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Good evening, I am very interested I want a system Testimonials “customer reviews”” for my site. Testimonials System “customer reviews with stars

the page where we see all comments?

the problem with this plugin it is not complete missing customer Space you be ready integrated the customer area on this plugin?

or you have a plugin that does the same thing?

thank you

If you login to the demo, you can see the survey responses here:

There is currently no option to send out emails to users with survey links.

Hope that helps :)

why not integrated the next update

We currently don’t have any plans to integrate this option at the moment. Apologies :)

Any news for Laravel version?


No plans for a Laravel version at this time. Apologies :)

Can we buy and customize the DB/coding?


You can make any changes to the code / db as you like.

A Database Error Occurred

Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

Filename: core/Loader.php

Line Number: 346

solution please


It means the settings you provided in the application/config/database.php aren’t correct. The error message is saying it cannot connect to your database. Have you tried looking at them to make sure they’re correct?

how can i use surveymaker in localhost?


Have you added the files to your localhost system? Are you using WAMP?

Feel free to send me an email and I’ll be able to help you more.


I sent you an email. I am using xampp.

When I enter localhost to browser , I am taking an error. This is error picture in the link.

$config[‘base_url’] = ‘http://localhost/ ’;


Remove the space after the http://localhost/ and try and see if that works.

Thank you very much for your all help.

Hi there. I’m interested in your script and have a few questions before purchasing:

1. Is it possible to restrict next page access until the previous page has been filled? 2. Is conditional logic built in? Ie. Choose yes, show question 1a. Choose no, show question 2.

Hi samueloh,

1) This is not possible at the moment. 2) It is not.

Hope that helps :)

Hello, does your script allow for step by step survey. Like a multi-step wizard kind of survey ?

Hi sdotnezer,

It doesn’t really provide step by step. You can separate questions over multiple pages however. It doesn’t provide conditional questions also.

Got some errors on installing.. I have done exactly the same thing you asked in the documentation. I have emailed you full briefed. Kindly check that out.


Thanks! Responding to your email now …

Hi, In the purchased application for the ‘Custom Rating’ question type after the user answered that question by clicking ‘Finish Survey’ -a ‘Error: Invalid Custom Rating’ message is showed. Also the responses are not saved, both ‘survey_response’ & ‘survey_responses’ DB tables are empty. Why the ‘Custom Rating’ question type is not working? Please help me.


Currently it requires you to answer all of them and not leave one blank. It’s just the way it works at the moment. Apologies :)


Could you please help me to “if I leave a ‘custom rating question’ without selecting an option” work fine. I really need this to work. Thanks.


Currently it’s not possible to do that unfortunately.