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Thank you, I tried to make high quality!

Hello. I haven’t understood the objective of buying these games. I mean, are they for me to re-sell them on the google market or to use them on my webpage so visitors stay more time on my page? Can you please help me understand this? I’d really appreciate it. ;)

Hi, this game is universal, it is prepared for your site, as well as for mobile devices, if you want me to put the Google ranking system, I can do it according to your requirement in the next update of this game. Thank U.

Thank you for your reply. But I still don’t understand the admob feature. You get paid for the ads or do I?

In construct 2, you will need to insert your AdMob ID, then you post your game for example in the Google Play market, people download your game and playing it clicks on the advertisement, you are provided with AdMob, also for the display of advertisements in the game too AdMob pays you money, the average is $ 15 per 1000 clicks per impression advertising or advertising.

Cool Car Game!!!

Yes Thank You!

I want to change picture in game. Can I create puzzle images ?

The game has a template, open Photoshop or Paintnet, select any of your picture and place it on top of the pattern of the game and using the allocation of the pieces will be cut puzzle. It’s very easy! If you are going to need my help in person, write me an email and I will, in assuring help! My mail:

Is it include the admob interstitial ads?

Yes full admob included.

when the interstitial ads pop up?

Provide you with a test application for Android? Write me:

sir do you have an Android studio code source for this game

Hi, this game is created on the game engine Construct 2. I did not check the compatibility of the code with the Android studio.

Hello, crash when put first pazzel. meeting[.]

Hi, I can help a little, but this game does not include the support of the author. You must be experienced enough to do the right thing. Write in more detail what you can not.