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Hi, firstly the charts are just awesome! I have a problem with using the charts into Adobe Muse. The icon fonts get lost when I do that and it shows only “a” “b” and “c” in the preview. What should I do? :P

Hi. After you import .oam file (from .zip) into the Muse?

Hi cesgra, is there an easy way to make your charts responsive? To make the charts fit on any screen after resizing the website. Right now the charts get cut off (without the option to scroll).

Hi. Currently it’s not responsive.

Hi cesgra, I have another question. If I add the chart in to Muse page, how can I achieve only to see the animation when I scrolled to the place where it stays? Thanks.

I thought it was pure JS and HTML wanted to integrate it into an existing website can this be done without Adobe Muse?

It’s actually is Adobe Edge Animate files that are JS and HTML, you can edit them without Edge Animate

Cool! thanks for the quick reply, will read the documentation to see how to implement it into the website.

how do I use it in plain HTML? Im trying to modify “full_circle_two_bars_opposite”...

Actually Im trying something more dynamic, with JSON values for the series… is it possible?

Hi. JSON data currently not supported. You may edit template with Adobe Edge Animate or Javascript with code editor.

For some reason, I am getting the following error message when I upload the plugin. I am using a BeaverBuilder theme, is this not compatible with that theme? The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Hi there. The item you bought is not Wordpress plugin. It’s Adobe Edge Animate template. However you may upload into server and embed the animation with <iframe> code.

Hi there. The item you bought is not Wordpress plugin. It’s Adobe Edge Animate template. However you may upload into server and embed the animation with <iframe> code.

Hi, I am keen to purchase this. But I need to know if I can edit the code in CoffeeCup HTML editor?

You may edit the code with any text/html/code editor, but it’s easier to use Adobe Edge Animate if you plan to change layout

I have auto play turned off but it still auto plays, I have also tried to add the stop function in the code at the top. I am trying to use the Muse play trigger at a page height. Thanks

Javascript code is doing the animation (look in Stage > document.compositionReady): element.classList.add(””compId“run_animation”+i);

Ok I commented that line out and it doesn’t autoplay But the Muse trigger doesn’t activate the animation. What should I add to the timeline actions. Ive tried adding to Timeline.play: // insert code to be run at timeline play here for (var i = 0; i < elements.length; i++) { element = document.querySelector(”.”compId” #chart”i” .ani_donut”); element.classList.add(””compId“run_animation”+i); }


Thanks Again

Edit: [solved] Moved all code from document.compositionReady to Timeline.play and it works

Thanks for saving my time :)

I just bought your SVG Donut Charts and Edge Animate CC 2015 only opens the document but the actions does not load. Please update. It is frustrating when i buy something that does not work.

Is this already ready for Edge Animate CC 2015???? if not when will you update so we can buy it?

Also, how do we change and customize the content? Is it all in edge animate stage or we have to go into javascipt or html code created by Edge Animate?

Hi there. All data might be edited inside Edge Animate also, but it’s in pure data state, in this case it’s Javascript array. The update won’t be sooner than December 2015.

Hello, awesome charts. I just bought them but not able to edit them in Edge Animate CC. When I open the .an file I get a message saying the file was created using a previous version of Edge Animate and that it will be upgraded. Once open, I cannot edit anything since no animation appears in the timeline. Any ideas ?

Hi, we have purchased this cool theme of donut charts/widgets and trying to use in a HTML page. We want to update the number inside the chart and also the fill of the chart after a html button is clicked. Specifically, there will be “plus” and “minus” buttons. When the “minus” button is clicked we want to decrement the number inside the chart and also decrease the fill. Opposite, when the “plus” button is clicked we want to increment the number inside the chart and increase the fill. The range of numbers that can be set is between 0 and 10.

What (property or variable) do we need to update every time when the button is clicked? What function do we need to call in order to reflect the change on the chart?

Hi, unfortunately there’s no built-in functionality you’re asking for. And it demands some advanced skills.

Love the charts! However, when I import the .oam file into Muse, I’m not seeing the icons, and the animation won’t play—even when activated with Scroll Effects. Would appreciate your help.

Update: I was able to fix the issue with the icons. However, still having trouble with the animation.

Hi. Unfortunately I don’t have any solution for scrolling and Muse.

Hi, I am very interested in purchasing this. I don’t have and don’t want Adobe Edge. Can I use these in regular, plain html? I do not need the animations as I need the charts for an e-book. Do I have to use js anyway? Thanks for your help!

Yes, you need Javascript. Is your e-book in HTML format?

This looks so good, Very inspiring. GLWS :)


Just one question, these charts are in standalone SVG files?

hi zeeqy, it’s pack of HTML, CSS, Javascript files. You may edit them with Adobe Edge Animate software.

Hi, I bought the item. how do I add the chart on my html5 project on the header

hi, could you please e-mail me link to your project so I can send you detailed instructions. cz.cesgra@yahoo.co.uk

I’ve sent you an email 2 days ego chrislisembe48@hotmail.com

Ok, I see it now. I’ve mailed you back.

I just purchased these charts but they do not work in Adobe Animate. When I open the .an file I get a message saying the file was created using a previous version of Edge Animate and that it will be upgraded. Once open, the stage is white and I can not edit anything, and there is no animate in the timeline. How do I fix this?

Unfortunately it’s not compatible with the latest version of Edge Animate yet. I’ll give you a refund.