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satsuke Purchased


I’m interested to buy this.

Can I change the site color to pink? its like your model agency product.


slider or cat banner?? for more, add us on Skype : rifat636


satsuke Purchased

Sorry, I mean the home slider.

Let us know the size and provide cPanel login details via mail: || or Skype: rifat636


1. Make possible to disable all .js image transitions and etc. in related products, new products. 2. Make possible for admins to choose in how to be displayed in frontend related and new products. Now is in slider mode, but make for them possible to choose to be displayed also in list and grid. 3. Add option that enable/disable orders without registration. Now is possible only with reg. 4. Add feature as an option when purchaser hit the “Add to cart” button to be redirect directly to the cart, not to just say ” product is added to cart”

I know this all is possible as a customisation, but this will make your AWESOME script even more attractive for your purchases.


Thanks For your Comment. We will keep this in our mind :)

why items redirect to your website? and did not open item. and images not show

pls change base url from function.php and install properly

Pre-sales The size of products if clothes is missing. Also the taxe in %.

its readymade product, your own requirements cant match 100%


wxflint Purchased

Hi, Keep getting directed back to the admin login when changing things in the admin panel. happens 2 out of 3 times.


wxflint Purchased

Just sent it


wxflint Purchased

Will there be future update to let the owner know there has been an order placed? Also a way to see signed up accounts and be able to remove them such as Bot sign ups? And a way to remove compleated or non compleated orders?

one are there and other will be available on next updates

I am interested in buying this script. Question does it has PAYPAL and or STRIPE payment gateway?

I look through the demo demo but I did not see where to input Paypal email and or Stripe API keys.

Those gateways (PAYPAL and STRIPE) are needed and very important to have in shopping cart script. Please advice soon I am ready to buy the SuperCom immediately

there are no automatic payment system. but we can add those for additional charge.. pls mail us for more info:

Interested in buying this script. Can Instamojo payment gateway added ?

We can add those for additional charges, mail us for details:

Can 3D Secure( verified by Visa) payment gateway added?

can be added


1. Does it support shipping?

2. Can it be used to sell things like sports equipment?

Shipping depends on you. Yes you can sell sports item too

ola voce tem ele em portugues e eu posso muda ele da forma que desejar ? e posso usar o PagSeguro

english pls

Please help me. i want add paypal and perfect money gateway to shop. thank you

Hi, Pre-sale question. Firstly nice script. however, paypal payment option is missing. i think this should be available by default. secondly, ability to create blogs – every successful eshop has thins and it also if you are confident that this is the script your clients would be happy about. then i suggest you add it into your future updates.

Thnxx bro, we will try to add it on our next version

I purchased this script before 4 months ago. Now I uploaded it online on server but one problem is occur. Only home page is working fine whenever I click on any other link (Which will redirect to other page),It will only show the home page contents. check this link and help me to solve this problem.

please check the .htaccess on your root folder. as you installed in sub-domain, it may affected by the prior htaccess

I have checked it. Everything is OK. Problem is unable to find…

mail us with link u found brkn

can i get paypal support?

how much to integrate paypal functionality?

and how long will it take?

need to add for S-M-L-XL for the size and options to deleted orders and to add the shipping tracking numbers. so the customers know there tracking numbers. when you completed the order. and the paypal included on the scripts.

and add the City and State and Zip Code on customers sign up. please do this asap and update it. customers will get confused to ship the orders

we can do this, pls mail us

can I use ccavenue for PAYMENT GATEWAY???

and can I edit main page & admin page template ?

yes you can

Hi! I have a question, the program is write in php oop or in some framework?

It’s with PHP

  • hello, I want to build a website similar to any of the following. Is it possible with your script – do you plan to add multi vendor feature to your script very soon?

yes possible, pls add us on skype: RIFAT636

Dear Seller,

I bought this script this evening. And I think it is good to warn future buyers:

1. This script is still using mysql_deprecated function. 2. The codes are in a mess. 3. The scripts are vulnerable. 4. I only see newbie’s code in all the scripts.

So in order to put it online, I need to refactor all the codes to MVC pattern because the procedural codes are also in a mess. I think I need a refund.

Warms regards, Mawia HL

you can use this one smoothly in below php7. and the system is up and running well we code for users, not for developers