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Cant save the operator sound, why?

Hi, Thanks for choosing this product.

I have solved this issue, and will post an update soon.


Hi, when I tried logging in from different devices, the sender’s window will duplicate the message he’s sending to the support admin twice… And there’s no visual indicator as to when there’s a chat?

hi thanks for a great support chat script. I do have a problem with your product. when I put the system online, the Chat go in connection errors after about 10 minutes, then I start the chat again and after about 10 minutes there is connection error again.

Regards Lars Hansen

Good evening and sorry for my english … when I type in the web address ....... / support / admin is returned the following error: Not Found

The requested URL / support / admin was not found on this server. Thanks for any reply, best regards


I am looking for php based chat software which has below features

1. Install in 1 website but we can put html code of chat on multiple website 2. Pre chat customized form with the field i want 3. Geo location through ip address of visitor 4. After chat completes I should get chat transcript on my email id . This chat transcript should contact all details which he filled while filling pre chat form 5. html chat code to be put on web pages. 6. visitors information and tracking 7. online/offline chat icon in email signature

Does your chat software provide above features ? If some of the feature are not there then kindly inform which feature are not there.

Waiting for your reply.

Hello, How are you? If I will Buy your “PHP Flat Visual Chat” Will I get total Customization file. Or you will give a a system that will be get some thing from your server. I mean you will give total backup file or if your server will be close then my buying chat system will be damage.


Hi I am sorry but “PHP Flat Visual Chat” is NOT one of my items

My software is “SupportStar – Live chat”. you can find it here:

To answer your question: My software is a stand alone unit meaning it works alone, can be modified and customized, and it has NO connection to our servers whatsoever. So if my server is down your software is not affected in any way.

If you need further assistance please contact me


backend client. web? desktop windows?

The web-based backend works in all major browsers .. Currently, we don’t have any native desktop/mobile clients.

can you offer me a refund it does not working with my hosting company


Thank you for choosing SupportStar!

Can you please send me In a private message your hosting access information so I can try to solve your issues?

Admin folder cannot be found. Please advise

Sent you the solution via email ..


I have checked your chatting script. It looks nice. I want a similar chatting system in a multi vendor store. So users can chat with sellers. I want to display an icon in product detail page. Clicking on the icon should open chat window. Customers can then chat with seller. Please let me know if your chatting script will support this. You may need to do some customization to implement in our store. Please let me know the total cost if it is possible

Thank you