Discussion on Super Wheel - Super Easy and Fully Controlled Wheel of Fortune

Discussion on Super Wheel - Super Easy and Fully Controlled Wheel of Fortune

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hi can you please provide an email for support, im trying to purchase the item for super wheel but i want installation and setup please so we can talk about details and pricing

we are not supporting email conversations for customization services, Please contact me using skype :

Hi there. I’m using the image wheel, with 6 slices. I want to be able to set the odds that the wheel will select a certain image for each of the images. So for instance; Image 1: 20% chance, Image 2: 30% chance, Image 3: 5% chance, Image 4: 15% chance, Image 5: 10% chance, Image 6: 20% chance. Is this possible?

It is possible to generate value by chance using a formula like this :
let slice1Odds = 0.2;
let slice2Odds = 0.3;
let slice3Odds = 0.05;
let slice4Odds = 0.15;
let slice5Odds = 0.1;
let slice6Odds = 0.2;

let randomNumber = Math.random();
let selectedValue;
if (randomNumber < slice1Odds) {
   selectedValue = 1;
} else if (randomNumber < slice1Odds + slice2Odds) {
   selectedValue = 2;
} else if (randomNumber < slice1Odds + slice2Odds + slice3Odds) {
   selectedValue = 3;
} else if (randomNumber < slice1Odds + slice2Odds + slice3Odds + slice4Odds) {
   selectedValue = 4;
} else if (randomNumber < slice1Odds + slice2Odds + slice3Odds + slice4Odds + slice5Odds) {
   selectedValue = 5;
} else {
   selectedValue = 6;
This code is an example and can be customized to match your specific wheel settings. Each time the spin button is clicked, this formula should be applied. If further assistance is needed, we offer services at a reasonable cost. Please contact me on Skype ( for more information. Regards.

I’m trying to add this to a Wordpress page and running into some issues. I’ve clicked on the support link, but it takes me to a 404 page. Is this something I can get help with?

Hi there,

Thankyou for purchasing our product.

Can you explain the problem here or contact us on Skype so we can help you to fix issues ?

Skype ID :


Hi, thanks for this plugin. I’ve a couple of questions: - Is it possible to do word-break on text in segments/slices? - Is it possible to do more styling on the wheel?

Hi there,

thankyou for purchasing our product.

if you have good experience in css then yes is possible to apply word break from css file.

For second question, Yes you can apply custom styles from script and from css file, but our plugin custom styles is limited, so if you want to apply more styles then you can do it from css file.

I hope our answere helps you.

Best Regards.

Hi there. Bought this script the other day and it is great! But I am having one issue that I haven’t been able to figure out how to fix. My use case requires that the wheel be spun 5 times to get 5 different winners. Usually when I do this I can’t get through all 5 spins without the Spin button becoming disabled. Usually, a hard refresh will reset it, but not always…and I don’t want to have to refresh each time if I don’t have to. Thoughts on what this might be? Thanks!

Hi there,

Thankyou for purchasing our Item.

I think you forget to add code to enable spin button on enent “onComplete”.

if you want to limit to 5 spins then you disable spin button completly,

then you can set variable count “var c = 0; c++; if(c== 4){ return }”

if you need help please contact me on skype:

I will be happy to help you on it.

Best regards.

Hi there. I purchased the superwheel after buying the easywheel as it suited more to what I want to achieve. They are both great scripts. Top marks! I am experiencing a problem on the “wheel-with-image” template. When I add a image to the centre, and then preview it, it breaks. What I mean is, the wheel disappears and the spin button remains. When I remove the “center:” script, then the wheel re-appears. Is this a bug on the template or something?

I have verified my script code and I see centered image works well, can you contact me on skype ? ,I will help you to fix it on your code.

I figured it out dude. No worries. A rookie mistake on my side. Thanks for your reply though

Happy to hear that, hope you enjoy coding.

Is it possible to play a custom sound for different outcomes of the wheel? Example make sound x if win on slice 1, make sound y if win on slice 2

there multiple callbacks like : onstart,onstep,onprogress,oncomplete

I have managed to do the image and sound thing but the problem now is that I setup multiple different values on the slices so how can I select multiple random values on this line? $(’.wheel-with-image’).superWheel(‘start’,’value’

we have example script.js file included with script files, decompress downloaded script zip file and go to examples folder then go to standard folder then go to js folder, you will find js file main.js, open this file and use the example code included on it, if you don’t understand how it works then back to me and I will help you, I prefer to contact us in skype to help with direct chat, skype id :

Can we add just one spin right for one user with unique code before the spin it?

yes is possible

I’ve run the demo on and it results in “Nothing” or “No luck” every single time and unless I’m missing something, there’s nothing in that demo restricting those outcomes. Is this a bug?

