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i open a ticket on css jockey i got some error with jquery in the console and some of font icon not diplay when plugin is enabled thanks to help resolve asap

Hi, please send me the ticket ID so I can check if that has been replied or not.

yes i just reply now thanks


It’s Paul we spoke a while back! I was wondering if the iFrame was included in any of the recent updates? I haven’t got the chance to finish the setup but planning on doing so very soon!

Amazing support system by the way!

Hello Paul, Yes I’ve implemented that. Let me know once you are ready to setup, I will help you with that and make it work the way you want on your website.

Are there options to auto-delete tickets and Spam filters?

Hi, you can enable auto close tickets after a specified number of days. If a ticket stays unanswered by the client for specified days, the system will automatically close the ticket. Currently, there is no option to auto delete the tickets, however, it’s a good feature which I will add in the upcoming version.

For spam control, admin can set that new tickets can only be created by logged-in users and also use Google reCaptcha on new ticket form.

Hey! I’m getting this message:

wp-content/plugins/cssjockey-add-ons/framework/autoload/shortcodes_generator.php on line 63

and this one:

wp-content/plugins/cssjockey-add-ons/framework/admin-pages/core-welcome-addons.php on line 17 And its appearing at the top and frontend of my site.

I finally got ALL the plugins installed… 3 plugins for one app. Crazy. And the support page is broke. The page doesn’t render any content… All that it shows is broken CSS.

btw… for a support plugin developer your online documentation for this plugin is horrible.


The error you mentioned has been fixed in the latest version of CSSJockey Add-ons.

Splitting the functionality into different add-ons helps us to manage and update the plugins better. For instance, WP Form Builder’s functionality is used in both WP SupportEzzy and WP Frontend Auth plugins and if we fix a bug in WP Form Builder, we need to make this change in both plugins if we didn’t have this setup. With this setup, if we fix or add something in the form builder, it’s available for both our products.

Most of my customers bought both SupportEzzy and Frontend Auth. Earlier we had to use the admin framework and other common functions twice which puts additional load on a website. However, with this setup, if you have CSSJockey Add-ons (our base framework) installed, we don’t have to enqueue same scripts and CSS twice and both SupportEzzy and Frontend Auth use common resources and functionality provided by our base framework. We reduced about 80% of the database queries if you have both plugins installed.

Please watch the video on this page that explains some benefits of CSSJockey Add-ons. https://wordpress.org/plugins/cssjockey-add-ons/

Please create a ticket at https://support.cssjockey.com and I will help you fix the issues and make sure this plugin works on your website.

I am working on the documentation for my products and it will be better and extensive in coming days.


karll Purchased

Hi, i still cannot login to your site, overtime I try to reset my password, it does not work. Can you tell me how to edit the default support ticket fields please?

Hi, The To field is only shown to admin and agent so they can assign the ticket to a customer. Clients won’t see this field when they try to create a new ticket.

I’ve fixed the password reset issue on my website and you should be able to reset now, sorry for the trouble.


karll Purchased

No problem at all, thanks. Is there a way to re-order the form fields?

Yes, basic form fields can’t but you have full control over any additional fields created via wp form builder add-on.

Hi, I’m migrating my entire site over to a new domain. My old domain has your old ticket system built within a wordpress page https://onlinearchitecture.co.uk/support-ticket/ that works very well. My new domain has the new ticket plugin on this page https://www.homedesign.eco/support-ticket-system/#/ . How do I import the old data and display within a wordpress page as before. At the moment my new page is not working. Thanks.

Hi We have created a ticket 221GPM6383. Can you please look into it ?

Hi, I’ve replied to your ticket, please check. Thanks.

How can I migrate from version 1.4.4 to the latest version? I can’t see the Start Migration button and on your plugin I just can see a migration-1.4.7.php file, nothing else.

How can I get the version 1.4.7?

Kind regards.

Do you have any missing tickets? The latest version automatically migrates all older tickets to the new version. The migration process only changes the _assigned_to metadata of the ticket and doesn’t change anything else. Please create a ticket at https://support.cssjockey.com.

I need to migrate my old configuration and my old tickets, everything. I can’t migrate nothing because I can’t see the Start Migration button.

Live preview is broken

Any news on the issue above? I also didn’t a reply to my ticket yet …

Hi again. I can’t manage the options group in the preview.

Hi, I’ve been away, will check this and get back to you by tomorrow. Have you created any ticket on our support portal? If yes, please share the ticket number.

Hello Mate,

Is there any way to display notice on frontend for delay in support. As we are going on vacation for diwali and i want to mention on top that support will be delay during this time.

Looking forward to hear back from you

Thank you

Hi, currently you can only add a message above the new ticket form. However, we do have vacation response setup on our to-do list which will be included in the upcoming versions.


Question before purchase

1) French Language?

2) Our potential customers can reach us by e-mail or by using the contact form. We can respond to emails and our customers will receive immediate answers. Your plugin will regularly list an external POP3 / IMAP account, retrieve email messages and convert them into tickets?

I would like to know if your plugin retrieves emails and convert them into tickets?

Before buying I would like to test :on Example If I send you an email, will your plugin retrieve emails and turn them into tickets?

3) PHP 7 compatible?

4) Livechat Start a chat with a new subject (new ticket) Enter a chat with a given ticket ID Send a message (new ticket) when no agent is online Every chat conversation will be saved

5) Knowledge Base ? Create a FAQ based on a ticket Group FAQs into topics Set custom Icons for Topics Live search for FAQs Track FAQ views 3 Built in widgets Order FAQs by View / Popularity 2 Layouts (boxed, list)

6) Integrations WooCommerce Envato Slack

7) Support Rating Feedback Ask reporters for Support feedback after a ticket has been solved Rating Email:

Thank you


jomavifa Purchased

Hi. Pre sale question. It is possible to restrict user access based on Wordpress user role. Thank you.

Hi, Support tickets are available for all users.


webks Purchased

Hello, please answer the ticket 8ww1imv1d5


Question before purchase

1) Sending an invitation to participate in the survey This automation sends an e-note 24 hours after the resolution of the ticket. Users receive a rating

Here is an example of mail when a ticket is resolved

How do you rate the support you received?

Well, I'm satisfied

Bad, I'm dissatisfied

Here is a reminder of your ticket:

2) Add ticket statuses “New” “Rejected” “Scheduled” “In progress” “Completed”

3) Function to add departments for agents. Departments such as pre-sales, sales, technical and etc. can be added. So each agent answers in his department.

4) A star voting system

5) Is the plugin comatible with the template here? https://themeforest.net/item/helpdesk-wordpress-support-center-theme/17045854?_ga=2.50231910.1534184621.1506610031-1789401513.1506610031

6) I would like to test the demo possible to have a login and a pass

Thank you