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First, love this script.. Thank you! Secondly, is it possible to not have the html tags stripped from the RSS descriptions? I do not have them set to strip and the expanded view works fine.

Yes. Is this changable? to have them un-stripped from the excerpt?

No, impossible. Shortener script would’t work with any tag available

Okay thanks!

Hello, All

Great script but I have one tiny concern. I do not seem able to control the right hand margin. This means there is often a wider margin on the right than on the left. In other words, the slider is not in the middle of the available space!

This is only apparent when there is a border around the slider (as in my case) and it does not look neat!



Hello Perch, space should be automatically managed by the script. Could you please open a ticket sending me a link to check? thanks

Hi LCweb.

Is there a clever way to filter the feed from Facebook? Id like your slider to show only those posts which have an image. Is this possible?


nope, facebook doesn’t have this type of filter within javascript endpoint.

You should tweak the plugin code to discard news without images

Hi, I cannot get the news feed from the page – is this a setting or is it not possible ? I have also tried with a valid number as per the instructions and this does not work – appreciate some help or a refund.

So, is it working now? :)

Hi yes, it is thanks! – I am struggling to put the date before the content of the box – at the moment it’s at the bottom of the box (by default I believe) what would you recommend to put this at the top of the box?

Isn’t possible unless you tweak javascript + css codes. Layout is strictly composed to avoid issues, then requires a quite deep tweak

Dear L., can you have a look to our ticket please ? We have support contract and used to always have fast replies, but not this time. Can happen to every service, So not the end of the world, but now it really becomes very urgent to us. Thanks in advance for your help.

Oh well, you still have ews Box (as you know, I had to change name for a stupid copyright dispute).

Just change paths and function name, all the rest is identical

Hello Lucas. We changed it into ‘swift’ and could get it running. Just a question : in the downloaded files of the new ‘swift’ version, we received in the dir JS_assets the file jquery-1.10.2.min, while the code in the demo sample file was referring to 1.12.4. We could get it working by changing the code into 1.10.2 Do you advise to go 1.12.4 ? and if yes, how can we get the correct jsquery1.12.4.min file please ?

Is just an updated release, nothing different :)

Specially since is related to the demo. Plugin supports jQuery 1.7 to jQuery 3.x

icon font @ symbol could you provide please

sorry I’ve not understood, could you elaborate please?

Hi there, I saw there was an update so I checked your changelog but I don’t see a not. Can you let us know what’s been updated? Thanks!!

Yep, I have to wait until Envato approves and was late night here.

Basically just added youtube channels support ;)

Awesome plugin does exactly what I require need a little assistance I have a couple of questions

1. Why doesn’t the slider pause straight away on mouse hover but wait till hits the start of the next article ?

2. The slider can behave rather erratically where it can run extremely fast or shutters any idea why?

Also u will notice I have managed to add an email share option in my template.


Thanks for the reply mate hope you can sort that one out cheers

Sorry for the delay, forgot about it. (because of this reason is better to use my support system)

On my test page behavior is different, then I debugged directly on your file and seen you are using also functions to stop slideshow manually. And is a duplicate of the “pause_on_hover” value.

Anyway issue is indeed on those functions.

So: ended up re-doing from scratch start/stop systems :D

Contact me in private to get the pack or just wait until Envato approves it!

Some of my images from facebook post links are not showing up. And Some are. Why is this? Is there a way to create a default avatar for facebook items that can’t load image?

As expected: FB is messing with shared elements :)

Swift Box was using a trick to get original image, but FB doesn’t allow this anymore. So.. I used another workaround.

Please comment on your ticket and I’ll send you the update

Still Waiting on the Update?

?? Don’t see any ticket or mail. Anyway update has been approved days ago.

Just download it again from Codecanyon (and be sure to have update warning enabled to be informed)

Hi there why is it I can’t test the site on a local machine? When I run the Demo.html and added my feed nothing happens

pretty strange since is totally JS-based.

Unless you are using Twitter or Image sizes checker (requiring PHP), it runs on any static HTML file.

I should check it (then, eventually, open a ticket and attach the file as zipped)

Yes, is what I said before: please open a ticket and attach the file as zipped

Hi, is still this working fine with RSS? Appears that Yahoo YQL have updated they system, and the feeds are no longer being fetched correctly…

Could you please link the tool?

The SmartTicker was a script sold here in codecanyon (not anymore, for what i see). But the github link before shows the code. Probably is a little adapted for that script, but it should work anywhere. Here is another example:

The Feed can be parsed by PHP. Is not exactly “jquery only” that Swift Box promise, but for those who want a alternative to Yahoo YQL… :)

Oh, for sure, PHP could achieve it but

  • few hosters block connections against external URLs
  • Each feed structure is different. That’s another important reason why I use Yahoo (and before was using Google): they handle different structures returning a common one
  • ... wouldn’t be a JS plugin :D
Hi, my swiftbox is only showing on like 1/10 reloads of the page. Can you help? It’s pulling the rss feed from a wix site here:

Yahoo (YQL) is having issues retrieving some feeds. Me and other developers have asked infos on the official forum, but still no response.