Hello stevesicherman, Thankyou for asking this Question. it is not a bug , I have already set it in parameters to randomly select by two values only, Lets change it to randomly select between all of values, Best regards

Hi, I have set approx 45 spines but what is happening when we spin = it mostly, like 90% of the times stops on same few spines and dont always give random result.

can you please help

Hello deepurajani, Thankyou for contacting us, The random spin is just example, you can upgrade the random number generator based to the results that you are looking for,we cant help you with customizations like this beceause it is outside support conditions, but still we can provide paid service for it, if still you need help you can contact us in skype ID:, we will be happy to help you in live chat, Thanks and Best regards. 22Codes

Hi Pre sale question please.

1. can this be accessed by all my members I run forums that has around 12k members. some of this members run compettitions.

If member A makes changes will member B then be able to destroy what member A done ? or will it work based on what each user does so member A will only see his changes and member B will only see his changes and it will not effect eachother ?

2. how can lets say 20 people use this at same time ? tehy all run different competitions and they all like to use it when they need to instead fo waiting for others to finish using it.

3. I see this was updated 3 years a go fo you have any plans to make updates to make it look more modern ?

Thank you

Hi MAXUK. Thankyou for contacting us, This plugin is javascript game script, it does not have custom system to be managed with backend system, but this script is created to be compatible with backend integration , so you will need to build/edit your backend core to make all of this features, like creating ajax or real time request system to send data to server after spin including selected value and user information. Thankyou.


is it possible to limit the use of the superwheel, so the user can use it e.g. only one or two times, maybe with a cookie or something else? Best regards

Please contact us on skype ID:

we are happy to provide customization service for our customers.

Hello, thanks for your offer. Now, i solved the problem and the limit works.

One more question: the Wheelsound (tick.mp3) doesn’t work on Safari-Browser (Desktop) and on my iPad. On my iPhone the sound starts first if you use the wheel at the second time. By the first spinning there is no sound.

Is it possible to activate the sound also on these apple devices?

Best regards.

Hello, it is related to browser security, some of browsers needs sound access to enable sound in page.

what is the difference with Easy Wheel – Easy and Fully Controlled Wheel of Fortune?

Hello Marcos, Super wheel is Better for CPU and Mobile Battery Performance, also it have easy parameters.

Hello, I have a question, if I put all the slices with value 1, the spin button gets stuck, it must have at least 1 slice with value 0 so that this does not happen, what can I do if I want all the slices to be 1 and the button is not stuck?

you can set different values and on complete callback check if cvalue is not 0 , or contact us from skype: , we will help you to configure it.

Can I determine the results?

Where can I contact you?

How to make each randomization unique

This is Customization question, Customization is not included in This Item Support, if you want customization service please Contact us

Can i change your text to image?

Yes text parameter accepting html elements like :

    text: '<img src="Image.jpeg" />',

Hello! I recently purchased the spinner. Is it possible to add an animation to the selected section? Like adding a blinking color.

Hello, yes you can, there a callback function that you can use to select the winning element and you can apply the changes that you want.

Best Regards

How to activate the spinner sound in the js?

Hello, Please check the example folder in downloaded zip file, you will fins the codes example with sound file included and added to js codes

I want to buy but confused with the demo:

The form obscures the wheel and is the form needed?

Hello, this template is created to allow you to create the wheel in left fixed sidebar, the form is not needed and can be removed.

How can slices added dynamically, from a ajax result? Thx for any hint.

Hello, Current version not supporting add or remove slices after initialization, where you will need to re initialize the wheel to apply the new items list, But dont worry about it, we are about to release the Major version 2 this week and it supporting remove or add slice , so you will be able to add or remove the slices before or after spin ,and before or after init, then new version have another new features jump feature and padangle and inclination and adding unlimited circles, also there more features, finally the new version will not require jquery library beceause it builded with pure javascript. and it is Battery friend for web apps, for compatibility it will be compatible with some systems like (websocket,commonjs,nodejs and more…)

Hello, thanks for your promising response. Nice product, by the way

Your wheel looks good. I am deciding between yours and 1 other. I have a few pre-purchase questions.

1) Is it possible to use images for all the different slices of the wheel so can I use images instead of entering text and setting color?

2) Is it possible to use an image for the marker so can I use an image instead of just setting color?

3) Is it possible to use an image for the outer circle of the wheel so can I use an image instead of just setting color?

4) Is it possible to have different Images as the Popup/drop-down Prize boxes Message boxes?

5) Can the Randomness of the slices be weighted? Can I give some outcomes a higher chance of winning than others? In the demo it seemed like it landed on the same 2 spots a lot, is this because these spots are weighted?

Please get back to me asap. I want to make a purchase today or tomorrow.

Hello sosinc,

for the questions 1 and 4 you can use images or html Elements. for the questions 2 and 3 this features is not available in current version (will be available in version 2).

for the question 5 the wheel spinning based to the value you give on spin command, you can create some javascript codes to make the winning percentage and you pass the winning value each spin command.

there a new version coming in next week, and it have a lot of new and good features, allowing you to make more controls the wheel .

if you want help in any coding or configuration you can contact us in skype: and we will make customizations for good price.

Thank you and Best Regards


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