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Hello Dee and thank u very much for this script. Could please tell me how can i modify the JS to user another clothes type by default ? It’s ok for the color but i can’t change the type. Please help me !!! and thx very much again you’re awesome


I don’t see a label that you have purchased my item, I provide a support for my buyer only. Please write me a message from the “Support” tab above, being logged in as my buyer, and I will answer you with instructions. Thank you.

Hi, Pre Sales question. Can I integrate the plugin with buddypress?


No, the plugin doesn’t support buddypress at present time.

will it work with wordpress 4.9.1 version?

Yes, it works. I have just updated the “Software Version” description.


my avatar generator does not appear anymore. I did not change anything in the post. The plugin is still activated and the code is in the posting: [svgAvatars]

I already deactivated and activated the plugin but nothing happened.

I think some references were deleted:

the console says:

Laden fehlgeschlagen für das <script> mit der Quelle “https://apis.google.com//scs/apps-static//js/k=oz.gapi.en_GB.5smYoHwos4A.O/m=auth/exm=plusone/rt=j/sv=1/d=1/ed=1/am=AQ/rs=AGLTcCPNhTmRSN4QyfhoMdjBKy1ronzlog/t=zcms/cb=gapi.loaded_1”. www.cartoonify.de:1 Laden fehlgeschlagen für das <script> mit der Quelle “https://apis.google.com//scs/apps-static//js/k=oz.gapi.en_GB.5smYoHwos4A.O/m=plusone/rt=j/sv=1/d=1/ed=1/am=AQ/rs=AGLTcCPNhTmRSN4QyfhoMdjBKy1ronzlog/t=zcms/cb=gapi.loaded_0”. www.cartoonify.de:1 Laden fehlgeschlagen für das <script> mit der Quelle “https://apis.google.com//scs/apps-static//js/k=oz.gapi.en_GB.5smYoHwos4A.O/m=googleapis_client,gapi_iframes_style_common,gapi_iframes_iframer/am=AQ/rt=j/d=1/t=zcms/rs=AGLTcCPNhTmRSN4QyfhoMdjBKy1ronzlog”.


The console of your site also shows 2 errors:
Uncaught ReferenceError: FB is not defined
Uncaught ReferenceError: iframes is not defined
So the issue is NOT caused by my plugin.

First of all try to disable easy-facebook-likebox plugin and do something with your Google APIs, to which my plugin is not related.

By the way, your support period is expired.

Thank you for your reply, I already deactivated the other plugin, it was in conflict with your plugin. Thank you very much!

Hi, i interested in buying the plugin. I would like to know if it is possible to add my own item ? and how easy it is ?

Thank you


No, I don’t think so. It’s a complex and very complicated task and I absolutely doesn’t provide any help/support/tutorial/workflow/etc for that.

In any case, thanks for the interest.

Thank you for your quick answer,

I read throught comments that you were working on a 2.0 version that will allow users to add custom image. Are you still working on it ?


Gomlers Purchased

Just purchased the plugin, and what a straight down FANTASTIC plugin it is. I’ve had so many laughs of the avatars I’ve made. Now – is there any way to intergrate it with buddypress? As in “save automatically as your profile image”? Or does my members have to 1. Create. 2. Save to computer 3. Upload as profileimage?


Thanks for the testimonial. Unfortunately, there is no integration with buddypress, only with UserPro. So your members should use the second way. Thank you.


Gomlers Purchased

Thanks, any future plans to update it for Buddypress? :)

I installed userpro and now i installed the SVG to give the users options for creating a nice avatar but it doesnt work. And whats anoying even more is that my profil pics are gone…. sorry I dont know whats wrong here….


It’s a very strange issue. My plugin doesn’t control profile pics at all, this function is on a UserPro side. Please try to disable my plugin and look for will UserPro work with your profile pics. And one more thing, do you have any “security” plugin installed? Sometimes they block extended functionalities of other plugins.

How do i integrate this with Userpro?


First of all, please check “Yes” for both options: “Allow users to store avatars on your server” and “Integrate with UserPro plugin”. Do not forget to click “Save Result File” button.

After that you need to create a page where you will place a shortcode of avatars generator and inform your users that they can create and save an avatar from that page while being logged in your site.

hi. does this plugin let users create their avatar and assign it to their own profile or they have to download it and then upload it to wordpress? thanks.


Users can assign a created avatar with third party plugin “UserPro” only. Thanks for the interest.

ok, so this plugin is a complement to let users create their avatar online and assign it to the profile automatically, correct? in this case, is this “userPro” plugin is for free? is it for sale? please let me know. thanks.

No, UserPro is not a free plugin. It’s available here: https://codecanyon.net/item/userpro-user-profiles-with-social-login/5958681

In general, I recommend to get familiar with all my plugin’s features on the “Item details” tab at the top of this page.


Hello, first of all congratulation on the plugin! You did an amazing job.

My question is… when a user press SAVE it will update the avatar of the user on my wordpress website? :)

Thank you in advice!


In general no, it won’t. It will save a created avatar if you use an integration with UserPro plugin only.