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how dose Super share display on mobile view ?

Yes it display in all device.

I bought it but does not work.You help me with this? Or, Are you can setup?

what socialkit version you use?

socialkit latest version and titanium theme I am using

send your site to my email:

show me the path to install it

Okay contact in my email: i help you

hello ?

can you just allow Auto share (check mark) so once i submit the post its automatically be shared on whatever social network i had a check mark on without poping up 5 more windows ?

If you can crick button you can choose where to share.

i know but does it make a pop up window every time ??? can u make it auto post like 1 time setup then just put a check mark if the check mark is checked and the user clicked post , it posts here and on that social network , can u do that ?

Yes i can do. email me: