Discussion on SVG Avatars Generator - WordPress Plugin

Discussion on SVG Avatars Generator - WordPress Plugin

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Hi, is this still OK for the current version (6.1.x) of WordPress? It’s not mentioned in the attributes. Thank you.


Yes, it works with ver.6.1.X. Thanks for pointing me out.


DohRayMi Purchased


Hi, Can you please add the option to reload the page when an user set their avatar? Because is confuse that you save your avatar but you still seeing the old one until you decide to reload the page. Many thanks!


I’ll think about that.

Many thanks! That would be helpful :)

Also, have you ever think about add a add-on or a new plugin (like alternative) with assets with the Memoji style? Something that looks more fresh. I really like the plugin but the current assets are kind of limited, since they look more like Habbo than something actual. If it’s really painful to add a way to customise the assets, maybe an alternative would be perfect. I’ll pay for it and I’m sure that many others too.

It is possible that you create a punk crest hairstyle in SVG format if I add payment on Paypal? Thanks


Unfortunately no, I don’t take any freelance work at present time. In any case, thanks for the interest.

Hi, in another post you wrote:

Also buyers can use my plugin for creating and saving Gravatars, which are supported by WordPress by default. And they may want to give download avatars option only for their users.

Thus would the following work as a solution for me (given I can’t integrate userpro). I setup a separate wordpress site with just your plugin published on it – so that users can go there, create an avatar, download it and then bring it back to the main site fpr use there?

Am I right in thinking that for the above (separate wordpress site), userpro wouldn’t be required? And once an avatar has been created, is it possible for a user to then download it? There would be no need for integration into user profiles on the separate site obviously.

I was just reading more of your documentation – so what I have asked about all seems possible. Therefore, some additional questions: (a) If I included the shortcode in a separate published page on my main site, would both the wordpress and jquery version work on it. (b) If I installed the plugin on my main wordpress site (which has other community software other than userpro on it) – would the plugin remain self-contained and not interfere/affect any existing avatars/profiles?


1) I don’t think that you need any separate site. My plugin doesn’t affect any existing avatars and the version 1.7.3 supports nine third party plugins integration, including BuddyPress and others. These integrations are optional as well as a local one when a created and saved avatar simply updates user profile picture. Furthermore, gravatar, saving, and downloading are all optional too.

2) You can show the avatar maker on two place: on a separate page with the [svgAvatars] shortcode and on user profile page in WP Dashboard, which is optional.

3) Honestly speaking I don’t understand what do you mean about jQuery version. If you use WordPress for you site you need a WordPress version of my product only – this plugin.

Thanks for the interest.

Is it possible to add couple of Head Icons for Hijab/Scarf options? this is will be appreciated by many apps serving 20% of the world population

Hello, when trying to save, this error is displayed:


Please renew your support period, set the “Debug mode” option to “Yes” on the plugin’s setting page, and email me from the “Support” tab above with your URL where I can test the issue.

Hi, can you include a branding message on the downloaded avatar? I would like my site domain name shown at the bottom of the created avatar.


Thanks, no promises but I’ll think about that.


Hi sir, is there any way to display the “upload avatar” button with a shortcode or something like this? To place the “upload avatar” in any window that you want. If the answer is no, can you add it in future updates?

Thanks a lot!


Honestly speaking, I don’t quite understand what do you mean under “upload avatar” button? Usually, when you click such button you choose a ready image from your HDD for using it as an avatar. And I don’t see how that button may work with my plugin.

Hi, every time when i clicked on save, an error message will popup

Answered to your support message via email.

For Wordpress, Im interested if I can offer this to our members ? Will that work and on Linux Server Wordpress

1. What do you mean under “offer this to our members”? In general you cannot resell my plugin in any kind of forms.

2. If any other plugins work on your “Linux Server Wordpress” then SVG avatars will work too.

not resell, open for visitor

I checked the demo, in the purchased version is the branding Graphic Engine by : removed?

In the WP plugin there is an option to disable this credit.


I got this on my error.log on my server. Can you advise me more?

/wp-content/plugins/wp-user-avatar/assets/css/hint.min.css failed (2: No such file or directory),

You have written:
access forbidden by rule, client: my ID, server: my server, request: “POST /wp-content/plugins/svg-avatars-generator/data/php/temp-avatar-save.php HTTP/2.0”, host: “”, referrer: “”

So the path is ”/wp-content/plugins/svg-avatars-generator/data/php/temp-avatar-save.php”

Why forbidden?

The permissions here are 775 for folders, and 664 for files. Isn’t that enough?

I don’t know why. It is your server, not mine. As I said earlier, you should find out what the rule blocks the file of my plugin on your server.

My own languages file “svg-avatars-generator-zh_CN.po” not reference ,SOS


I don’t have control on your own language files. In general, please be sure that

1) Your file doesn’t contain any errors. Check it with feature of Poedit software, for example.

2) You have created “MO” file too.

3) You have uploaded your “PO” and “MO” files either on “wp-content/languages/plugins” or “wp-content/plugins/svg-avatars-generator/languages” directories.

4) The language code of your site matches your translation: zh_CN.

Good luck!

P.S. By the way, your support period is expired.

Thank you. I will continue.

Hello, I wonder if your plugin also will work with ARMembers, I mean update the Wordpress profile image when save the avatar?


Yes, the plugin works with ARMember without any special integration. However, please keep in mind that there are no any guaranties.

In general, you should choose “Local” integration option on my plugin settings page and allow gravatars on ARMember general settings. After that you need to create(edit) a page with a combination of shortcodes. For example:
[arm_profile_detail ...this shortcode options...]

Thanks for the interest.

Hello, please I need to buy your plugin but I have to change some design with my developer. Is it possible ? Thank you

Answered via email.

Hi, I don’t see any new tabs anywhere when activated buddypress. Where should it be? Thanks

It doesn’t appear anywhere for me on my network.

Did you try to find the tab on ? Unfortunately, I can’t check that page by myself, I don’t have an access.

ok found it thanks


Please adapt your plugin for RTL and thank you in advance.

How can I activate my license on your plugin? I cannot find where to past the purchase code.


This plugin does not need to be activated with a purchase code.


Can you consider to add integration to Gamipress ?? Would be awesome to use the points gained in gamipress to unlock some avatars stuff (like a real video game).



Thanks for the idea, however, I don’t think that it’s possible to use the points.

Hello everyone!

If you are upgrading from previous versions, please follow the update instructions in the documentation. Thank you!


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