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Hi there – I can’t seem to export ALL data between a date range?? Is there supposed to be a date picker or am I to write the dates in manually?

I’ve tried both formats: 01.10.2015 and 01/10/2015 and it keeps kicking out an empty CSV…

Any ideas?

Exporting this month and last month works fine…it’s just the Date Range export that I can’t get to work.

don’t worry, I’ve worked out the format as: YYYY-MM-DD

At least with Google Chrome, the built-in WordPress fancy datepicker should work there. But glad to read you’ve figured out the format of the input field by your own :)


tumehe Purchased

can i please get a refund

Please send us your feedback to be considered for future feature upgrades of this plugin. Unfortunately, we cannot give a refund, but we will give our best to fulfill your needs as soon as possible.


I have additional field in my order (3rd party plug in). It is COGS field. Is it possible to be downloaded too with your plug in ?


That cannot be guaranteed, even if the chances are good. I can offer you a free 30 days trial with an ioncube encoded demo. Just contact me on to request the demo.


trishac Purchased

Thank you for this plugin! It’s working great! I just have a few tweaks I was wondering if they are possible:

1) Each option from the Extra Product Options plugin is listed in the CSV as a separate line. I’d like the entire order on one line for sorting purposes. Is that possible to move those attribute lines into more columns?

2) Can I rename the report column headings?

Thank you again!


trishac Purchased

Oh no. I wish I had realized that. I have a webstore setup for a school to receive meal orders. We’ll be getting 400-500 orders a day and many order two meals: one with a certain variation and another with some other variation. So having the options on multiple lines and the quantity on another line for all the variations means I can’t tally up the orders to have the food prepared. It’s not looking like this plugin is going to work for us at all.

I understand the issue and while I’m looking for a way to implement the desired feature on a proper way, this Excel-Addon could help you out:

I’ve worked on the requested feature this weekend and if you want, you could give it a try. Please contact me on if you are interested in beta testing the new “flat single row” output as alternative to the current “new row hierarchical” output.

Question, I have 4 fields that are in order_itemmeta that need to be on separate lines. They are product attributes. Will your plugin collect those as well.

That’s possible. While this is supported by default for all fields generated by TM Extra Product Options, you may need to write your own filter for your custom fields – you may want to use the existing filter for TM extra product options as draft.

I really liked this plugin . First one to give 5 star. But i am stucked at how items_meta is collected. I need all attributes to be on seperate column as follow:

Size | Color | Tm Value …... instead of just item_meta | TM value. TM value is fetching perfectly and in seperate as well. Similarly why not core attributes. (size, color, etc) in seperate column?

Any solution or small piece of code would be appreciated!!

Thank you

While existence of TM attributes is known BEFORE export is going to be generated, the “core” attributes are unknown until order has been analyzed – too late to get the columns set correctly. There are ways to define those columns on a custom way within the plugin, but I am not able to guide you here, as this would be too technical for common support. The plugin is designed to allow you to extend it to customize it to your needs – you may ask your webprogrammer to develop such an addon for you.

I purchased and installed your plugin. After installing your plugin itcreated an error and would not allow me to access all my plugins. Below you will find the error. I could only gain access to my plugins by using FTP and deleting your plugin.

I am requesting that you refund my purchase.

Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, class ‘sv_woocommerce_order_export’ does not have a method ‘plugin_action_links’ in /home/content/p3pnexwpnas03_data01/57/2285357/html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 235

Hi, sorry to read you’ve got an error. First, please rename plugin directory of sv_woocommerce_order_export. It will be deactivated then and your website is live again. Please send me FTP- and WP-Admin Login Credentials to and I’ll investigate that issue for you. Kind regards, Matthias

Does this plugin allow user to export product width, height, and weight ? Also, am I correct that I can relabel all the csv coloumn names?

All product meta can be exported, all columns can be relabeled and resorted. Please note that currently only meta created by TM extra product options will be shown in it’s own columns – you can customize every behavior using the mighty hooks implemented in my plugin.

Thanks for your reply. So would you be able to set plugin for me to able export product weight, height and width of the the order?

(Reason is because I want to use your plugin to export order data to easily be able to upload into my shipping system) thanks

I cannot promise for sure it will work without extra customization costs in your specific case, but of course I am available for hire for customizations.

Hi, We need something like each order (containing multiple items) should be exported to a single row (One row per item) Is this available in the plugin? Also, is a “filter profile” available so that we don’t have to set filter every time when we want to export orders? Thanks,

If an order contains more than one item, you can decide whether each item will have it’s own row below the paren’ts order row. If you mean with filters your settings defining which fields should be exported in which sorting: this can be set and saved on user-account-level.

Hi i have free plugin WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips for each order plugin makes an invoice with number for instance Invoice 189/2016

i buy this plugin but didnt give me basic thing, please help me with this, how to add another one column with invoice numbers

Hi bass98, you’ve written that you have bought the plugin, but I don’t see a “purchased” flag along your username.

my mistake :) i bought another one plugin ;)

hello, i have to export a custom xml file from woocommerce order to a system that require a specific xml format, ex… <orders><order><xordc_tes><cod_socl>PVS</cod_socl></xord_tes></order></orders> it’s possible to do that?

Hi seoindex – this will not work out of the box, but with advanced PHP skills you can save much time by developing based on the default openTrans XML export of SV WooCommerce Order Export.


Hazel13 Purchased

Good day, recently I found that the plugin unable to activate in woo commerce 2.612, seems like it crashes with some files. Please help

Hi Hazel13, I would be glad to help you out there. Please contact me on

is it correct that I can export invoice numbers and status? (orders are not enough for my tax consultant/book keeper), in Germany… Thx!


that’s correct

would it be possible to export daily sales to a google sheet wherein the sheet were updated daily? How about to update an Excel worksheet stored in OneDrive or Dropbox?

Hi, these features are not available, sorry. You can extend the plugin by your own to allow this.

Hi, I´ve got a presale question – I need a plugin which exports a mix of order and customer data – most plugins I have seen so far can either export order data OR customer data at the same time.

For the logistic forwarder I need one csv whith the following fields:

1) Order Number 2) Customer ID 3) Customer Name 4) Shipping Adress 5) Article ID 6) Order Amount

Can I achieve this with your plugin – thanks for your help

oh, yeah, will add the customer ID field today :)

if you will promise I will buy :) since the customer needs it

Update is already submitted for review/release by envato – a question of minutes/hours. If you are happy with my plugin, a positive review is appreciated. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


I have purchased the plugin because it supports TM Extra Product Options, but when I export the orders out, in the field where extra product option are located I see size=L;color=White;tmcartepo_data=a:3:{i:0;a:17:{s:4:”mode”;s:7:”builder”;s:8:”cssclass”;s:0:””;s:4:”name”;s:22:”Select

Not the actual purchase values. Can you please help with correcting that?

You can enable additional TM Extra Product Option Fields in the global- and user-settings of the plugin.


Can this plugin export single orders or only bulk?


bulk only, but you are able to select a custom date range

We have TM Product Options – we need to be able to export to quickbooks…can your plugin do this.

While Export of TM Product Options is supported, we cannot confirm a 100% support for quickbooks, as we didn’t tested it.