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When user create new ticket, show error: Notice: Missing Email Template! . But Ticket still send to system. :(

Hi viphoanglinh,

Is this happening on your own system or in the demo?

tks u. i was fix it.!

Hi Patchesoft,

Your item seems promising and I’m interested in purchasing it. But I have two questions.

Does your system has the Envato purchase verification system? So when users will submit a ticket (in the submit ticket form), I want them to enter the Envato Purchase Code of their item and verify it using Envato API. Does you system already have it?

The second question is, can I use two different forms to submit tickets for customers?

Please advise.


Hi Axilweb,

It does have the Envato Purchase verification system. You just create a Custom Field with the type Envato Verification and then users can enter their purchase codes to verify. The system will display what item and their support time.

You can create a ticket via the Client view form or from the Admin side.

Hope that helps :)


Question before purchase

1) Do you plan to add Bootstrap 4?

2) French Language?

3) Our potential customers can reach us by e-mail or by using the contact form. We can respond to emails and our customers will receive immediate answers. Your plugin will regularly list an external POP3 / IMAP account, retrieve email messages and convert them into tickets?

I would like to know if your plugin retrieves emails and convert them into tickets?

4) PHP 7 compatible?

5) Do you plan to add Google Authenticator

Thank you

Hi hostinggames,

1) I’ve not really made a decision on this at the moment.

2) You can add the french language by translating the language files. It currently doesn’t come with the French language preinstalled however.

3) The software isn’t a plugin (it’s a standalone application, i.e. it doesn’t use WordPress). The system will allow you to connect to one mailbox using iMAP and read emails being sent to it. It’ll then convert them into tickets/ticket replies. To reply to them, you should use the Ticket System as sent emails from the inbox aren’t converted to tickets.

4) Yep.

5) No plans at the moment.

Hope that helps!

3) For example: I am a client sends an email from gmail I would like to know if your plugin retrieves emails and turns them into tickets?

I installed the script but I have these problems in this page


I just replied to your email :) Let me know if that helps!


this my email :

thank you .

Is it possible to create extra field like PURPOSE OF APPOINTMENT ?

Hi folajin,

Yep it is possible through the user of Custom Fields feature under Tickets. Check out the demo for how they work :)

Hello, when are you going to release new update for this product? The product is fine, but still have some bugs such as: sometime users can’t attach images to the ticket, also sometime they get errors when try to post new ticket. These things cause our customers to be angry, please debug your product as much as possible to fix these issues. Thanks.

Hi Ma-Group,

New update is coming before the end of the year is out. We are just finishing up another product then we’ll be doing updates to all our products next.

As for your bugs, can you post exactly the errors you are getting? I might be able to help solve them for you and get them fixed.

Hi, I have a PHP member website and want to have a ticket system for members. Is it possible to combine the source code so that members who have already registered on my site can easily access the support ticket with their login details without registering for an account again?

Hi natatson,

It’s possible but it’s not as easy thing to do. The Support Centre likely uses a very different login system to yours and so it would require lots of programming changes to get it to work with your current system.

Ok thanks, I just want a support system I can easily add to my site.

Hi Guys, we bought your script and it does show error during installation:

How to fix that?



This error can sometimes happen due to your Sessions save path not been writable on your webhost. Just modify the application/config/config.php file to change where you session data is being saved:

You can change the default setting from:

$config[‘sess_save_path’] = NULL;


$config[‘sess_save_path’] = APPPATH . ”/cisessions/”;

And then create a folder in your application/ folder called cisessions. Make sure this folder is not viewable by the public (CHMOD it) and place an empty index.php file inside it too.

If you need more help, I’ll be happy to fix it for you.

Let me know if you get it working or not :)


Is it possible to make the comment box non required or even remove it?

Hi rm65453,

The main ticket body area is required for tickets. If you wanted to remove it, it would require some small code changes to the script. I can possibly help you with this :).

HI i am intersted to purchase it but CAN YOU ADD payment gateway like ccavenue and payumoney in it thanks


Currently don’t have any plans to add more Payment gateways at the moment. Apologies!

Hi, I have difficulties to configure IMAP system, seems works only with customers side no with admin. Please can u help me to fix? Already I sended in private a request. Thanks.

Hi Noraistar_Bcn,

I have replied to your email :) Thanks!

Hi everyone,

Our newest version update (2.3) contains many bug fixes and upgrades that you guys have reported to us. Version 2.4 is now being currently worked on which will contain lots of new features and user suggestions- so if you have something you’d like to see, send us an email at with your request.

