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Hi, i need the option for an alternative textstring when the number of articles for a category is lower then one. Maybe, “No post available at this moment”. Have you plugin this option? Many greetings from germany Marco

Hi. Do you do PHP? Perhaps hard-coding the plugin file can solve it. Please send me private message, I will send you an example.

Was wondering how do I display the posts for the last seven days only? I am trying to sort them by “most commented” for a widget


If you want to edit the file, please open super-post\meta.php:

Line 55: add double slash: // add_action( ‘wp_head’, array( &$this, ‘post_views’ ), 99 );


delete line 428-432

Thank you, however there is another issue. Your plugin is adding soo many new lines to the wp_postmeta table. For large sites like mine, it is making nearly double the size for each new article posted. This is not good for high volume sites with lots of articles.

Also, the line you mentioned above doesn’t exist in the meta.php file


I am unchecking the “ignore sticky posts” but it is still ignoring them.

Any ideas as to what could be affecting the plugin?


Hi. As I understood this, if you uncheck “ignore sticky posts”, I believe it should mean that it will NOT ignore sticky posts, and therefore it will take them in consideration. But either way you understand it, I have tried now both options (true and false) and neither are returning my sticky posts, but rather a different order.

Any ideas?

I need to add one more problem: no matter what I do, I can’t see the excerpt. I was able to see it before, now I can’t.

I am using Divi, and in some modules I press the S button but the plugin gets “stuck” and doesn’t open, so then I have to use a different module in the page to get the screen to open.

I hope you can help me out with these technical problems. I understand you are busy, but please help me, I have sensitive timelines I am trying to stick by.

Kind regards

“Ignore sticky post” checked: ignored unchecked: included

Please contact me via my profile page and grant me access to the admin page, I will help you.

Hi Support. Just installed the plugin and i think its great.

Couple of things though.

Is it possible to exclude a category when i want to show the most recent posts? This is kinda crucial for my project.

Second. Is it possible to show the category in the output under the date and not beside it?

Not sure about the recent posts, but WP will likely sort it by date even if we include/exclude categories.

You will need to modify the PHP file to do such things. Contact me via my profile page, I will explain how to do it.

Hello! Pre-sale question: Is it possible to show most viewed posts in a particular category? Thank you very much.

Hello, please contact me via my profile page, I will send you a sample plugin.

But Is it possible? I contacted you via your profile page. Thank you.

Hello, I sent reply 5 days ago to andressamgonxxxxxxx@gmail.com Please check

Hi Zourbuth,

I have a problem with the pagination function of you plugin.

For some strange reason it works on the sidebar but not in a post like the homepage. I will send you a private message with login details so you can check it out.

love the plugin and i hope you can find the problem.

Best regards, and thanks in advance,

Ah ok already got it working here. I am now using the shortcode of the widget and it works great now…

hi how to have rate post Select the post utility position around the post content. . in the botton and top in de same time thanks

Unfortunately there is no option to do such thing. We can only put it at the top of the content OR in the bottom.

you have any tutorial how use this pluguin thanks Purchase codes

can you sende to de gmail please ? thanks

Sent, please check.

I did please help


siusang Purchased

Hello This plugin have not been updated more than one year, will you update it to get supported with the last version of WordPress? thanks.

Hello siusang. It supports the latest version of WordPress. There are no errors or warning shown by using this plugin.


siusang Purchased

Hello Zourbuth, No, it doesn’t. When i tried to add new shortcodes with the shortcode editor, in the Post Query i selected「Taxonomy : Tags」or 「Taxonomy: Categories」, there no listing appears for selection, attached image for your reference, can you fix this? thank you very much. 1. http://imgur.com/gn564wh 2. http://imgur.com/P9o0biC

Hello siusang.

It is working for my side, as screenshot below.


Please make sure the tags or categories is not empty or have posts attached to it.

Please contact me via my profile page, so we can send attachment easily.

