SVG Word-Made Map: Spain

SVG Word-Made Map: Spain

SVG textual map of Spain.

Interactive SVG Maps of Spain

  • Built mainly with Html and SVG. No Javascript.
  • No plugins or external resources required.
  • Includes 2D and 3D versions.
  • Possibility of including extra territories like the two archipelagos (Canary Islands and Baleares) and Ceuta, Melilla, to fully meet your needs
  • Specially useful for students, companies, business people and anyone who needs to point out cities in Spain for their purposes
  • Visually attractive so it gives a new and modern look wherever you place it. Keep your audience’s eyes open!


There are several parts to be customized

  • Possibility of choosing between the 2D/3D versions
  • Include non-peninsula territories like Canary Islands, Baleares, Ceuta and Melilla
  • Color presets easy to change, or you can add a new color preset
  • Change a city color into a new one
  • Background color
  • Interaction color


The maps works great in major browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer

Since it’s made with SVG, it scales to look nice in smartphones and tablets

Manual included

Through the guide included you can know how to customize the map, change colors or highlight conditions, use 3D features…we will give you all the support you need. Detailed instructions and code comments.