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I keep getting 504 Gateway Time-out errors. Is there a fix or not?

It seems like I have to restart the droplet often and have to check it every morning so I know it is displaying right. That’s my only solution at this time.

This is a very strange issue…as all seems fine with server too

Please check the email we sent you in regards to the changes you did

Hello, does the script include easy to translate system maybe?

Hello sorry no system as such you should be able to do so directly. Please contact us via the form so we can give you more Information.Thanks

I logged in with demo account, but now I can’t seem to logout and although I see the the sidebar, I cant see the menu in desktop or mobile view and I cant read the messages and I cant logout at all anymore.

Sorry this might have been while some updates were ongoing, can you please try again. For any further details or questions please do not hesitate to contact us via the form. Thanks

I’m unable to get into the admin of the demo, but from what i can see there is no radius search? So i can’t search for people close by?

Please try another browser and use credentials with pass 123456. It should work fine. For any further details please do not hesitate to contact us via the form. Thanks

still getting 504 error on the front end demo. Also can’t get into the admin area

Thanks we will fet that fixed

these guys never reply! and don’t give refunds! and certainly won’t install even if you offer them money. forget it and move on. complete waste of time money and effort!

Sorry, we are a bit confused here, we always reply to any request we get. Could you please send us the email again in case it ended up in spam..we will try to help you asap. Regards

Your Demo is not working, Please check

Hi could you please try again. Thanks

Demo not working, can you add couple of screenshots to review?

Hi sorry we are sorting are servers…please see screenshots here:

Is there a working live demo somewhere?

Please try / 123456 again.. we reinitiated everything as the pass was changed by someone while testing… also it took less than 30 seconds to register :) Please also try to register another use and lets us now via email with print screens. We would really appreciate that ! Thanks

Can’t even open the demo site. Seems to be down. You should better secure your server and website. ;)

Hi that is very strange..just tested and seems fine…we will have everything double checked in case. Thanks

Hello. I hope you have great sales on this site. Follow me too :)

demo site is down .. kindly make it up so that i can cehck the demo

Hi Can you please check here: thanks

Your demos are broken. refused to connect.

Hello can you please try again or try here Thank you

Looks like the demo site is down. Do you have a working demo?

Hello can you please try again or try here Thank you

What version of Angular was this developed in?

its full source code and database

Why your demo does not work?

Hello can you please try again or try here If it does not work please provide a print screen if possible. Thank you