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prdgpt Purchased

I want to purchase script, Can i connect with PayuBiz / PayUMoney Gateway ? Is that compatible with ?

its opensource, if u r a developer than u may do it

berbat kötü

english pls

where is forgetpass.php file for admin????

no pass reset system there

Can you add paypal payment ?

yes we able to add this for additional charges

How many for paypal


prdgpt Purchased

When you are updating search product feature ?

no fixed date

can you integrate a payumoney payment gateway into this script.

yes we can, pls mail us: for more info

I have mailed you just check it and make me confirm

hi i installed this script into my localhost and finally into the remote server, so far everything is fine except for the invoice and customer order. in the order details there is no products in the invoice, the id,rate, quantity and sub total is there but the “Product Name” of the order is not appearing, so there is no way i could know what is to deliver to the customer, and even in the customer account the “Product Name ” that is ordered is no where to be found, even the customer doesn’t know what he/she ordered.

sorry for my late reply, we was on vacation.. we are checking…

i am still waiting for your reply 6 months ago, in the members area there is no details of the order only id no. but the details is nothing so as an owner i have no idea what they are ordering how can i deliver that to my customer?

Bro, pls dont come to discuss with impossible things, 6 month is not too longtime for wait.. anyways, pls let me know ur base url ?


MBFunds Purchased

I have paid for supercom-online-shopping-ecommerce-cart, downloaded it and installed it by following your instructions but keep saying error messages, please do something because all my customers to order has been waiting. Here is my purchase code: 8983bd2e-0cc1-4897-9e82-5700074f9130

Here is the error messages: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in /home/mbfund5/ Stack trace: #0 /home/mbfund5/ connectdb() #1 /home/mbfund5/ include(’/home/mbfund5/s…’) #2 {main} thrown in /home/mbfund5/ on line 25


MBFunds Purchased

Since i wrote the support, no response, no reply, is this fair? Hope i have not been scammed?

sorry for my late reply, we was on vacation.. we are checking…

Seems you are selling a product that looks excellent, but then there are hidden charges to be able to use it!

I need to know before purchasing what your hidden costs are for adding PayPal and Stripe Payment, I will be using WorldPay for transactions – so need to know what your total costs of purchase are.

We are not into an open cheque or bottomless pit of extra payments. I’m just a very small business.

Speak soon


Sorry, what do you mean by a Manual Payment? Cash Cheques?

The whole idea of e-commerce is for payments to be automated, but seems that to be able to get an automated payment you have to pay $50, would you like that in cash or cheque?

Please explain what is a manual payment.

bro, we got 78 sales with manual payment system and we are happy with this. its proof some people loves manualy payment method.

update news is we are going to update this system with templates, there we will add automated payment method, this idea comes from ur comments, we will keep both system on there: manualy and automated.

we will released it within this week.

pls wait, hope u will be happy to see the update version

interesting, look forward to being able to take automatic payments via credit cards and PayPal. Otherwise, its difficult trying to stuff cash into a computer, it just doesn’t work, nor does it get to the seller…

e-commerce = easy-commerce

Hello, i have a question: this script is ready for barcodes? or QR Codes?

there are no barcode system

ok thanks! have a nice day

Hello. I perched it. when open this on my local server, I see many icons are not supported :( how it would be fixed? see the screenshot bellow …

need your support ASAP..

change ur base url from function.php

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.


f4bb1to Purchased

Hello, I am trying to install SuperCom store, I have put the information of the database in the file funtion.php and when I go to access the web, it appears blank page. could you help me? waiting for your response

pls mail us with ur cpanel access, we will solve it for free:

Hi, please offer support installation for php 7.0 or 5.6. mysql_connect is deprecated!!!

its working with php 5.6 , if u unable to install then pls mail to our support email, they will install for free

Hello friends, This system allow recurring payments (Paypal / Stripe)? regards

no, its support onetime payment

hello i have error in the menu when i click Men , Kids , cart, signin … it’s show The requested URL /category/1/men was not found on this server.

pls upload .htaccess file from our Files folder

Hello Friends, Today I purchase SuperCom – Online Shopping Ecommerce Cart, I create a product , finished but when we click in “view details” on product a blank page appears with this message:

” Not Found

The requested URL /sucom/product/865/leadifly was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.” I hope you can help me regards Antº Fradique

check function.php and replace old url with ur one

Now its OK, $baseurl appears multiple times in the function.php file and I didn’t knew that, thank you

Hello sir i want to purchase but can i ask you questions: 1- what is the framewrok used in script 2- can i custmize my own templete for the script 3- is the script support bootstrap and rtl

hello, its developed with CORE PHP, support bootstrap, fully source code, u can modify as u need

Hello, pre-sale question.

Please, send me username in access all role. I checking this section: I can not buy until I see it completely

hello, its demo version. so its not working. on mail version / original script working all features fine

I can not buy anything before I try it / Will you send me an original version?

no.. pls try another one, we dont able to install an fresh version for ur test

inside the customer’s area after she ordered something when they checke the details of what they ordered this is what they see…. my request is the even a little details will do like “you ordered a shoes size 5 white in color” something like this.
ONE MORE…...............
STILL FROM THE ADMIN AREA…...................

as i see, we able to do those customization u need for additional charges