hasn’t been updated for a while. Are you still maintaining it? Thanks.

plugin is always alive, but customers decide projects priority about updates. (and I’ve got 3 projects before this ;) )

Can you import multiple WooCommerce store products rss feeds or is it just one WooCommerce RSS feed?

Does it work Multisite?

I tried to make a 4×6 ratio image in the playground demo but could not?

Is it possible to have any ratio and also to minimise the text to just show product/price?

Thank you…..and last question…..

How could I pull individual meta like the price under it to show with the currency such as €345….sale price….excerpt etc??

In this plugin you will notice the long product description….I would just want to have the /product image/name of product/price/sale price if any/store name

Swift Box is the closest thing I have found to what I need.

Excerpt is automatically created basing on available space. Isn’t possible to set an excerpt or specify what to take. (even because RSS doesn’t have specific fields normally)