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UPDATE: I have buddypress integration working on my website =P if anyone would like the code so they can use SVG-Generator on their buddypress site feel free to contact me at http://www.uni-share.co.uk and I’ll be more then happy to share with you.

Hi, any way to integrate generated avatar with Woocommerce ? To offer the customers a way to personalize their objects with created avatar.

Thank you.

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Honestly speaking I don’t know, I’ve never worked with Woocommerce.

Hi, a have today buy a SSL Certificate, will your plugin work with SSL???? I ask you because if i activate the SSL, if your plugin works not with it than the site gets down.


I didn’t test it with SSL, but it should work. Simply don’t forget to click “Save Result File” button on a settings page for rewriting JavaScript file with a new value for path_to_folder variable, which should start with “https://...”.

Hello. Great plugin! We use it on a website for children and they really enjoy using it. We are thinking of purchasing it for another website where the users might be older. Just wondering if you have any plans to add some elements that might allow users to produce images that could better portray their age? Thanks


Not in a near future. I have a plan to realize a version 2.0 with new elements and features, which the most important is an ability to add your own graphic parts. But this work may take several month before release.

Update on contact method for the SVG to BuddyPress integration.

I had someone contact me today for the script. If you’re looking for integration with BuddyPress you can contact me here.


You’re Welcome! =D


Version 1.3 ? Where is it ?

Regards, Eric

I see wordpress on 1.1.2….problems with WP 4.6.1? I have an error…trying to find what causes this.

I found it…had to renew integration with UserPro 4.0…

Regards, Eric


Actual version of a jQuery plugin is 1.3.2, of a WordPress one is 1.1.2.

Looking forward to version 2.0. Great plugin, used it for a long time now.

Does this work with BuddyPress?

No, it doesn’t. Has integration with UserPro plugin only.

Where are the “temp avatars” stored in the database? Which one can we empty without damaging something? I already empty the data/temp-avatars folder in my ftp but the database seems to store some things too.

Thank you!


No avatars (or links to them) are stored in a database, especially the “temp” ones, which are created for a downloading only.

Links to avatars are stored in a database in one case only: if you use UserPro plugin, but in that case a user profile picture are not saved in the “temp-avatars” folder.

So, it’s enough to clear a “temp-avatars” folder on your server from time to time.


srso Purchased

I think this plugin is great. However, we are optimizing our website and we discovered that the plugin loads about 10 files between CSS and JS scripts in ALL the pages and posts of my website. Is it really necessary? I thougt the plugin would load the scripts only in the generator page. Is there a way to not load all those files on regular posts of the website? Thanks in advance

No there isn’t, because every user has very own page with SVG avatars generator.

However, you can make small customization in the main PHP file of the plugin to suit your page’s slug.

Say, your avatars generator is available on www.your_site.com/create-avatar/ page (NOT a post!). In that case the slug is create-avatar.

1) Find the line:
add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'svgAvatars_scripts');
And replace it with
add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'svgAvatars_scripts_check_page');
function svgAvatars_scripts_check_page() {
    if( is_page( 'create-avatar' ) ) {

From now all plugin’s files will be loaded on the www.your_site.com/create-avatar/ page only.

Of course, you should replace create-avatar slug with yours.

Good luck!

I am using WordPress plugin. Getting error while downloading the png . where can I solve this error


I provide a support for my buyers only via the “Support” tab above on the top of this page.

Please log in CodeCanyon as a user who purchased my item and email me a URL of a page where I can test the avatars generator by myself. I will try to help.

Thank you.


tchop Purchased

Hello, can you please let me know if this plugin includes settings to turn off certain sections of the avatar creator from the user. I’d like to lock down the background style and colour if possible?


No, there are not any options for doing that.

The last update on this was in 2015. If there are not going to be frequent updates, can you explain how to add more hair/eyes/face/clothes/backgrounds? I’m interested in using this avatar system in a project and I need to frequently add more content to the inventory.

Unfortunately, it’s a complex and hard task and I can’t explain how to add your own graphic parts.

Any idea when 2.0 will be released?

I hope in next several months.

Is there an ETA on the release of version 2.0? Looking forward to this plugin being updated. Thanks

I hope in next several months.

Could you define “several months”? The last time you suggested several months was 8 months ago. This could go on for a very long time. Last update was just over 26 months ago.

I have seen a few people (authors) abandon their projects with promises of updates being extended and extended over and over. Just wondering about that. Thanks

I presume it will be several months before I get a response from that last question.

Hi, we purchased the plugin and managed to integrate with UserPro. However, we have just one question. Every time when we browse to the page which we have the [svgAvatars] shortcode, the avatar generator starts from scratch (i.e. choose gender). Is that the default? Is it changeable to not start from scratch, but start from the user’s current svg avatar settings so that they don’t have to choose gender, face, hair again?


I don’t see that you purchased my plugin. However, the answer is no, it’s impossible to realize that function in the current architecture of the main JavaScript part.

Hello, the plugin was purchased under my company’s account. Thanks for your answer!

Hi Dee! Another vote for 2.0 version from me. I love SVG avatars, i would definitely buy it especially if it could integrate with buddypress (or via user pro which is what i am doing at the moment). A technical question: Is it possible to change the default ‘zoom’ on the avatar? (eg so the avatar image is zoomed all the way out by default)? Cheers, M


Thank you. I try to do my best.

About zooming: 1) I will not show here the full path, so please find the file “svgavatars_core.txt” in the folders of my plugin yourself.

2) Exactly in the line 114 find the
$("#svga-colors-faceshape > div:nth-child(1)").trigger("click");
and replace it with the
$("#svga-colors-faceshape > div:nth-child(1)").click();$('#svga-glob-controls-scaledown').click().click().click();
Save the changes.

3) Navigate to a settings page of my plugin and click “Save Result File” button.

4) Reload your page with the avatars generator.

Regards, Dee

That worked great! Thanks Dee.


I just realised that the plugin is flooding my “temp-avatars” folder and I really don’t know what happened. Every 2 seconds a png file will be generated. I already tried to deactivte the plugin and the folder is still getting more and more files. how is this possible? Please contact me.

Thank you!

I already deactivated and deleted the plugin and reinstalled it. And after that it still generates png files. seems like an injection or similar.


Honestly speaking, I don’t know a reason. Maybe somebody open your page in iframe from another site?

Any case, all I can suggest is to deactivate and delete the plugin. After that download a new copy from CodeCanyon and reinstall it again.

Hope this will help.


I have applied your previous mentioned code to zoom out by default and works perfect, and I’m just wondering how to make it scaled down (Moved all way down) by default too?

Thanks, Nasser


You should also add
to the previous mentioned code.


It didn’t work for me, Just to confirm if it should be as below:

$("#svga-colors-faceshape > div:nth-child(1)").click();$('#svga-glob-controls-scaledown').click().click().click();$('#svga-glob-controls-down').click().click().click();

Thanks, Nasser

Yes, the code is right. It works fine on my side, I have just carefully tested it.

I suppose you didn’t click “Save result file” button on a plugin setting page. Also, it’s important, do not forget to clear your browser and your site caches.

Replied above…


Will there be an update in the near future?

Thank you!

Hello, I hope yes, but there are no any guaranties.