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Dear Hassan,

I have requested you many time but you still not give me my required version without extensions, which you are using on your demo.. if you cannot provide so i can put a refund request.

Br Majid Amin

I have send you email as well from majid.amin112@gmail.com


sorry for being late to reply,

you can use it without extensions by simply disabling the 1 IP PER SESSION in admin panel > settings > exchange



gaucher Purchased

Hi, do you work on the W3C validators ??? many errors : https://validator.w3.org/nu/?doc=http%3A%2F%2Fsurfow.info%2F


gaucher Purchased

google :/, Ok, we forget the validation w3 ^^

very interested however in the demo the addon was blocked by firefox saying it is not reviewed by firefox. can you sort that out I will buy


Its not blocked, its the add-on has not been reviewed by Mozilla. Yet

i just sent a new update few days ago and still waiting !


gaucher Purchased

News for the Chrome extension?

Sign in with facebook it does not work !!!!!!!! And it also works in http://surfow.info ...

No answer, no assistance existent! Sign in with facebook it does not work !!!!!!!! And it also works in http://surfow.info ... I’ll send a protest mail to Codecanyon!

Hello, in demo version, I don’t see the payment method is paypal. Your script doesn’t have it, does it?

Why you don’t feed back me?

Hey, can you tell me the demo link , user and password? http://surfow.info/login admin admin doesn’t work admin3 admin doesn’t worth

No answer, no assistance existent! Sign in with facebook it does not work !!!!!!!! And it also works in http://surfow.info ... I’ll send a protest mail to Codecanyon!

Hello Hassan, After the update the currency in the number mode with PayPal is passed wrongly?

In the script everything is translated into German and also in Euro. Also with PayPal was adjusted for the payment mode everything in euros.

Still, if a customer then wants to book or pay the amount in US dollars?

Greetings from Germany Martin http://www.vielebesucher.de

[pre sall question] I speak to those who bought the script. Are you satisfied ? Should I buy this script?


dosome Purchased

How do I set a point deduction per visit?

hello can you please let me know if this is software to run my own traffic exchange with my attached domain name and hosting ? Also who would you suggest for hosting thank you


NBAY Purchased

I just installed the script. When a user tries to add a domain the page that they are suppose to input their ADD DOMAIN is so long in length that it is impossible to see the ADD button at the bottom of the screen and there is no option to scroll down to the bottom of the page.

ALSO: When a user tries to browse sites on the network using chrome browser. The options to choose a browser pop up and say EXTENTIONS NOT EXIST. When you click on one of those red buttons, you are forwarded to http://addons.surfow.info/

I would love to hear feed back on the script ? I see everyone has a difficult time contacting or receiving a response from the developer . I am interested in buying but worried about getting support .

any updated for extension? is that possible to use custom traffic without extension like hitleaps? Thanks

Hi i love it i want buy it .. but can be done one thing…. can u make update like … auto views bot .include only for admin.. like i open this script but when i get 50 users will vievs go slow .. very slow… if admin can run auto views for users links… will be good.. setup with proxies…. can be? :D

Stop to sell this script. First fix 3 important errors: 1. Firefox extension is not able to be uploadet to addons.mozilla.org for sign it !!!! – 2. Chrome Extension slows the surf speed with the chrome browser extremely. – 3. Facebook login doesn´t work. :( All these massive errors have been known to you for a long time. For more than 2 months, nothing has changed in these errors. The script is sold without references to the errors.

Can you let me know any ways for quick support, as after purchase it’s not good to keep everyone waiting … even no response from your end.

your script not even allowing me to access the admin panel after re-installation 4-5 times.. can’t you update your note also so that it will make easy for others to solve these issues without waiting for your response ??


Please mail me at devknown@gmail.com or from my profile and i’ll fix it for you , i may create a tutorial on the community on how to fix This



sstusard Purchased

That is true.The script does not create admin panel but it just take you to page not found.I have installed 4 times and still the same.

Hassan can you please guide me what is wrong here that it is not letting me create admin panel when i install it.


Please mail me with your Cpanel access and i’ll fix it for you