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Hello. In the body of the Ad is that it is $ 18 on promotion. But at the time of purchase, finalized at $ 32.

Print http://take.ms/j9H2Pj

Hi, That was during our promotion a week ago and mistakenly the ad wasn’t removed from description. Thanks for mentioning this!

Thank you no friend. I want discount on the purchase! For this value was announced in the description and you have to honor it.

Pre sale questions.

1. Does this come with the apk that I can upload to my andriod google account for my customers to use as a chat system. 2. Can I have my own log on the chat on google play store under my own brand.


Regarding #1 Chatbull APK is available to download from Google Play Store.

Regarding #2 Sorry, brand cannot be replaced in regular license.

Hi, the live preview does not have a chatbull icon, when i buy, will it have a chatbull icon on visitor chat window?

Hi, no it doesn’t have any Chatbull branding (icon/text) on visitor chatbox.

Just purchased, kindly try your best to get the iOS iphone app done, cheers!

Hello I am interested in your plug in to add to my website. Is it possible to have the chat icon to the left side of my social media icons? Also can I get a notification on my mobile phone when someone texts me a message? Is there a way to show that I am online to respond whenever if have my cell phone on?

Thanks, please have a look at my website.



To put the chat icon in the left of the social media icons, it need to be customized. Other than this YES is answer for all of your questions.

Regards, Pukhraj

Ok so i get messages on cellphone when I download he android app? When will you have an iphone app for this?


We seem to be getting this strange issue where if the user selects Live Chat, the widget shows ‘We are Offline’ followed by ‘Live Chat’ .. it’s confusing for the user.

Do you know how we could fix that?

Thanks, Jay


mrudangm Purchased

While entering the Purchase Code its showing is not valid. Please enter valid Purchase Code. It has been 2 days now since I have raised the ticket but I have still not received any feedback from your end. Hoping to receive immediate feedback #Ticket ID 880

Hi, Sorry for inconvenience! Could we connect over skype for a rapid communication? My skype ID is pukhraj.prajapat

Looking forward to connect with you.

Regards, Pukhraj


Cinefake Purchased

hi, and thanks you for this great tool ;) i have a question: is it possible to implement in the chatbox? we need an Inputfield with the name Company…

greetings Mike

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your comment!

Yes, it is possible. But you will need to customize the angularJS and PHP code a bit to do so. All of the source code for AngularJS and CodeIgniter is delivered.

Let me know please if there is any further query.

Regards, Pukhraj


Anerly Purchased

Dears , please add the option to chat without putting username and email. I lose a lot of potential client that not want to wait. THX. or say if will never be released to find some other solution. Great product .

Some pre-sale questions, please.
Is it possible to:
Include/Exclude the chat window on specific pages?
Add my own name and picture to the chat window?
Add my company logo to the chat window?
Thank you.

Being honest, I can’t commit on this at this stage :(

When the 4.0 version will be available (approximatively), please?

Is it possibile to add some pages/posts or widgets (that contain texts such as FAQs, advices, etc.) on websites with a chat?
Is there a way allowing to do that via your plugin?

I’m sorry, there isn’t anything like that in the plugin.

Can i use it on 3 domains with separate installation using a single license ?

R U closed support services

I have a question – Why there is so many CSS and Js files ?

To run you chat widget i have to add more than 3 CSS files and more than 5 JS files….

Today light weight website is must cause website speed is also a search engine ranking factor and this live chat need lots of supporting JS and CSS to run.

Oh my god…. No Reply from last 3 days…. I will never buy it.

What about add the great feature – showing actual webpage, where a visitor is if we chat with him + add history of visited pages by the visitor (you can take some inspiration from smartsupp.com). Also should be fine, if we can see, how many visits the visitor had on our site and how many chats we had with him. Thank you very much for this excellent support chat ;)