As you can see, I’m also involved. My demo is partially broken. But there’s no alternative.. is the only service we can use across the web nowadays.

This morning it was ok, but there are still problems Let’s hope they will solve soon

Cool. Thanks for the update. :-)

Does your plugin send images to facebook or only the link? I want to show contents on my site with an image, have the user click your socials share facebook button, and have the image shared on facebook. Also, does your plugin also send images to twitter, google, pinterest? Nice work btw.

Hello and thanks for the kind words,
my plugins uses a “special” sharing system.
Then sharing a news, you’ll share the precise image with related contents.

Only twitter has got just texts. However they recently excluded attached image from letters count, then have to check about new sharing options ;)

Hi, can we use this script to post news on our site?

sure, being javascript you can use the plugin on any website.

I just bought the plugin and I have added the folder swift-box-js on the server of my website at the address I dont see anything as the same happens with the user moviereplicars on the comment of 3 months ago.

Uhm… io ho segnato dovunque che l’aggiornamento era stato fatto a metà ottobre. Però guardando Codecanyon, riporta la 1.41

Continuo a non capire come sia possibile, ma carico subito la 1.42.

Per ora mi scuso. Grazie della segnalazione

Nel file demo.html vorrei conservare unicamente lo scroller orizzontale al top della pagina, eliminando quelli sotto. Come faccio a non evidenziarli? Nella pagina html di demo che cosa devo cancellare?

La struttura HTML è molto semplice. Tieni solo il primo DIV. E tieni anche la prima implementazione javascript.

Diciamo che essendo la versione javascript del plugin, Envato richiede che l’acquirente abbia le competenze per gestirlo. Sinceramente non saprei spiegartelo meglio di così

fetch post from facebook page doesn’t work anymore? or there is something wrong with my settings?

I get this error in console: { "error": { "message": "Unsupported get request. Object with ID '389807701030275' does not exist, cannot be loaded due to missing permissions, or does not support this operation. Please read the Graph API documentation at", "type": "GraphMethodException", "code": 100, "fbtrace_id": "DjbmpWUEZIE" } } No matter what page id I set, it gives error. I tested with couple of other pages but same result.


just tested right now with Ferrari Facebook page and everything is fine.

Try this ID: 24712846969

Weird! Worked. But didn’t work with any id that I tested before!

Can you kindly test Soundcloud and Pinterest as well? cause for me these 2 also are now working. (if worked for you, can you again give me the id you test?)


You can see soundcloud in my demo:

Pinterest is also ok, but they changed URLs structure, then be sure your board URL is updated

I need enclosure (media attachment), Can you help me?

what do you mean with this precisely? to fetch images or other?

I need that your javascript load $item->enclosure[‘url’]. I use rss from forums with attachments, and I need to show this attachment files. my RSS example:

You have to tweak the plugin’s engine then.

In private (open a ticket) I can tell you where is RSS management, but you’ll have to manage enclosures retrieval and management.

There are 2 problems that I’m not sure why newly happened. I applied a couple of fixes that I could guess, but none of them worked. Any idea will be appreciated:

1. RSS doesn’t show the feed (on https sites. RSS also has https)

2. Ticker starts moving, even when carousels is disabled.

Thanks in advance

1- In last 48 hours Yahoo services (YQL) have random issues. Then, randomly, you get no results from feed queries.

Unfortunately this is the only possible service to use and can’t make anything about Yahoo. As far as I remember this is the second time Yahoo fails in 2 years. Hope they will fix soon.

2- Do you mean autoplay or carousel? They are different things


orto75 Purchased

I have been having problems with the rss feeds for the past 2 weeks, they randomly appear when I call the html pages I use for rss feeds. You can look at an example here: the feed shows up maybe every 4-5 time that I refresh the page. Do you have any information on why this is happening? Facebook feeds e.g. work just fine.

you are noticing the (unfortunately) famous YQL service issue. The problem is common for all of us.

Yahoo services (YQL) is having random issues. Then, randomly, you get no results from feed queries.

Unfortunately this is the only possible service to use and can’t make anything about Yahoo. As far as I remember this is the second time Yahoo fails in 2 years. Hope they will fix soon.

regards, Luca

can i create slider similar to using this plugin ?

that is a filterable slider composed by image + button. This is a slightly different slider, based on contents.

Then no big buttons, but you could use the “image-centric” mode to show a zoomed image + subject title.

Obviously there are no filters

I can manage slider but I need search box similar to , Is it possible ?

Uhm.. my plugin is a contents slider, has nothing to do with searches