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What the android app support realtime notification like tawk.to ? Or realtime receive notifications for incoming chat requests

Hi Jawanetcom, I’m not sure how tawk.to works actually but what I can tell is Chatbull sends notifications for incoming chat requests, messages, offline requests etc.

Yes, i mean Chatbull can sends notifications for incoming chat requests to android app?

yes, Chatbull does that.

HI if i buy the app i will get source code of all apps : PHP website , Desktop app and Mobile App .

Hi, No, we don’t provide the source code for desktop and mobile apps under regular license. If you are interested for that… feel free to write us about the pricing at info@g-axon.com

will buy this but i want to change name and icon of android app will u provide source code for that

Sorry Suhaibkashmiri! We do not provide the source code of for android and desktop apps. This is because to retain our branding value.

Regards, Pukhraj


digitsa Purchased

Hi, Is there anyway to add Canned response ? For all platforms

Hi digitsa, we are working on that and hopefully will get this feature around mid of Feb.


karateka Purchased

Since I haven’t received any answer to my support ticket opened on August 14th 2016, I will post my suggestions on here:

Your script is overwhelming beautiful thanks to using CodeIgniter and the Google Material Design principles. I have a few feature requests regarding the admin panel. Please forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask for this and let me know if you prefer a different method.
  1. As an Administrator, I would love to have the option to delete a few things such as chat history, offline requests or feedback. Of course, it would also be nice to have an easy to use mass delete option.
  2. I would love to see custom integration codes per department. When someone clicks on the Chat Now, he could get to the proper department immediately (if showing department options is disabled) . So on the Installation page (/index.php/settings) there would be a dropdown for each department (and an option for „all departments“ for the way it is right now). Based on the dropdown selection the integration code would change. Maybe it might be a good idea to also show a modal for the integration code next to each department on the department overview page (/index.php/tags).
  3. Generally speaking, in the Filter Pane, it might be useful to define how many items you wish to show per page and add a search by keyword. For example, you have Keywords in the agents/visitors overview, but not in the chat history or feedback.
  4. In the Chat History Filter, it would be nice to show by department and by time („Show me the chat history of the sales department last month“). Right now you can only filter by Agent.
  5. In the Feedback Filter, it would be nice to filter by the rating („show me all 1 star ratings only“) and time („show me all 1 star ratings in the last month“).
  6. In the Agents & Visitors overview, it may be nice for some to see the average rating of each agent in the last xyz days/weeks/months.
  7. In the Dashboard, it may be nice to widgetize it and allow users to move widgets around and save positions (like in the WordPress Admin Dashboard).
  8. A widgetized dashboard may also show information such as „last xy ratings“, statistics of ratings by time or department.

Hi karateka,

We apologize if we missed your ticket for some reason and thankful to you for your time on writing this here.

Your almost all of the points make sense to us and #1 is already in implementation right now.

2 is still not much clear to me. Could you please put some more light on it?

Rest of them, I’ve passed to my team and they will look if these could be added in our next release.

Again, thanks for your time writing to us!

Regards, Pukhraj


chatiel Purchased

I want to serve my clients from my mobile device with androd. Does this software work for what I need?

yes it does.


chatiel Purchased

Can I customize the logo to sell the product?

No, Chatbull is coming under regular license. Which means you can use one copy for one website only. You can only customize the logo for web panel.

Hi there. I´ve oppened a support ticket for 5 days now without any answer from you guys. Please answer me asap. Thanks


Thamks for letting us know here!

I think for some reason our server stopped sending email notifications and we couldnt know about these tickets.

We will get back to you your tickets shortly.

Regards, Pukhraj

Im willing to buy your plugin,

But i want extra 3 features: 1- integration with facebook,twitter and google+ 2- send and recieve files both sides admin and customer 3- customer support box to open as a page sepratly

Is it possiable to have those features?

Hi TarikJanodi,

We won’t be able to implement these right away. It may take time (approx 2-3 months) for us to implement these features. But of course these are already listed in our task list.

Thanks for pointing them out here!

Regards, Pukhraj


wangnei Purchased

1. I cannot login in the livechat login page, please help, i already sent you the details.

2. Notifications in mobile app is not appear if i close the livechat tab, and there is no sound or alert, please help..


You can tell them, “It seems like a server issue. Your MySQL server stops responding. The error we receive is “MySQL Server has gone away”. This errors start popping every now and then.

please try to reupload the code in copycino.id/live folder. it seems error in code too, because the server didn’t update anything.

i already asked the hosting provider, and they said there is no error on the server site. please finish the error asap. cause my business is very affected by this live chat or if you cannot, please refund me cause i cannot use it.

thank you.