Discussion on Sweety Memory - HTML5 Puzzle Game

Discussion on Sweety Memory - HTML5 Puzzle Game

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Hello, Is it possible to have ads inbetween every round/level?

hello you can use the events in the index.html file to implement the ads. If you are using CTL Arcade these events are called automatically, you just have to implement the ads code in the plugin settings


smoke2k Purchased

Thanks for your response! I got it working and it’s very good! Only remains another issue, when the game is fullscreen the ad doesnt show but just pauses the game from continuing. Is there a way to fix this?

It happens both on phone and pc (chrome)

hello, can you please send us a screenshot to support[at]codethislab[dot]com?

Good luck with your sales

thank you very much!

Hi. Is it posible to match two pics with diferent names.? For example to match: apple1.jpg with apple2.jpg?

Hello, you have to modify the game’s code to match pictures with different names. If you want us to customize the game for your, write us to support[at]codethislab[dot]com

Nice Work,Congratulations!!!

thank you!!

1- We can add our own image 2- we can make it on wordpress website?

1)As written in the readme file you can replace the graphics with new ones of the same size and format. New assets must be 1:1 with the current if you don’t want to change any line of code. 2)To install the game on a WordPress website you have two options: use our plugin CTL Arcade .This plugin allows you to install the game on a WordPress website as if it were any WordPress plugin. Furthermore it will improve our games by adding a LeaderBoard, Rating System, Social sharing buttons and Advertising. If you don’t want to use our plugin you can simply embed the game into an iframe.

I would like to change the “candies” into “alphabets” for educational game. Like matching two “A”s or “B”s. If I insert the sound clip reading “A” into the movie clip of “A”, then when I click on the card “A”, it will read “A”, right? Like old time flash?

hello, to add a custom sound different for each card, you have to modify the code. If you want us to do it for you, write us to support[at]codethislab[dot]com to get a quotation

Is it possible/easy to add own pictures?

Hello, the use of CTL Arcade is not mandatory. If you are going to install the game in a WordPress website you can also just embed it into an iframe. CTL Arcade allows you to add some features to the game such as LeaderBoard, Rating System and Advertising.

Sounds great, I must upgrade soon!
1) Will the leaderboard be hosted on my own server? I don´t like any middleman solutions.

2) Will the lederboard handle multiple games/players?

3) If I want to have 3 different themes of this memory (totally different images), do I copy the game folder 3 times or is there a smarter solution?

Hello, The leaderboard can be implemented only using CTL Arcade Plugin 1)The leaderboard will be hosted on your server 2)Every game has its own leaderboard 3)if you want to have 3 different themes you have to create 3 different game folders

Will the game run ‘offline’, just from my PC?

yes, the game can run offline

Hi, Quick Pre sales question: How can the games images be changed? Do I need a special software for that? I see the documentation is down, so I cannot see if it’s simple.

hello, to change the graphics you just have to replace the files in the /sprites folder with new ones of same size and format. Here is the right link to the documentation

Can I customize the card backs and memory card images?

Hello, You can easily change all the game graphic, replacing all the file you need in the ”/sprites” folder. Just respect file format (.png or .jpg) and size if you don’t want to change any code line.


I am interested in buying this game, but I am not good at installing. The installation is complicated? it’s like a plugin or you have to modify some code?

Hello, you can simply upload the game to your Server or incorporate with the CTL Arcade WordPress Plugin for even easier installation

thank you for your answer, to conclude I can buy the arcade plugin to install your game as a wordpress plugin?

- We can add an unlimited number of levels? - Can we reduce the time?

please write us at support[at]codethislab[dot]com

Hi, the game works just fine and it is very easy to install, great work! I just couldn´t figure out how to add more levels. Could you help me with that? thanks!

Hi, to add more levels we have to customize the game. Write us to support[at] to get a quote.

ok thanks, I already did it

I am very unpleasant from this market description was a different very bad market

Hi, exactly what did disappointed you?

Hi, if I embed the game in an iFrame the button fullscreen is not shown. How this can be fixed?

Hi, you are right. We are gradually fixing this issue in all our games. I’ll ask my developers to fix Sweety Memory asap

Is it possible to add a leaderboard for this game? Can it run in fullscreen mode?


In the index.html you can capture the score and save it in your scoring system, or you can use our CTL arcade for automatic leaderboards. The game has already a full screen button.

Full screen works on desktop and android

I need the duplicate to be a different image. Is that a way that i can do it? Thanks

hi, to do that, we have to change the game’s code. Write us at to get a quotation.

And if i want the matched cards to remains unfliped for like 1 or 2 seconds before vanishing, is that possible without getting a quotation? Thanks

Hi, this one also is a game’s customization, and we’d make a quotation for that too


I bought the game in order to include it in a website with other games. As a part of a website, all the games share the same menu. I insert this menu with this code:

<?php require_once(‘menu.php’); ?>

For some reason, when I insert this code, your game doesnt load.

What is the problem? What do you suggest in this case? What would be a workaround to insert a menu in the game or to insert the game in a larger website?

Hi, I’m sorry but when the game is modified by the customer we have no way to offer support. If you have some API to implement in the game, send us your API documentation at and we’ll make a quotation for you.

Hi I want you to resume where you left off when you get out of the game and start again from the beginning of the game

Hi, for game’s customization please write us more details about your requirements at Thank you :)

Hi, I was wondering if is possible to configure the game to match 4 cards instead of 2 to discover them. Is that posible? Tante grazie!

Hi, yes it’s possible but we have to customize the game. If you want to get a quote write us at


I was wondering if it is possible to change the card and background layout from being landscape to portrait? The screen we wish to display this on it portrait orientated. If it is are we able to do it ourselves or is it a custom build you will have to do?



Hi Sarah, yes it’s possible but this is a customization. For further info write at


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