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Crazy wonderful! Incredible job! GLWS

Thanks! :)

Nice work!!! ; -)

Thanks! :)

HI… How i try mobile version? It s wonderfull!

Hi, thanks for your interest! You can try this version on mobile:

Can I used this to build multiple levels?

Of course, you can edit and add new levels as you like. There are 6 levels in the project:

You can also mail me if you have any questions:

Hi, I have purchased this and not able to edit or see the code. JS files in this package are encrypted( minified and uglified etc).

Can you provide readable files of same? data.js c2runtime.js

Thanks for your purchase! I have replied your mail and provided all necessary files on Nov 17. Please check your mail or mail me again if you have any problems:

Great !! GLWS


i have purchased can you give me all the related code for it ? because all js are min already. my email thanks

Everything’s included.(Please check the last scene.) I’m not sure what do you mean. Please send me a mail for questions:

i can’t control on my iphone browser?

Only this last scene has a mobile control. Please check:

You can get this scene by clicking the right arrow at the top-right corner.

hello.. can I get project file for c3 ??

Hi. Thanks for your purchase! Unfortunately, I do not have a c3 version of the project. You can open the project with c3 and check for new versions of plugins on Scirra.

Please let me know if you have any problems: