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Hi, does the script show or hide referer?


Surfow using browser ADDONS to control the referer :)



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I am troubled

One person signed up as a new user with 50 email changes

The first user registration bonus was spent 25,000 points.

I really need the ability to search and block the IP.


you can check the Frequently visited IPs and block it from your cpanel, we’ll find solutions for this, in future updates :)


Hi hassanazy,

My programmer was adding the script and doing some tweaks to my specifications and we came across the problem where users could not add websites in their dashboard.

How can this be fixed? Could you log into my cpanel and check it out?

Also, what credentials do I need for paypal, payza, credit card payments, etc? Do you have links to where I can find the specific keys or code that I can add to the dashboard so my payments work?

Love the script :D I actually paid close to $2,000 for a custom coded traffic exchange and it was no where near as good as your script :)




Thank you,

Yes ofcourse i can check it for you just mail me at devknown@gmail.com and we can discuss the details



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@hassanazy – can you help me with install ?? i go step by step but no redirect to create ADMIN Acc

i Think this issue is done by email support Right ? :)

Hi, is that possible to add views and reduct points manually? I am thinking sending traffic with another tool to have users receive traffic faster when no a lot people use the traffic exchange site. Thx


currently this feature is not available, Maybe it will be available in future updates


hi, what is the default password for admin?


there is no default password after installation you’ll redirected to create an admin account with your custom password


Hi. Pre-Sales Question. Is it possible to run this script as admin on my server ?? So if I do not have signed up clients browsing, so that my server would browse the clients websites ?? Is it possible to integrate some sort of IP proxy into that to show different referrers when running on my server. Thanks M.

Sorry. I also tried to signup now with Facebook, but does not work, say it is not white listed ??? What does that mean ??

Hello. I am wondering as I have a real problem deciding between those two Surfow V5.0 – Traffic Exchange System and Booster Traffic Exchange System. As both have similar sales, comments and ratings I am not sure which one to buy. What are actually the main differences ?? Is it possible to run them through my server instead of desktop ?? Do you offer the installation ??

It really is a pain to figure which one might be better.. Thanks for your time answering the above. Michael


The issue is from facebook settings not from surfow, its only happen on DEMO version

and i can tell you what’s make surfow different :

- support custom traffic source (using browser extensions that you can build for free at http://addons.surfow.info )

- support 5 payments method PAYPAL – PAYZA – STRIPE – 2CHECKOUT – REFERRAL PAYMENT

- YES : i offer a free installation

- FULLY customizable/translatable