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The fonts dosn’t work on a fresh install. Any idea ?

Hi Roken_troll,

Can you send me an email with a link to your site so I can take a look?


Of course. To wich mail ?

Hello, is there an option to add a field “time spend” to a ticket? We would like to track how many minutes we spend on tickets. This is a must for us to buy it.

Hi behousing,

This feature is currently implemented in an upcoming version. I’ll comment here when it is released so you can test it out and see if it’s to your liking.

The next version should be ready for next week :)


xerracol Purchased

Dear author, could you please point me in the right direction. I would like to disable the premiums plans feature. Also does any one has share the translations files for spanish…. Regards.

Hi xerracol,

To disable the premium plans, just go to Payment Settings and untick the option: Enable Payments Option. That will disable the feature.

For your error:

You need to create a folder in your Systems language folder for your new language. The folder name needs to be the same name as your new language. In the example below, it’s “spanish”. Please follow these steps:

1) Create a folder inside system/language/ called spanish 2) Locate the following folder: system/language/english/ 3) Copy all the files inside this folder to your newly created folder (system/language/spanish/)

This should fix the error you are having.

These language files are mostly system error messages that you shouldn’t need to translate (since hopefully there isn’t any system errors!). Let me know if that helps.


xerracol Purchased

It work just fine. Thanks a lot, please let me contact you again if I get any other error. Regards,


xerracol Purchased

Thanks a lot for your reply. It works just fine.

I have one question. I can setting reply in ticket with e-mail account?

I’m not sure what you mean, can you rephrase?

If you mean: Can you reply to tickets via email? Yes you can. You need to setup the PHP IMAP section of the site in order to do this. I wrote a guide on how to do this in the documentation:

That’s what I’m talking about! thanks.


gozfly Purchased

Hello, Thank you for update. But i registered a new account but i got this error when create a new ticket.

Hi gozfly,

Thanks for reporting that! The bug was just fixed in another update; if you could redownload the files and apply the updated files for 2.4 again that should solve the issue. You’ll also want to set a default status in Admin Panel -> Ticket Settings too.


xerracol Purchased

Dear author, just receive the information about the recen update. We just did a clean install a few days ago, could you please tell me how to update de script.


Hi xerracol,

To update the script you can check out the documentation for Update Log, which tells you which files were updates and how to update them:

xerracol Purchased

Thanks a lot for your time. We did a clean install to avoid any further issue. Best regards and please keep up the good work and updates for the script.

is it possible to have them just sending email to specific address ie .: and ticket will be created by the system?

I need one for each department ..

Would it be possible 4 or 5?



It’s currently not possible to have multiple addresses. Right now the system only supports one email. Apologies!

Is your product translated to spanish? If my Wordpress is in spanish, will your product automatically be displayed in spanish? Thanks.


This isn’t a WordPress plugin, so it will not be translated into spanish based on your Wordpress.

I assumed it was a plugin based on my search, too bad, thanks!


evaland999 Purchased

Hi sir, about 5 months ago,I reported you a bug, And you promise fix it in your next released, But you still not fix this bug,and My support License is expired. I hope you can keep your promise, This bug really need fixed, I made a video to show you this bug

Hi evaland999,

Apologies! I’ll be working on this today and I’ll hope to get it released before the end of the day!

Thanks for being patient!

Dear author, there is a problem using custom field for user registration. I create 3 custom field, set those to required and to appear on the registration form, but no matter what you write on the input, it always get the validation error, like they where empty… Please advice.

More errors and we are only starting using the script… Error after creating a new ticket… =(
Column ‘status’ cannot be null

Hi Xerracol,

The Custom Status error was recently fixed. Can you download the latest files from CodeCanyon and overwrite the latest 2.4 download files and let me know if that fixes it?

Please contact me via email and I’ll help you resolve those other bugs. A new patch is being prepared to solve the issues you mentioned but I can send you the files right away.


Im currently sing the lattes version 2.4. I did not update from previous version, I did a clean install using latest version.
Im contacting you via profile for that fix patch. Regards.