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I need the duplicate to be a different image. How can I do that?

We replied to your private message, please check your inbox :)

great work! looks beautiful.

thank youuuuu!!! :D

Can i conver this game to iOS and Android with Intel xdk or Phonegap? Also, i want to make to much chances, like one level with timer and other levels not, which recomend, HTML5 or construct2 version? Thanks

Hi! Some of our customers use PhoneGap, Iudei or Cordova to port our games to apk successfully. The choice between HTML5 or C2 depends on your skills. C2 allows you to export the game directly as apk once you finish the customization, but you need the paid version of the software to edit the code.

Can i change the timer at html5? also i want some levels with timer, and another one without timer… can i do that? or the timer works for all the levels? thanks.

Hi! To do that you have to change the code of the games. If you want we can make this customization for you.For further info, write at

Hi, everything ok!?

I want clear some doubts.

1. Is possible one level only? With 12, 16 ou 18 cards? 2. Is possible show up the cards for memorization and 2 ou 3 seconds later show off and begin the game?


hi! yes it’s possible but you have to modify the game’s code. For further info about this customization write at

Ok, thank you. Your help or customization will be charged?

yes, all customizations are quoted separately from the game

Hi, Can I customize time limit for example? is there a list that I can check to see wich things can be customized? Thanks in advance!

Hi! In the documentation you’ll find a list of easy customisations that every customers can do by temselves

Hey there,

I’ve purchased the game and there is one document “readme_sweety_memory.pdf” given with the files.

Since there is no technical document given, I’d like to ask few question.

1. There are three pngs available for card sheet. How does this work? Do I have to follow particular dimension? If yes, what’s the dimension? If no, how many cards can I insert in one png file? Can I merge all three card sheet? If yes, will I have to make change anywhere else?

2. How do I post the score with AJAX? Which function is being called in which file for saving the score? Idea is to store the result in mysql database with AJAX post request.

Please help me out resolve this query at earliest.

Thanks :)

Regards, Jay Shah.

Hi! 1) The game contains just 1 card spritesheet png…if you need to change card graphics, you must respect png size 2) We don’t provide AJAX call, just a function from which you can call your php scripts eventually. You can find it in index.html named as “save_score”

Is possible create ranking, leaderboard or something similar and integrate it on easy promos or facebook?

Sure! with our CTL Arcade, you can do all these things in no time…take a look ;)

And this game is fully customizable? Could i upload my own card design and change bg?

yes! you can easily change both cards and background. For further details refer to the documentation:

I have been trying to find out where to change the text color from the pink to something else. can you tell me where this is.

Also when the game loads it takes the full screen, is there anyway to make it keep to the dimensions of the parent div

Hi! we replied to your pm


I was wondering if it is possible to change the card and background layout from being landscape to portrait? The screen we wish to display this on it portrait orientated. If it is are we able to do it ourselves or is it a custom build you will have to do?



Hi Sarah, yes it’s possible but this is a customization. For further info write at

Hi, I was wondering if is possible to configure the game to match 4 cards instead of 2 to discover them. Is that posible? Tante grazie!

Hi, yes it’s possible but we have to customize the game. If you want to get a quote write us at

Hi I want you to resume where you left off when you get out of the game and start again from the beginning of the game

Hi, for game’s customization please write us more details about your requirements at Thank you :)