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HI this function don’t work in my website Excerpt by total characters or words lenght and link to the post. http://www.descargarlibrosgratis.biz/

Only sey (más…) but the words limit don’t show thanks

I fixed thanks

Is development terminated for this plugin? Two years and up to WP 4.3 compatible.

It is still in development and it works for the latest version of WordPress.

Hello, I sent you a private message yesterday via ThemeForest, and I have not heard back from you. The plugin is not working. See my email for further details and examples of my issue. Thank you.

Sent email reply, please check.

Hey, I wonder if this plugin is still in development. I’m searching for a plugin which tracks the most popular posts by views or likes.

I would like to query those posts inside my theme (custom shortcode and so on). The query should also be able to get the most popular posts by time, e.g. popular the last week/month/year/all-time.

Is that possible with this plugin? Do you also have a built-in like function?

Where can I find the documentation to figure out how I can build my custom post query?

Best regards, Wellington

I’ve sent you email. Please check.

Hi, can i configure a shortcode so the plugin to show “On this day in history” for past posts on today’s date?

Did you mean current day? If it is, yes, this plugin has time query for that.

Can this plugin make custom post types sticky within a specific taxonomy? I want to know I’ll be able to select custom post types to show first in the taxonomy archives?

Hi 5Starruk. Please contact me via my profile page. I will send you sample plugin to test.

Hi. Are you able to show recent posts, but exclude the post which is shown on the current page?

It is right after Post In.

The field after “Post In” is “Search”? I am using version 2.0.7. Can you send me a screenshot?

I see. Please send me private message via my profile page, I’ll send you the update with Post Not In included.

As per our conversation on the comments page can you please send me the plugin update which has the “Post Not In” field please.

Ignore the above comment. I was trying to send you a private message.

Hello. There is an option to show/hide it, please check.

Please take a look at this screenshot > Display Post Views: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gHB0LnS7h1q9JeXUcgZXee7z8-M59ohI

Hello! I need to create a “menu” with posts in the same category (all posts in the category).

but I need the category to be automatically selected according to the post category. – (the user can create any category and the post will have a “menu” with all the posts of the same category automatically).

Does this plugin do this?

Thank you!

Hello. what do you mean about “user” and “menu”?

will it work with cache plugin please? I use Litespeed Cache

Please send me private message via my profile page, I’ll send you a plugin to test.

Can I filter content using ACF custom field data?

Currently only support meta_key for ordering.