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Hi, nice avatar system! I have a question about it: Do you provide the source code of your project (with editable source files) or is it just a kind of package?


There is a “developer” folder in a downloaded package, which contains non-minified versions of files. Also all graphic are stored in JSON format and if you want to edit/add/change your own graphic parts, it’s not a simple process. It’s a hard, complex task and I don’t provide any support/advice/help/workflow for that.

Okay, thanks for the answer :).

Will this work on a Ruby project?

I don’t know. I’ve never worked with Ruby.

Hello nice script, a few questions. Can I take off the graphic engine by svgAvatar attribution? Without using javascript i,e on runtime instead delete main code. Is it possible to add own backgrounds and parts? Is the code open source or obfuscated (encoded)? Thanks look forward to your reply.


1) Attribution may be deleted by editing JS file itself only.

2) Script doesn’t use any regular images, like JPG, PNG, etc. All the graphic data are stored in JSON format and, in general, it’s a very complex and hard task to add your own graphic parts. So I don’t think that it’s possible without a lot of time spending and I don’t provide any support for that.

3) The code are in two formats: minified for quick start and opened for developers.

Thanks for the interest.

Hello, is it possible to just download the png without selecting png 200, even if only one option is available? I dont offer two options so no need to include extra click. Thanks


No, it’s impossible. It will require a not simple customization.

Please consider adding it in the next update as it is better user experience. Thanks

Ok, thanks for the suggestion.

Hi do you have app version of this

Hello. No, there are jQuery and WP versions only.


it says “new images will be added” nothing has ever been added and the updated are yearly. I’m concerned about this.

Why can you not just add a tutorial on how to add you own parts/images? at least one can do it on you own without waiting and hoping for you to find the time to maintain the script.


Unfortunately, I will not create such tutorial. This is not a simple process and there are too many nuances that are needed to be covered so I don’t think that it’s possible. However, you can write me a message from the support tab above and I will send you a few requirements for creating your own vector parts, which are suitable for experienced customers.


pokkus Purchased

I want to remove the Gravatar option

As it’s said in the documentation in the “1. Settings” section, you can set the “hide_gravatar” option to “true”.


I’m looking to purchase this, as it looks great. A couple questions:

Is it possible from the source code to remove certain elements and have javascript choose those features?

Could I use this in research (publish results with avatar images)?


1) No, I don’t think so.

2) As I understand a license agreement, yes you could.

Thanks for the interest.


I created my website by using Opencart Version with installed Journal theme. Can this SVG Avatars Generator work with it.?

I am very new with create website and zero knowledge about scripts coding. I am willing to pay extra for anyone can help me to install this great plug into my website.


Sorry I can’t help with that at all. I don’t take any freelance jobs and I can’t test my script with your configuration.

Hi, If the user has chosen a background, it is possible to keep on the server 2 versions – with a background and without? ( at the same time). It’s very important for me

Thanks,and can I delete the backgrounds directly? So that users don’t need to press a button (I don’t want to use backgrounds in general)

No, you can’t. It needs a customization.

Should you do this? Or can I make the necessary changes myself (for example in js and etc.) for this task?


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Hello @DeeTheemes. Thank you for the reply. Me and @seryoga are planning to purchase an extended license. But in order to fit your application into the design of our project, we’d need to remove the background element. At which additional cost could you make this customization and how can I contact you on this? Thanks in advance and best regards, Teo

Hello Teo,

Thanks for the interest. In general, I don’t take any freelance jobs. However, please contact me through the “Support” tab at the top of this page on CodeCanyon after the purchasing my script and I will send you the main modified non-minified JavaScript file with completely removed all the “background” options (button, links, list).


Zweitie Purchased

Great, Thanks!

You are welcome!

Hi, saving as svg works but png doesnt – says avatar is not saved


I can guess one reason only: please be sure that PHP files were not changed.

Hi, thinking about purchasing.. Question: Can i remove the download link, gravatar link etc.. And just keep the link ‘Save’?

If you can, is the saved avatar editable again?

Is there a way for me to save the avatar directly to the database as a .png so it will look like I know I will have to add the PHP and SQL code.

Yes, there is, you need to add your custom PHP code into one file, which handles the avatar saving function. However, I don’t recommend to store avatars themselves as images in a database, but the links to them only.

Thats brilliant. Looking forward to purchase.