Hi, Super Post doesn’t seem to recognize users that are imported through the Wordpress importer. It only shows the first registered admin user. How can I solve this?

Hello stealthstorm, please make sure the users have capability to edit, create, etc.

Greetings! This is the best plugin (My favorite!).

There seems to be a conflict between Super Post and another plugin called Site Origin Page Builder. I’ve contact my programmer to provide you with more information on the errors that are produced, however, I thought I would contact you now in case you are already familiar with this other plugin.

Please advise.


Hello Steven.

Thanks for purchasing this item. What actually the issue using this plugin with the Builder plugin? If it does not load the shortcode generator at the post content editing screen, please use the widget shortcode instead.


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Curious if possible to show the post title on top of the image and style a border around it.

What steps to take to place post title on top of image?

Thanks Jess

Hello Jess. Unfortunately there is no exact template do such thing. We need to set the thumbnail to full fill the container so the title can jump under it.


I’m using Special Recent Posts plugin which is now no longer in use and need one similar to it. Can your plugin do all the things it could do?


Hello, please send me private message via my profile page, I will send you sample plugin to test.


I use the useful plugin on my divitheme. The title is alligned completely left, however, the images are not. What could I do to make the images being aligned left also?

See if you want: http://www.fynis-im.com/mortgages-for-france/test-post-2/

Thank you very much.

Best regards,


Hello Ad.

Thanks for purchasing the plugin. I found your theme overrides the plugin style at http://www.fynis-im.com/mortgages-for-france/wp-content/themes/Divi/style.css?ver=3.0.29 line 1089

Try to add this in the plugin Custom Style & Script field:
<style type="text/css>
#left-area ul.super-post {
    padding-left: 0;

Hi, why is the plugin showing my e-mail address in the source code, even on the homepage? I’m not even using the share functionality, only the widgets.

Looks like this:

<form action=”“class=”sp-form” method=”post” action=”#”> <input type=”hidden” name=”name” value=”MyNameIsShownHere” /> <input type=”hidden” name=”sender” value=”myemailaddress@gmail.com” />

<label for=”1705-sp-recipient”>Send post to email address, comma separated for multiple emails.</label> <input id=”1705-sp-recipient” class=”sp-recipient input-medium” type=”text” name=”recipient” value=”” />

<input type=”submit” value=”Send Email” class=”sp-mail-send” /> Cancel </form>

It’s also showing all the text you can find under the General tab in the plugin settings, such as “Thanks for liking this post” etc.

I noticed someone else had this problem as well a while ago, maybe you remember the solution from then. https://codecanyon.net/item/super-post-wordpress-premium-plugin/741603/comments?utf8=%E2%9C%93&term=kmeier+email&from_buyers_and_authors_only=0

I have to deactivate my website as long as my e-mail address is in the source code.

Hello, could you grant contact me via my profile page contact form? We can discuss it via email.

Interested in the plugin but why it is Last Update 24 August 15 ?

Hello, it still works with latest WP version.

Hello, How do you sort based on views for the last 7 day or last 30 day. I.e would wont and rank sort only for the post performance in one week or 1 month

Replied using email.

Hello, The email reply was about showing numbered list (1, 2,3…) this query is about How do you sort based on views for the last 7 day or last 30 day. I.e I want to rank sort content only for the post performance in one week or 1 month NOT ALL TIME views.

Hi there,

Our team just purchased your plugin and we’re wondering if there is a way that we can add an active or current class to the widget lists, so that current page items in post lists can be easily styled.

We were looking through the comments section for other instances and it appears someone else inquired about this same issue a year ago. https://cl.ly/jwAS

Thanks for your assistance,


Hello razorfrog. Please send me private message via contact form at my profile page. I will send you the update for the active class.


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hi how to exclude same post , so I don’t have repite post from comments and more viewed http://www.descargarlibrosgratis.biz/ lokd in the sidebar how the post its repeating thanks


Unfortunately there is no option to relate each widget with others.