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Cool plugin.

Is it possible to have a popup that blocks all content and can not be closed until users enters on password from a list of passwords and, after he does, the popup will never show again until cookie expires?

I tried to build something like that in your demo. How can I achieve it? How can I validate a field in the form that must get a special user entry? Not the users password, but a password set by admin?

You can import examples from Super Forms > Marketplace (menu). You can do this on a couple of ways. I would guess the best way would be to do it with conditional logic. For instance: Add a custom “Button” and put this in a column. Add conditional logic to the column like:
Enable     /     Show    /    ONE    /    password == 12345

Any luck?

just purchased ! installed but it is not working , it is not working even licence code is approved. share a document , how i can use it without purchasing any thing more , as i just want to use only pop up.

Hi, no I don’t control discounts. Sorry but you will have to request a refund, and I will accept it no problem. At any time you can always try out for free: f4d.nl/super-forms/latest-version and see if it’s worth your money

Thanks i am not asking for this, as it does’t allow by my principles . but now i am not in need of any builder . Good Luck for Sales !!

Ok thanks :)

Amazing Work dude ;)

Pre Order Questions.

1. dose it work like mailchimp?

2. where dose all emails go after subscription ?

3. How do i get all email in list to send them marketing emails?


Hi, if you want to use it with mailchimp you can use the mailchimp add-on for super forms (see portfolio). Emails go to the email address you enter in settings. If you mean wher the users email goes, it is saved in contact entries. You can export entries to csv and you will have a list with all emails that you could import to mailchimp (but easier would be to use the mailchimp add-on of course).

Super Forms – Popups not showing in my admin after i activate

Hi, if you mean in the menu I quote from sales page:

“With this Add-on for Super Forms you can create….”

Meaning you need Super Forms otherwise you can’t use this add-on

Pre-Sales Question: Is there an option for “fade in” only without the ‘slide-in’ from ‘top’ as displayed in the demo?

I noticed the fade-in option listed within the features but was unsure if the animation type must be associated with a slide-in option as well (?)

Hi, the slide-in and fade-in are 2 separate things, so you can customize them separately and disable the slide-in for instance. (set it to: None), which is default. When you set a slide option you will see an extra options called “Popup Slide In duration in milliseconds”

Hi there, just trialling the popup forms. I used one of the demos to change the button actions, instead of submit I set it to ‘redirect to link or url’, chose page and selected one of my pages. When testing the button simply showed the thank you message but didn’t load the url, have I misunderstood that part?

I wondered if it could load a popup on page load with 3 buttons, when one is clicked the target url is loaded in original page (under popup?)


Hi, is it working in preview mode? Frontend will only work if activated. Otherwise it will display an activation error measage

Works in preview but when clicking in live page nothing happens, no activation screen or anything..

Ok thanks. I think it’s best to send the URL to that page via Support TAB.

Any non wordpress version?

No sorry, and probably will never be one.


The plugin dont work on my site: www.informatico.pt

help me please!


Hi, where is the form location, I couldn’t find it on the url you send. Also consider to contact via support TAB for a better and more personal support.


We want to use a button to open the popup but we can not.

Can you please send us the code?


Hi, please see email

Hello, looks like a very nice plugin. You really should put “Addon” in the title. I don’t use Super Forms and didn’t know it was another plugin – I use Gravity. I needed a quick Popup plugin, yes I didn’t bother reading the whole sales page (who does when I was already sold after the demo), but putting Addon in the title would help a lot as I see in these comments, I’m not the only one who purchased. Like I said, looks like a very nice plugin, my fault.

Hi, thanks for your feedback, I have noted it!


I am interested in buying this plugin.

But want to ask can this popup extension be integrated with MailGet Bolt (https://www.formget.com/mailget-bolt/), as I am using MailGet for sending bulk emails.

Thanks and regards, Harsh Singh

Hi, this is an add-on for Super Forms, just so you know, you need Super Forms before you can use this add-on. Also, I don’t know mailget bolt, and it’s not listed on Zapier either, so you can’t use it with Super Forms. Normally the bigger webservices are listed on Zapier, in that case you could use the Zapier add-on for Super Forms to integrate it with the service.

I think I will buy this plugin. But i am missing one function. When I will click arround content box, it won’t get closed. It is hard to integrate area for close click please?

Hi, this should work, have you disabled closing popup setting?

What browser are you using?

Can you send the URL?

Hello :) I tested only demo on my iPad, 3rd gen. On PC it works.

Ok thanks for letting me know, I don’t know if we will be able to fix this, since we can’t test this :(


Is it possible to just add some plain text or HTML in the Popup sreen? So NO form or opt-in in the popup?

Tnx 4 reply!

Yes that is possible, You can do the following: Add a HTML field (type your text).

Add a column, make it invisible via it’s settings. Inside drop a custom Submit Button. And save the form with the correct popup settings.


alux Purchased

Hello, where can I download the free trial? I would like to know if the images on demo 7 are customisable. Thank you!

Here: f4d.nl/super-forms-demo


alux Purchased

Finally, I bought the plugin but after installing it I can’t see it on the left menu bar. Could you please help me? Thanks

Hi, this is an add-on for super forms, please note you need to have the main plugin otherwise you can not use this add-on. Thanks for understanding.

I downloaded the plugin and turned it on but it does not show up on my wordpress panel. Why isnt it showing its setting.

Hi, this is an add-on for Super Forms, in order to be able to use this you must own Super Forms and have it installed!


IMSware Purchased


I want to have a popup if a button is pressed. So I´ve imported a demo-form.

If the site loads, the popup is shown. So far, so good.

After that I´ve de-activated ONLY the setting “Display popup on page load” AND added the shortcode of the popup to the site

”... [super-popup id=44956]Click Here for Extra Bonus[/super-popup] ...” also tried ”... [super-popup id=”44956”]Click Here for Extra Bonus[/super-popup] ...”

Link of the text seems to be set, but without any popup.

Any hint or something elso to do (cleaned cache before…)?


Yes that’s how you would do it:

[super_form id=XXX]
<a href="#super-popup-XXX">Open the Popup</a>


[super_form id=XXX]
[super-popup id=XXX]Click Here for Extra Bonus[/super-popup]

IMSware Purchased

OK, works. On the plugin-help there is only one shortcode, may you consider to make it more clear :-) but thaks for your help!


Yes, I actually just did change that :) Thanks for feedback.

Hi have one issue on Android Devices and Windows. The close button “X” its not showing.

https://www.travelinc.com.mx/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/IMG_1191.jpg https://www.travelinc.com.mx/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/IMG_1192.jpg

Hi can you send site details to support? Then maybe we can fix it.

Ok, I sent already :D please check it

I own the regular super forms plugin and am interested in the pop-up so I can have multiple links and the customer doesn’t have to go to a specific page. Can I still use options such as date range, etc.. for the customer to choose in the pop-up? Thanks!

I didn’t set any other settings. On the left hand side, you’ll see a green popup button as well as some links. I’ve tried three different versions. http://jasonxpan.com/salon/services/

I’ve also included a screenshot of the form itself (with the popup settings). You can see the shortcode says 65835. https://i.imgur.com/Awt7vyN.png

You are doing the shortcode and link incorrectly.

Please put anywhere in the content of the page (this wil initialize the form in the source code, which is required in order to make the button work at first place):

[super_form id=65835]

Then add a button like with this code:

<a href="#super-popup-65835">Open the Popup</a>

Or like this (what you prefer, both do the same thing):

[super-popup id=65835]Click Here for Extra Bonus[/super-popup]

Ah I see! I wasn’t aware of the initialization. Appreciate your help, it works!