The following bugs have now been resolved:

Updated to CodeIgniter 3.1.6
Fixed wrong Email Template being used for User Activation
Fixed User notification icon issue in client side
Fixed issue for logged out users when viewing the Dark Fire theme
Added translate lines for User Notifications to language files
Fixed several issues with IMAP cron
Fixed issue with Envato Product Code checker for Custom Fields
Email Template for ticket reminder now sends out to registered users as well as guests
Fixed issue with editing custom fields for sub categories
Fixed issue with sending emails to groups of users
Fixed issue with long words not breaking for tickets
Fixed issue with users not being able to logout if they didn't select a username after using Social Media login
Fixed issue with language selecting english by default when editing email templates
User no longer gets double notifications when a ticket is replied to.
Updated Facebook SDK

Big thank you to everyone who helped report them! If you encounter any new bugs after this update, be sure to send us an email and we’ll help fix them right away.


Pre sales question:

1. In the premium packages, can you a duration aka Basic and have options for 1m/3m/6m etc… 2. Can i put a “custom field” in user settings as a variable? So i can pull it through in other locations?

I need to use a field filled out in user settings to authenticate example: $sub_username attached to custom field Sub Username

Hi Liam,

If your addons utilise the CodeIgniter Hooks then that’s fine as they will be used in various stages of loading the system. This product doesn’t have any custom hooks added in, so any modifications to the code would either need to be direct file modifications or build your own hooks.

What I’ve normally done for users in the past that require code addtions is just make a note of the changes I’ve made to the code and then reapply them if the changes require overwriting the file. Updates for the product happen around 3-4 times a year so it shouldn’t effect you too much. I realise this isn’t ideal situation and is a work-around.

Hope that helps :)


That’s very helpful. Will explore the hooks method as dealt with these in the past and then can just call them when needed.

Last question is there anyway of changing the “client” theme? Or will a separate style sheet need created?

Client has specific colours to make the rest of their site application.

Hi Liam,

You would just modify the stylesheet for the client area. You can also modify the client layout which is in one of the view files (application/views/layout/client_layout.php).

Hope that helps!

Hi there – looks like a good system. Just a few questions please

(1) Do you have any plans to include push notifications to support staff?

(2) Company branding – automatically inserted e.g. company email signature at bottom of all outgoing mails and can mods be done without problems happening at the next update of the software?

(3) Any plans to put a timer on a ticket which can record how long a support agent took to resolve the ticket problem?



1) Not at the moment- but it’s something I can look into. I haven’t much experience with push notifications so I would have to do some research on the topic before I can see if it’s doable.

2) You can customise the email templates in the Admin Panel (add your company name). If you do make changes to the code, it can affect future updates due to code clashes.

3) Sounds like a good idea. I’ve added this to our user feedback log so it can be considered for future updates :)



folajin Purchased

Hello, this is a great product. When is the 2.4 coming out ? I will surely buy before then


I don’t have a date yet for when 2.4 is coming out but it’s something we are working on at the moment :)


folajin Purchased

I have purchased already waiting for your 2.4


That’s great :) You can still use the product as 2.3 in the meantime and then just upgrade to 2.4 when we release it. You should get an email from Envato when a new update is posted :)

Hi Patchesoft – well done on the latest update. One question though – on a mobile friendly test this script falls down when media items are put in such as images – even using source view to add in a responsive img class won’t allow you to do that. If you check your own link at you will see what I mean.

Is there an easy way to solve this, or if not, then it needs to be addressed. Text on knowledgebase works fine, but images even if they are sized at 590px still fail the test on Google. Thanks.

Hi 123Simples,

I’ll take a look at this and see if I can find a quick fix for you. Could you send me an email with this issue so I don’t forget?


Ok thank you :)


Adityadc Purchased

I am getting this error when I try to submit a ticket:

Hi Adityadc,

This issue is due to a setting in your mysql config. Have you recently updated your server or anything like that? You need to turn off the only_group_full_by setting and then this error should disappear :)


Adityadc Purchased

Oh yes I had updated the script itself, but nothing from mysql side. Where do I find that setting??


You can normally find this setting in the mysql.ini file.

This might help you locate it/set it:


1) You have to be sure of yourself Is it possible to generate tickets from incoming emails? For example: I am a customer who sends an email from gmail. I would like to know if your plugin retrieves emails and turns them into tickets?

2) Could you add the function?

Here is an example of an email when a ticket is resolved

How do you rate the support you received?

Well, I'm satisfied

Bad, I'm dissatisfied

Here is a reminder of your ticket:

Thank you


1) It does do that. We use the iMAP functionality to achieve this.

2) Right now we only have rating of tickets on the actual system using stars. We might improve this in the future however.

Hi! Im getting the error “Error Notice: Missing Email Template!” when trying to create a ticket! How do I fix this?

Hi johnnyfarmac,

Are you getting this error in the demo or on your own installation of the product?

Hi, I’m getting the error “Error Notice: Missing Email Template!” when trying to create a ticket!

Hi johnnyfarmac,

Are you getting this error in the demo or on your own installation of the product?

hi, im getting it on my website

Can you send me an email with your purchase code and website? Thanks