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Nice app! Good luck with sales.

Can I use images instead of text boxes?

can I send notification to the user with this app?

can I use non latin – languages?

Yes you can if you will use default font

can you help me intergrated Startapp ? startapp.com

Two quick questions before i buy: 1) how easy would it be for me to create linear level design compared to the random level select you have, 2) How easy would it be to import into android studio?

1. Easy for me, but I don’t know about you. 2. I don’t know, I am using Eclipse.

Now the source can be edited in Android Studio

can i add 2 words as the wrong word? how easy it is to import in android studio? can the words be on a xml on hosted server ?

No, must be 3 wrong words. XML cannot be used as default. And there are no loading from the server. If you want all this features you need to edit the source. And read the description, becouse the project is for Anrdoid Studio.

Does it supports the latest version of android? Does this works offline. Pls put demo apk

Does this work on latest version of android? Waiting for your reply to purchase


ezfuat Purchased

I cant work Google+ and Leaderboard. I added app id and leaderboard code in string.xml but it cannot work

Did you setup properly the SHA1 of your app sign key for OAuth client in Google Play Services?