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update apk link

1 min

is working

the apk don’t work

I have to try it and I found it was working fine as you see in this picture


plz test this game in other phone or emulateur

and Thanks for contact

is the Buildbox File included ? if yes i’d buy this now since i’d like the reskin to be easier than just updating images in Atlases Files

no im sory

Can you increase the buttons and makes them more sensitive? Too bad the current buttons, always leads to errors. I buy this script, I can limit the number of free attempts when the user loses to force it to buy chips to continue the game from where you left off?

Oki i will fix that now

thanks bro

nice game ,but the design is bad

thanks you can change desing and i will give you other for free

nice game bro what you use to do this work thank you very much

Thanks i use Cocos2D

ok thank you in advance juste one more question ,what is the best and easy to use libGDX or Cocos2D, I program in java but i can’t do the choice thank you and good luck for your sale.

Cocos 2d no problem

Reskin with Android studio or Eclipse?

android studio and eclipse

Sure it’s so difficult do reskin with android studio Give ur email please


Sure answer

Hi there,I have purchased your app.And i am try to set in-app purchase. Can you please tell me about,where purchase id are(means in which file).So that i can configure there id in play store.

Please reply my email.I am waiting.

I have an issues regarding design,please tell me about that


Hi, I want to buy but i need to know is it full source code and license ? i need to change character and do some changes

yeh when you buy this game you will git full source code you can contact me in my email


Hi,can you please provide me images other than that is used in game? Thanks

And please also tell me in app purchase,how can i get the in app purchase id to upload play store.This is not included in documentation. Thanks

Waiting for your reply.

hi Maker-games ,i buy your game but i find difficult to reskin with android studio,can you help me plaese

hello contact me in my gmail turbogames.studios@gmail.com Thanks

worms88 Purchased

hi,,I just sent you an email with the errors that appear

oki Thanks

Hi, just a question before buy. Do you supply core game source code…for add/Modify Level? And for to do this i must use cocos2d? I don’t want buildbox. Thanks

yes is working in eclipse and android studio

I bought this code but it does not want to work on android studio