SVG Avatars Generator - jQuery Integrated Script

SVG Avatars Generator - jQuery Integrated Script

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This is a jQuery version, the WordPress Plugin is available here.

UPDATED – v1.3.2

This jQuery integrated script (with some PHP files on a server side) lets your visitors to create custom avatars. The Avatars Generator is based on SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic), which is supported by all modern browsers and does not depend on screen resolutions. As a result your visitors can download their avatars as SVG file or as PNG one (2 size options) which is converted from vector graphic parts. The integration of the SVG Avatars creator is quite simple too. This script has responsive interface and doesn’t use any usual images, like JPGs or PNGs (except for downloading), only vectors, which give us clean and perfect look on any devices including Retina.

Please get familiar with full features’ list and try a live preview.

SVG Avatars Generator’s global features:

  • Brand New
  • Responsive Interface
  • Retina Perfect
  • Works on Touch Devices
  • Easy Integration
  • Easy to Translate (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Russian are already included)
  • Dark & Light Color Schemes
  • Save a User’s Avatar on a Server
  • Three Download Options (only one special for iOS (mobile) Safari and Win 8 tablets and phones)
  • All Modern Browsers
  • Free Updates & Support

Graphic Engine Features:

  • Both Males and Females
  • More than 300 Graphic Parts. New Ones will be Added
  • Automatic Shadows and Highlights
  • Random Avatar!
  • Reset Function
  • Controls of Positions and Scale!
  • Transparent Background Enabled
  • Share Functionality of Created Avatars

Exclusive Features:

  • Apply Any Colors to graphic elements
  • Upload created avatar to and set it as your default gravatar

Important Notes:

  • This item is based on vector graphic and no regular images are used. So it’s not a simple process to add your own graphic parts. If this item will be interesting for buyers, it will periodically updated.
  • Also please see the Requirements below.


I wanted to take a minute to let everyone know that this is a truly exceptional work. The code is clean, portable, and well commented. Dee’s attention to detail is without equal. The avatar’s heads can be tilted, the mouths adjusted, and probably a whole lot more that I just haven’t found yet. If it were just the quality product alone, i may not have commented. But, I needed to ask a question and learned quickly that Dee provides top notch support. This App? It’s simply Outstanding!
CreativelyMe, on CodeCanyon
Rarely do you see such a detailed, well thought out, artistic piece of coding offered for such a small price. A tremendous amount of work has gone into this app – and to find both an artist and coder in 1 person is pretty unusual. Dee is a huge asset to our community and I hope to see many more projects by this author!
mspanish, on CodeCanyon
Great work Dee!! Damn me if you haven’t created the best avatar creator i’ve seen …
... this product really is under priced amazing quality and only getting better
DuCarlion, on CodeCanyon
Thank you for this great script!
hiegl, on CodeCanyon
This is one of the best script I ever buy… Thanks for making this Dee, hope you regularly update this script and add more elements…
adieska, on CodeCanyon

Before Purchasing (Requirements):

  • jQuery 1.8.2 and up
  • PHP 5.3 and up
  • Your own Facebook App ID for share on this platform. See FAQ here
  • PHP cURL extention on your server for Gravatar uploading to work


You need to purchase a regular or an extended license of SVG Avatars maker for every web project.

Special Thanks to:

Change log:

2015, January, 6 - v1.3.2
- fix of general layout for correct view in new versions of Google Chrome.
2014, November, 21 - v1.3.1
- fix for Gravatar uploading
     At present time Gravatar XML-RPC api doesn't work with "grav.saveData" method.
     The "grav.saveData" method is replaced with "grav.saveUrl" one
2014, January, 24 - v1.3
- added a possibility to upload a created avatar to via public Gravatar's XML-RPC API
- added 4 languages
- bug fix for Windows 8 tablets and phones
- changed JS files structure (see the Documentation)
- changed CSS file
2014, January, 13 - v1.2.1
- bug fix with empty watermark on an avatar for sharing
2014, January, 11 - v1.2
- added share functionality (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus)
- slightly changes in CSS
2014, January, 8 - v1.1
- added glasses
- added facial hair for males
- added ability to make bald head
- slightly changes in CSS
2014, January, 3 - v1.0 - initial release

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