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This is awesome. I’ll be incorporating this into all of our work.

Thank you for the appreciation.

Very useful plugin!GLWS :)

Great idea! Hey, I was wondering if you could have both, the site-wide Support Center and a context-sensitive Support Center. Like maybe one icon is there always with general information and then occasionally an additional icon shows up if it pertains to that particular page or post type.


Hello ASNOE, yes you can have both, as you can see under the “Create a generic support center” paragraph in the item description, you can set a generic support center that works as a fallback when you have no context-sensitive support center.

I guess I was looking for some distinction between the “generic support center” activation button and the “context-sensitive support center” activation button. Otherwise, after checking the “generic support center” a couple of times, users may reasonably believe they have already seen the information in the support center and stop looking.

One answer to this is to either add an additional activation button that will appear when a page has a “context-sensitive support center.” Or if you are stuck on having just one activation button, then it chould change color or an icon appear on it or something that would give the user some indication that a particular page has a “context-sensitive support center.”

This can be done easily by adding a specific class to the support center when a support center is a generic support center. If you need this contact me after purchising, i’m not going to add this feature to the public release at the moment.

Pre sales question: there seems to be an issue with the plugin – if the support center is taller vertically than the bottom of the screen, it’s cut off – and since it’s sticky, one can’t scroll down to see the rest of the support center. (latest firefox)

Hello, inside the plugin options you can set the distance in pixel from the top of the screen, other two options allow you to set a vertical and an horizontal breakpoint, so you can hide the support center when the screen goes below a specified width or height.

Is it possible to keep everything inside the box? I want to use it for an ecommerce site but I can’t as-is because it directs users away from the product page…

Hello mmaddox, what you mean exactly with “keep everything inside the box”? Thank you for the clarification.

Can this work on the back end for WP website client to use specific functions?

Hello OMNISAPIEN, I don’t understand your question. If you need a precise answer please add more details. Thank you.

Sorry. Can the tab icon that exposes the help resources be configured to only show on the back end to logged in users.

Hello OMNISAPIEN, the help icon is only displayed in the front-end.