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Congratulations on launching this new add-on. As far I know you are one of only two form builders that currently has such WooCommerce support. As per our other conversation, does the add-on support WooCommerce Subscriptions products – as I explained before the issue is that there might be a clash between the user account created by WooCommerce Subscriptions and the one created by your Front-end Register add-on? If not, do you plan to add such support and, if so, in what timeframe? Thanks.

Yes, the only issue is that I can’t really test it because I don’t own a copy of that plugin. Will have to try and get one to do the testing with.

Nvm, I already had it actually on my computer.

Hi, can you send me an email via Support tab, I think I found the solution (but want to make sure this works) Let me know if you want to work together to test this on your end. Thanks.

really cool ! i wish you all the best for your sales :)

Thanks! :)


I installed form calculator and the element section got messed up. Refer to the link below


Hi please don’t spam everywhere, not needed. I already replied to you.


I installed form calculator and the element section got messed up. Refer to the link below


Hi, only way we can determine the issue and help you is if you provide us with a temporary admin login. Please send us by email, thank you!

hello i would like to know if you have a free trial of Calculations and woocommerce addon, what i pretend is create a product form (like business cards) and then send it to woocommerce with all the details and options (each option as their price), is this possible? do i need the calculations also for that??



No there is no trail available for the add-ons.

If you have a product that needs a dynamic price you will need: Calculator add-on, WooCommerce add-on and the Name Your Price add-on (woocommerce add-on).

I have downloaded your demo, but I am still a tad unclear on whether this will work as I’d like it to. I need to add a custom form into individual products. I was able to build the form, but without actually purchasing I can’t see whether the form submission button will also act as an “add to cart,” attaching the form to the order.

Hi, yes it will function just like the add to cart button. You can find a demo on the add-on preview page. There you can also find basic information and documentation on how it works. For personal support please us Support TAB.

Hi. Is it possible to set the inventory level? For example, we only allow one booking per day. If someone selects and pays for the booking, can that date then automatically be removed so that no one else books it?

Hi, currently not, but we had this request a couple of time so will create something that allows you to do this.

Awesome! I look forward to seeing it added. Thank you.

is affiliatewp compatible with this? Thank you

This is a woocommerce plugin for super forms nothing else. And I don’t know what affiliatewp is or does sorry.

I need help linking the form to woo-commerce.

Hi, please send your issue and your site details via support tab on this page. Thanks :)

ok i did

Hi. I’ve created my form and installed WooCommerce. If I add Name Your Price and this plugin, will the following form be able to work correctly? Does this allow it to be added to the cart or go straight to checkout? Thank you for your help.


Hi, yes you can do this with “Name Your Price”. From the settings you can choose to send the user to their cart or to the checkout page.

However I don’t know what you want with the last dropdown: How would you like to pay?

This will not have any affect just so you know.

Thank you. I’ve purchased this add-on as well as Name Your Price and tried to set the form up correctly but it says “Checkout is not available whilst your cart is empty.” I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’m happy to pay if you’re able to have a look and see what’s wrong with how I’ve set it up.

Probably you haven’t set product id and quantity and the dynamic price in the settings. Hit support and provide site details and login and form id and your issue and what you are trying to do.

Any chance to link different products in one form depending on user made options?

Already done, didn`t think that it could be done by hidden variations. Awesome plugin, but a liitle bit hard to get it all in mind at start :)

Yes this can be done with variable fields (hidden field converted to variable field). Glad you find it by yourself :) I know there are so many options, but if you done it once it’s easy the next time.

I ordered Super Forms, Calculator and Woocommerce Checkout. Is there a way to add a calculated result of a form to checkout?

I also bought the Name your price. I created a name your price product. Is it the right way I input 14|1|none|{subtotal}? Seems it doesn’t work. 14 is the product ID, and subtotal being the calculated result filed.

solved. turned out i have to tick “Send/Save the value as a float format”

Sorry for late response, (celebrating 2017). But yes that’s correct you must Save the value as a float in order to make it work :) Glad you found it yourself.

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I will send you an email.

Hello, i already install the plugin to my woocommerce. But i dont understand how to setting even read the documentation. May help me please?

Hi, please send support ticket with all the information we need in order to help you

Hi, there is an option to create an invoice (regenerated to PDF)?

Hi, woocommerce can handle this with for instance this plugin https://nl.wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-pdf-invoices/

Does this plugin have the ability to charge a price per word… for example $4.00 for up to 20 words entered into an input field and then $0.20 per word for each word thereafter. Can your plugin do this?

Hi, yes it can but you will need the following plugins: Super Forms (the main plugin), Super Forms – Calculator (add-on), and to charge the user with WooCommerce the Super Forms – WooCommerce checkout (add-on)

Thank you for your quick reply… here is my site: http://www.mid-motrader.com/product/classified-ads/ What I am trying to do is allow the customer to input text for the classified ads then I charge them based upon their word count. Then the words that they typed need to show on the invoice so that I can see them in the order. Provide me with your email so we can dialog offline about this.

You can send email via the Support TAB on this page.