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hello, I think you should export the signature as svg, html5, or css and not regular image, also the signature with mouse seems to be ugly

Hello sanayar2008, thanks for your reply and feedback. The reason of the image is so all email clients can support it. Some of them do not support these types inside emails. This is the reason. Regarding the ugly signature with mouse, what browser are you running and what is you operating system?

hey, can i use it with advanced custom fields?

Easiest way to do this would be to hook into the following action: super_before_email_success_msg_action

Within your custom function you can then save the signature

do_action( 'super_before_email_success_msg_action', array( 'post'=>$_POST, 'settings'=>$settings ) );

ok, i need to buy this plug only?

No, you need Super Forms plugin also. This is inly an add-on.

Hi, Are all add-ones included in this plugin or should I buy them separately?

Hello tennetno, They need to be purchased separately, we decided to do this so that the main plugin has a low price as possible, so it is cheaper for those who do not need all the other options/features. Thanks for your interest! :)

Thanks for your quick respond. I have not seen your price list on your website. Would you please tell me the prices? I have another question. Is it possible to create a “If-clause”? I mean that if a user select one option then shows form X or if he/she doesn’t select it then shows Y?

You can view all the prices for both the Add-ons and the Main plugin here: http://codecanyon.net/user/feeling4design/portfolio

And yes that’s what we called Conditional logic. A demo can be found here: http://f4d.nl/super-forms/documentation/conditional-logic/

Does the actual signature get saved when the form is converted to PDF?

Yes, when the signature is send to email it is also send as an attachment. And when you print the Contact Entry it is saved as PDF it will contain the image.

Hello, this is a great plugin. I have it plus a few more from you. Great work, 5 stars! :)

My question is this. Is it possible to make the signature filed taller? I find that its a bit too short.

Thank you

Thanks a lot :) and yes you can set a custom width in pixels when editing it.

That’s great to hear. Would you be able to point me to the right place to make the change? Thank you!

Yes, when you click the “pencil” / “edit” icon of the signature element, you can select “Advanced” from the dropdown. There you should find the “Field width in pixels” setting.


Had a great time with testing the main plugin so far and I really need the signature plugin too. I have one question left:

We would export each entry as a .csv and let our “system” fill a pdf with the “variables” of the .csv file.

But I believe this is impossible with the mainplugin + signature + export? So that also the signature is put in full automatic right out of the .csv into the pdf?

Hope you understood everything and what we want to achieve :) thanks for your time.

Hi, technically this is impossible I believe (signature image). You cannot put image in CSV file I think, sorry.

Hi there,

Just pre-sales question. Can this plugin export the form inputs in a PDF file with the signature included?

Thank you!

Hi there, yes, when a user submits the form a contact entry is saved with the signature inside, there you can print and save it as PDF.

Hi, as a suggest, you could release an addon like the signature buth for drawing (pick your color and draw like this addon does). I would buy it right now! It would be fantastic for having an idea of what customers need.

Hi, nice idea, thanks for the suggestion, I have noted it as a requested add-on for in the future.

Is there a way to include the signature in the email body instead of as an attachment?

If the email client supports inline images (base64 images) you can yes. You can just use the {tag}. At least I think this should be possible, I haven’t tested this myself.

I actually did try this and it put this in the email, “”. It was way longer than that but that is just a small part, just more random letters and numbers.

You should be able to then put it like this:

<img src=".......etc." />

Is it possible to have a setting which removes or omits the attached signature image from the email? We’re not sending all the fields back to the submitter via email and we’d rather not send it across the internet for security reasons.

Hi, I believe you can already do this via: Advanced > Exclude from email > “Exclude from confirmation email”.

Have you tried that?