Reviews for Surfow V6.1 - Traffic Exchange Service

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for Feature Availability

The admin part is a disaster, no possibility to select a part of our members, except on the name or Email. Nothing on status or plan, country or other. The product was launched much too fast, the admin part is just there to configure the site but NOTHING for the management of the members.

for Feature Availability

IT FULLY WORKS NOW! Please do NOT host this on a shared CPANEL host... it just gives problems. I host this on 15.99$ a month VPS at a2hosting and it works like a charm. Admin Replied within 2-3 days of my ticket finally little slow but now it fully works. Please people VPS not shared bs...

Script is fast and easy to use! Setup IS NOT easy. You may need further know how on cpanel or custom VPS.

for Other

seller never responds, its been 2 months and i have not received a reply. i cannot use this script because there is some admin login issue. it says that license is used on another domain which is not true


Author response

you did open a ticket and we also did reply i matter of 2-3 days, but it took you a whole month to reply and 6 hours after, you rated 1 star with a bad review.
this is totally unfair !!

for Code Quality

the script is sold with errors, and support is no longer two months, and I doubt if anything will change,

I buy this script and i cant install them, because the system said that license code is invalid. I write them email, but no answer.

for Customer Support

I paid for the script including support. However, it's been over a month now since I last emailed you without getting a response back. Be aware that this seller simply doesn't respond when asking for help related to his script.

for Feature Availability

If you want to open an auto surf business, at the moment the script is not ready, no IP protection, despite what the developer or the administration zone suggests, the IP protection is useless because the users who have paid for surf slots must use a VPN to use them (As a fraudster can do by using multiple accounts)

There are still positives, but in the state this script does not deserve more than 2 stars.
Here are suggestions for improvements:

Set up a real ip protection system:
People who paid for session slots MUST USE THEM WITHOUT USING A VPN

Set up a descending ascending order by point or account balance, because the current system is tedious to find the users with the most point or the most money on their account

Optimize the overview of user accounts:
The orca a user garners a lot of statistics and a lot of website, the page "overview takes more than 3 minutes to load.

We had implemented IP protection and we had slots purchases, unfortunately since the customers could not use their surf sessions, we had to remove the IP protection and since then we have no more slot purchases. surf sessions, because users have found the combination to open multiple accounts instead of buying them ...

Thanks for patching the IP protection in the month so that I can enhance my rating


Author response


this is (a solution to improve visits quality) not an issue, this is just how it works and the IP protection is totally safe,
if we allow users who paid for more session to use them from same IP, this will lead to low quality visits, and and will not add any protection to the system.

i'm sorry if you don't like it that way, but this is more secure solution to protect your visits quality, and it will definitely effect your whole website image in the market

about (overview of user accounts) this already fixed in V6.1

for Flexibility

Powerful and great system
Thank you for this wonderful work