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can this perform a batch capture of a series of web pages from a URL list in a text file?

ok … how do I check this feature out? The video does not go over this capability and the screen shots do not look like they were updates as the tool bar does not show option of getting web shots from a batch list of URLs …

Ok… i will update the screenshots, so please stay tuned.

I have updated the screen shots you can view it now.

This is close to what I’m looking for. After a screenshot is taken, I want the ability to add an arrow, red box or text to the image, similar to SnagIt. Is this something you can add?

No offence sir, but why are you willing to pay 10x for tools like that which you can get for free at paint.net and gimp ? As you adviced me earlier, i have added a feature where you can watermark captured images with text, other images, change opacity and add some filters (E.g grayscale, negative & etc.)

Wow, you miss the point. Why would I want to take a screenshot, save it to a file, open it in another program, edit it, save the file again. Waste of time. SnagIt lets you screenshot, edit, and copy it to your email all without having to save a file. My point was if your program had the ability to add text after the screenshot was taken, arrows and red boxes, I would buy. Good luck with your item either way.

Thank you.

On the batch capture option, lets say there are 10 pages in the window, can you edit the size? like 300×250 for all 10 shots saved?

No you cannot choose the size manually. I have programmed it such a way that it decides that the size automatically. If your page’s height is long then it will create the image with almost equal height. So if you have 10 pages then Super Screen Capture Guru will take screenshots with same size as the page.

Sent an email, but hopefully you can see it faster if i add comment here : I need screnshotting 3000 subdomains . SO whats not working :

1. input textfield does not support more than 1400Lines
2. Progressbar breaks when you eneter more domains (even 500 would break it )
3. Images are randomly named , which makes it impossible to track which subdomain has which image .

Could you fix these ?

I will into it. But taking screenshots of webpages is just an additional extension and should NOT be used for batch processing purposes. Instead you could have used bulk website screenshot too, which could have done the job easily…

And can i please verify your license ?

Do we get the source code for this?

Can we batch screen a bunch of web pages at once? This is feature I need