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Hi, we have purchased this plugin and it works great. I was wondering if when they download their avatar this will also automatically update their profile avatar? I know you have said we need to buy the ‘UserPro’ plugin.. Will this then automatically update their avatar once they have created one?

Thank you

Hi, when I upload it is working fine. But when clicking save it is not updating the avatar. Can you please provide an email to take a look for us. THanks

Please give me a temporary access to your site by writing email on the “Support” tab at the top of this page.

Thank you, I have sent you an email!

Hi, I got this working with userpro and I like it a lot. One question I have is that when there is no logged in user and someone attempts to “Save” the avatar, the error message says “Hacking Attempt! Do not do that” and then has a close button. I would like to change this text to “Account Required!, You will need an account to save your avatar to your profile. Please download your avatar then click “Sign Up” in the menu above!” and the button can still say “close”

i would want to let the button be a “sign up” button but I don’t want them to lose their avatar. If the Sign Up could open in another window, the text could say “Please sign up for an account in another window, login and then come back and save your avatar to your profile” that would be ideal.

Let me know how I can accomplish this thank you!


Unfortunately, it’s impossible to achieve your ideal scenario, you can only change the error message. Please look for validation PHP file in the plugin’s sub-folder (I don’t wan’t to tell which one exactly because of this public comment). Find the line 538 and replace text with yours.

Is there any plan for an update soon?


I don’t have an answer at present time.


would it be possible for me to integrate it to peepso? As far as I understand, users can set the custom created avatar as their profile picture, right?

I will not change my social network plugin/system, I’ve worked 4 years on my project, it’s a new generation social marketplace along with a non profit from the entire project. Peepso is the best solution, I’ve worked so much and did so much quality stuff to get where I am now. Just tried to explain that peepso is something you wanna work with.

You can check my site –

So, I still do not understand. Would your plugin allow me as admin to put a shortcode on a page, where users could create their avatar and set it as their avatar?

On the other hand, I would appreciate your help to integrate this into peepso. I have already cooperated with quite a few plugin’s authors, you would not be the first one that would show love and help to make the world a better place for everybody.

1) As I said earlier, no, my plugin would not allow your users to set created avatar as their profile pictures.

2) My support doesn’t include any customization, so I will not be able to help with integration of my plugin with peepso. Sorry.

In general, I’m afraid that my product doesn’t suit your needs. In any case, thank you for the interest. Have a nice day!

I wish you a nicer than than mine.

Hello, is it possible to generate random avatar and assign it to woocommerce user already exist and apply random avatar to new registered users? Thanks


No, it’s impossible. In any case, thanks for the interest.

An Error Occured…. Please try again.

This occurs on Share, Save and Download.

Can you tell me how to fix it? I set the folder permissions to 755 as requested but with no luck.

I am using PMPro membership but Buddypress/Youzer run the membership service and Avatar uploads etc.

Running PHP 7.4.1 I think


I had already answered your support message on May 30. Please check your spam folder.

In general, this is not an issue of my plugin. Your server reports of 500 (Internal server error) when my plugin requests its specific PHP files. Please look for my email for the details.

And I had already written you on May 28 that there was no PMPro/Buddypress/Youzer integration. UserPro plugin only is supported by the avatar generator.


Our client has asked if we can show both male and female options, without having the user click male or female. Can this be achieved?

Also, is there a way a user can upload a photo too, instead of n SVG gravatar?



1) Unfortunately no. You can disable either male or female choice, but user must choose a gender if you leave them both.

2) No, SVG avatars generator works with its own vector graphic only.

Hi, we would like to pay extra for the user being able to upload a photo too.

If you know of anyone who can help?

Or we have another plugin at the moment where user can choose a second avatar for their profile, and this is an extra image is stored in the backend. Can we have a a quote for extra work that when they update that image, it updates the profilepicture too like what happens with the UserPro and this plugin?



Unfortunately, I can’t help with that, I don’t take any freelance jobs. Sorry.


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