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itdog Purchased

hey there, am interested in this addon, yet my usage is not like the demo but simpler, which i just need to add a button/form to a page that links with a woocommerce product; so whenever users click the submit button on the page, it will redirect users to the woocommerce checkout page, is it something your plugin can do? just wanna make sure i didn’t misunderstand the capability of your addon. Thanks in advance. Don


itdog Purchased

oh and i will have different page that needa link with different products to checkout too, is it doable by creating multiple forms that links with different products?

Hi, thanks for asking, yes this is totally possible with this Add-on. Basically your form simply won’t have any fields :) And for each form you can set a product ID that needs to be added to the cart / checkout page.

I bought both calculator and woocommecre checkout.

For my form I let my customer to fill a product name in text field , quantity and price in each element but when clink on the button for redirect to checkout page it show Checkout is not available whilst your cart is empty.

The problem is I don’t know where I can find product id. I try to use tag but it do not work !

{product1}|{qty1}|{price1} {product2}|{qty2}|{price2} {product3}|{qty3}|{price3}

Welcome for any suggestion.

Thank you

I don’t quite understand the logic behind this. I mean normally you have products in your woocommerce. They all have an ID. You can use this ID in your form, the user selects the product, and the quantity. Why would they have to fill out their own price? Am I missing something?

At first, there has no woocommerce product and then when my customer fill the order form and click submit button the product will be added to woocommerce cart automatically something like that.

Yes I understand, but you can’t add a product to the woocommerce cart if it doesn’t exist. That’s what I am trying to explain.


Is it possible to have a date picker and add a checkout price?

In other words, use this add-on form as [a..simple] hotel booking form?

Thank you in advance.

Hi, you could, but you must understand that the selected date by a user can be selected by others after, so it won’t be locked out or blocked. Hope this helps.

Hmm, thanks!

Hi, I don´t understand how to install this addon. I tried on two different wordpress installations with different themes … superforms is not shown in the sidebar/dashboard. Can you help please?.. kind regards

Hello, this is an add-on for Super Forms, without Super Forms it can’t do anything. So you must have Super Forms also installed. You can find it here: https://codecanyon.net/item/super-forms-drag-drop-form-builder/13979866

Hi … OmG … ;-) … thank you.

User is being redirected to the check out in french when it should redirect to the check out in english: http://gravuresurmesure.com/commande/?lang=en

I understand what you mean, but by default I believe it will just retrieve the checkout page URL that you have set in the woocommerce settings. Please contact support if you really need this to work, we can help thanks.

Hi. So now I have the SF plugin + Woo AO + Calculation AO + Woo Name Your Price and it’s working as needed be. My question is can the order be linked to the form the same way how the form is linked to order. So instead of the admin going to the form entries, he can open the Woo order and from there have a link to take it him to the form entry of that order

Good question, I don’t think it’s possible at this moment, but it’s a good request, could you please send support ticket with your request, then you will get some more information regarding this.

Pre-buy question: Dynamic products checkout: is it possible to pass additional information filled by the user,e .g, price for each sector, memo … in the form into the notes field(or any other field of the order) when checkout? Currently I see only the end price can be passed to the checkout, so the user filled form is stored separated from the generated woocommerce order. Thank you!

Hi, in this case you probably having a variable product. In that case you can use the setting of woocommerce in super forms, there you can parse the selected variable ID (which you added to the product). So you can add a dropdown with the colors, and dropdown with the sizes, they contain all the options with their value set to the variable ID. And in the settings you use the {tag} where tag is replaced with the dropdown field name.

This is the right way to do this and think the best way in your case.

Dear Sir, Thank you for your reply! From the trial link you provide, I think it is the best and strong form tool I find. I am considering which add-on I will need too. One more question: Is one of the add-on could let me add a hidden field which is file upload type? I want to pass a image link to the form, by submitting the form, the image can be stored with other form data in DB, like a file. Thank you!

I am not sure what you mean with “file upload type”. There is a file upload field, but it can’t be hidden, it’s only for visitors to upload files.

Hi, Everthing works fine with this plugin except the fact confirmation mail is sent to users even before they finish payment after Woocommerce checkout. I looked for any option but could not find it. Is there any way I can send confirmation mail after payment is received or maybe pass the user submission info to Woocommerce side?

Hi, I understand what you mean, sorry this isn’t possible at this moment, but I will note it as future improvement for the add-on. Regarding the form info parsed to the woocommerce side, the form info get saved as a contact entry, and you will find a link to the woocommerce order. (but on the order itself there is currently no reverse link to the form data). I will note this also. Thanks.

Alright thank you for your quick reply!

I really don’t understand. Their are no options displaying on the form for the user to select what products they want. The products don’t display at all on the form. They all just get added when you hit submit.

This is what I have in the “Enter the product(s) ID that needs to be added to the cart” field… 2210|1 2194|1

Are you saying create an individual checkbox for each product on the form and then use the “first_choice” “second_choice” “third_choice” where the quantity goes? Because I’m not sure how that would work being that each one has to be unique.

Are you saying create an individual checkbox for each product on the form and then use the “first_choice” “second_choice” “third_choice” where the quantity goes?

Yes you can remove the “second_choice” and “third_choice” options. And you will have to change 2210|1 2194|1 to:


(each on new line).

If user selects the first checkbox and leaves second blank output will become:


Gotcha. Let me toy around with this.