Swift 2 Facebook connect & share - iOS9 PlugIn

Swift 2 Facebook connect & share - iOS9 PlugIn

Written in Swift 2 for iOS 9

Facebook connect & share is a PlugIn easy to implement in existing projects. This one comes with Facebook built in without Parse or anything else.

Easy to customize.

It enables you to offer a “Connect with Facebook” process and a “Share on Facebook” Button.

Available for Use within the App are all publicly available User Data from Facebook like e.g. Username, First, middle and last name, User Picture, Email Adress, Birthday and so on….

Smoothly integrated respecting the iOS 9 Design standards.

Some of the Features are:

  • Stable and fast
  • Clean & Clear Code
  • Loads and loads of code comments
  • Latest Facebook SDK
  • Full Documentation included

What has to be done so i can use it? You need:
  • Have Apple Developer Account
  • modify 3 Settings (literally)
And you are good to go.

Please feel free to ask any question that might arise.
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Clean and well commented code:

Swift 2 Facebook connect & share - iOS9 PlugIn - 1

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Changelog: Feb. 1st – 2016
  • Rebuilt the project with the latest Swift 2 Syntax
  • implementing latest Facebook SDK
  • implemented latest security settings required by Apple
  • Changed behavior of unnecessary labels when certain user data is not available.
  • Updated Documentation to meet the new standards.

Apr. 12th – 2015
  • minor bugfixes

Febr. 12th – 2015
  • inicial release