Super Prince Game With AdMob

Super Prince Game With AdMob

Description :

This Prince Simulator game is full of actions and movements and it needs excellent command over reflex and hand-eye coordination skill of its players. More you will master the control on the uncertainty of Prince’s movement, you will be able to score more and climb the higher levels!

Features :

  • It has a brilliant user interface: easy to navigate and vibrant.
  • You will get lots of pop ups on the screen: these are enemies and will harm the escaping Prince.
  • The running track has lots of ups and downs: the Prince has to jump and hop in order to move ahead.
  • The game has excellent background theme: it includes both sunny day and starry night.
  • Super mega runner, the Prince, has to collect lots of golden coins: This is a part of game’s spatial attraction.
  • It is a multilevel game: more you will play efficiently; you will get to unlock its hidden levels and treasures.
  • Easy to Reskin in Eclipse.
  • AdMob Ads (Banner and Interstitial).
  • Ready for Google Play.
  • Demo Apk :

    Updates :

    Update 1.1 [18/08/2015]
  • Fixed AdMob Ads
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