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You can put the possibility of photos attached


Hello, thank you for getting in touch. Yes, we will consider your idea. Thank you very much :)

Hi ! Is there a demo available? :)

Hello, thank you for getting in touch. Yes, there is a front-end demo on the live-preview site. A backend demo is not available, however you can see the backend in the screenshots. Thank you :)

Hello, can i embed the chat window with a iframe, inside a wordpress page?

Hello, yes there is a documentation file of course, and we can also assist you in case you need help.
The integration would be very easy: Just upload all script files to a new folder, add one line of code to your wordpress footer – that’s it. Many of the script customers use it with wordpress without any problems. Thank you :)

Hello! Thanks. One last info, can i ask for email and phone before starting chat?

Hello, the system does not support this as standard, however it would not be too difficult to add this yourself with basic Javascript knowledge. We could also assist you with that. Thank you :)

how is the chat history stored without db?

Hello, thank you for getting in touch. The data is stored in flat files. Thank you :)

Hi there!

In first case the style of the support script looks awesome!

We have installed the script on our hostingplatform but the chatbox sticks on the contactform, despite we are logged in in the adminpanel.

What could be the problem? Everything is properly installed.

Thanks in advance!

Hello, Thank you for getting in touch. The script is programmed not to hide the button but to show the contact form instead. So this behaviour is not an error. Please take a look – if your admin is logged out, the script should show the contact form. Thank you :)

We understand that when the admin is logged out, the script shows the contactform. But the contactform also shows up when the admin is logged in. So I suppose when the admin is logged in the scipt have to show an chatbox right?

Ah ok we understand. Would it be possible for you to send us a private message with a link to your application and FTP access – if we could take a look we will give our best to fix the problem for you as fast as possible. It’s quite hard to tell what might cause the issue without further details. Thank you :)