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Ich suche eine Möglichkeit, meine Rechnungsdaten in Excel zu exportieren. Wichtig ist mir dabei, dass ich auch wirklich alle verschiedenen MwSt-Daten mit exportieren kann (ich verkaufe DVD (19% MwSt) und Bücher (7% MwSt). Was die ganze Steuergeschichte etwas komplexer macht. Nun meine Frage: Kann Woocommerce Order Export alle Steuer-Daten exportieren, die hier in meiner Beispiel-Bestellung stehen? Ich habe hier einmal einen Screenshot hochgeladen – genau diese Daten aus der WC-Übersicht einer Bestellung bräuchte ich in Excel: ). Wenn das alles nach Excel übertragbar wäre… GEKAUFT! :D Ich suche jetzt schon seit Stunden nach einer Lösung…

PS: Gibt es eigentlich eine Demo?

Lieber Gruß!

Hi, i’ve tested export with this plugin and have difficulty to export TM Extra Options in particular the fields variations for orders. The name of field is tmcp_textfield_8, tmcp_textfield_9 and so on. I’ve insert this fields into global settings but into exported data is always blank. I’ve selected options into Global Filters to abilitate TM Extra Product Option Support. Have you a solutions? Thank you in advance

Upon activation I get this error: “The plugin generated 164 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin. ” I cannot export any order data – please advise/troubleshoot. Also, it seems the dashboard fields might be in German? I do not know how to change von and bis to from and to. THanks in advance

I would like the items_totals field to reflect the regular_price (not the added-up price). For example: customer purchase 3 cookies at $4.00 each. I would like the items_totals field to return the regular price for a cookie ($4.00) not the total price for the 3 cookies ($12.00). Thank you.

Hello, We purchased your plugin but how do we export the data?

We see an export in the dashboard, but no data is in the file when we click export.

Also does “Von:” and “Bis:” mean we enter a date range? If so, what type of date format?

This plugin is difficult to use and we need to include the data with the WooCommerce Extra Product Options data that your plugin says it will export.

We need some help how to use your plugin or we need a refund. Thanks.